Postview is a simple blog engine (aka. blogware) written in Ruby using the Sinatra DSL for render files written in Markdown.
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Postview - A lightweight blog engine

Postview is a simple blog engine (a.k.a. blogware) written in Ruby using the Sinatra framework and Kramdown parser to renders files written in Markdown.


  • Easy configuration.
  • Easy synchronization.
  • No database, it's use only text files written in Markdown.
  • Has suport to themes.

Getting started

Install Ruby [Gem package][postview gem] and try.

The Postview depended of the following libraries (Gems):

Install stable gem from RubyForge or [][].

$ sudo gem install postview

Then, run command for create and setup a new Postview directory structure.

$ postview create path/to/blog

Or run using "--prompt-values":

$ postview create path/to/blog --prompt-values

After setup, run server with command:

$ postview server

In your browser, access

How it works

The Postview creates a directory structure like this:

|-- config
|-- posts
|   |-- archive
|   `-- drafts
|-- public
|-- themes
|   `-- default
|       |-- images
|       |-- stylesheets
|       `-- templates
|           |-- archive
|           |-- drafts
|           |-- posts
|           `-- tags
`-- tmp

Create new post

New post can be created by using the task post:

$ cd path/to/postview
$ rake post

Following all instructions. Please, set environment variable +EDITOR+ or +VISUAL+ for editing your posts. Other else, run:

$ cd path/to/postview
$ EDITOR=<your-favorite-editor> rake post

The new post will be written in drafts directory. You can pass other directory.

$ cd path/to/postview
$ rake post[path/to/other/post/directory]

NOTE: New feature for creates new post from blog manager will be added.

Synchronize your posts

Postview use by default FTP method for synchronization. But, is possible make deploy using Heroku and Git.


You can synchronize your files using the . For more information about this task, run rake -D sync.

It's need creates and edit file placed in /your/home/directory/.netrc. The directory attribute most be setted in settings.yml file.


# remote host
`-- posts
    |-- archive
    `-- drafts
# local host
|-- 20090702-foo_post_article.ruby.sinatra.git.mkd
|-- archive
|   `-- 20080702-foo_post_article.ruby.sinatra.git.mkd
`-- drafts
    `-- 20090703-foo_draft_article.ruby.sinatra.git.mkd

# To synchronize posts
$ rake sync:posts
$ rake sync:posts[remote/path/to/postview/posts]

# To synchronize archive
$ rake sync:archive
$ rake sync:archive[remote/path/to/postview/posts/archive]

# To synchronize drafts
$ rake sync:drafts
$ rake sync:drafts[remote/path/to/postview/posts/drafts]

# To synchronize all
$ rake sync:all

NOTE: Will added new enhancements for this feature.