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This is the Spacedust color theme repository.

Initially it was a color theme I created for Xcode and looks like this:

After you've checked out the repository, be sure to execute: git submodule update --init

Currently versions exists for:

  • Xcode (by Mikael Hallendal)
  • AppCode (by Mikael Hallendal)
  • (by Cameron Spickert)
  • iTerm 2 (by Luís Couto)
  • Coda 2 (by Luís Couto)
  • TextMate/Sublime Text 2 (by Cormac Relf)
  • Vim (by Mikkel Malmberg)

If you've made another version of it, please fork this project and send me a pull request.

Colors used:

  • Dark green: #008080 (typedef)
  • Light green: #4A9D8F (strings)
  • Dark orange: #E35B00 (class/interface/protocol names)
  • Light orange: #CB7636 (property)
  • Dark blue: #09699D (macros)
  • Light blue: #009FC5 (function name)
  • Dark yellow: #EBC562 (keywords)
  • Light yellow: #ECF0C1 (default foreground)
  • Brown: #6E5346 (comments)
  • Light Brown: #CA763C (variables)
  • Background: #041E23
  • Gutter background: #0F2930
  • Line number: #244F61
  • Active row background: #0F2930
  • Selection background: #06496F


The Spacedust theme for various applications



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