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Markdown syntax highlight for Vim editor with snippets support
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Markdown syntax support for Vim Editor. Vim-Markdown have a support for snippets. Therefore, it's recommended that you use SnipMate plugin.

This syntax file plugin has been completely rewritten from the original code written by Ben Williams.


Download the gzball from Vim script homepage and open the package using Vim and use the command :source %. Or run the following command:

vim markdown-<version>.vba.gz +":source %"

Done! All files will be extracted in your Vim home. If you checkout from repository, install using the following commands:

make install


You maybe contributes to source. So, send a feedback in issue tracker.

Vim-Markdown is hosted on Github.

Visit the script homepage for more information.


The development this plugin is based in prototyping. The workflow applied is following:

  1. Write the text with the Markdown syntax.
  2. Write the test based on sourcing files for highlighting the syntax.
  3. Run and see results on the screen.
  4. Commit the code that works.

The tests run with the following command:

./runtest <source>

The final result, the syntax and your configurations, are builded, saved and released in the master branch.


This syntax try be compliant 100% with the Markdown syntax specification and use only written by the John Gruber.


This syntax highlight add the following features:

  • Coalesce all the Markdown characters as asterisks, underscores, backticks for improve the reading.
  • All colors used in HTML syntax are used.
  • Highlighting for all HTML tags.
  • Includes useful snippets for a faster typing.
  • Includes documentation of Markdown syntax.


Copyright (c) 2012 Hallison Batista

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