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Markdown syntax support for Vim Editor.

Vim-Markdown have a support for snippets. Therefore, it's recommended that you use SnipMate plugin.


Download the gzipball from Vim script homepage and open the package using Vim and use the command :source %. Or run the following command:

vim markdown-<version>.vba.gz +":source %"

Done! All files will be extracted in your Vim home directory. If you checkout from repository, install using the following commands:

bash do install


./do install

This instruction will be create a Vimball file and install.


The original Markdown Vim syntax was created by Ben Williams.

You maybe contributes to source. So, send a feedback in issue tracker.

Vim-Markdown is hosted on following servers:

Visit the script homepage for more information.


Copyright (c) 2010 Hallison Batista

Copyright (c) 2009 Ben Williams