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Prevent your Mac from leaking MACs

This is an intuitive macOS status menu application written in Swift to help you spoof the MAC addresses of your Wi-Fi and Ethernet interfaces.

Download instructions

It is free as in open-source. Should you like to motivate me, you may click on the ✭ in the top-right corner.



  • macOS Sierra or later (see releases for older versions)
  • Administrator privileges (you will be asked for your root password once)


If you have Homebrew, just run brew cask install linkliar.

To install it manually, follow these instructions.


The end-user documentation is located at

What you're looking at right now is the technical documentation.

There is also a source-code documentation in progress, see bin/docs for inspiration.


  • When your Wi-Fi (aka Airport) is turned off, you cannot change its MAC address. You need to turn it on first.
  • If you change a MAC address while the interface is connected, you will briefly loose connection.
  • If you rapidly close and open your MacBook, the MAC address may change while the Wi-Fi connection remains and you loose the connection.
  • Whenever you successfully changed your MAC address, your System Preferences will still show you the original hardware MAC address. This is normal behavior and your actual network traffic uses the new, changed MAC address.
  • Choosing a "random vendor" prefix does not choose from all possible vendors, but only from the most commonly known vendors (these)).
  • 2018 Macbooks (and later) cannot change their MAC address, for unknown reasons.


You can create this logfile and whenever it exists, all LinkLiar components will write to it:

touch "/Library/Application Support/LinkLiar/linkliar.log"

Delete the log file again to silence logging.

Once LinkLiar is started and the menu is visible, you can hold the ⌥ Option key for advanced options. This is only intended for developers.

If you want a more colorful output, clone this git repository and run bin/logs. That's what I use when I'm debugging. This utility is also bundled in LinkLiar so you can run it with



Future work

  • Add badge with test coverage to README
  • Nicer GUI for specifying a MAC address manually (with option to randomize)
  • Choose which vendor prefixes to randomize with


  • The icon in Link/Images.xcassets is from Iconmonstr.


MIT 2012-2018 halo. See MIT-LICENSE.

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