A simple Object Oriented PHP API client for the halo api
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PHP Halo API Build Status

A simple Object Oriented wrapper for Halo API

Getting started


  • Follows PSR-4 conventions and coding standard
  • Light and fast by lazy loading of API classes
  • Extensively tested
  • Decoupled from specific HTTP transport protocols by using HTTPlug


Then run the following command to require the library and install a http transport adapter:

composer require halo-api/halo-api php-http/guzzle6-adapter


Example code on how to use the api client


require_once '/vendor/autoload.php';

$guzzleClient = new \Http\Adapter\Guzzle6\Client();
$builder = new \HaloApi\HttpClient\Builder($guzzleClient);

// Constructing and passing the builder is optional. The client will use
// auto discovery of the available http client to construct the builder (See mininal example)
$client = new \HaloApi\Client('apikey', $builder);

$result = $client->halo5Metadata()->campaignMissions();

// Or with minimal setup (an httplug client adapter must be installed)
$client = new \HaloApi\Client('apikey');

$result = $client->halo5Metadata()->campaignMissions();


Please do! The source code is hosted at GitHub. If you want a feature or discover a bug, open an issue or a pull request.

For other updates, follow me on Twitter: @jeroenthora.


This project is released under the MIT License.