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Pixel Stats

haloflooder edited this page Aug 31, 2018 · 4 revisions
Script created by Haloflooder. Idea thought up by CopherNeue


Pixel Stats is a script that tells you the total amount of pixels for each color (outputs the RGB values) along with the percentage. It could be useful for people who are curious about what colors they are using the most for their artwork.


- Analyzes the image and spits out the data about the pixels!
- Lists the colors as a color group (red, orange, blue, etc)
- You also have the ability to analyze part of an image by using the select tool! (But see the bug section first)


This script can only get the stats from the current layer you selected. The API isn't flexible enough for the script to get the stats from the entire image. To get the stats for the entire image, you need to flatten the layers to 1 layer.


DO NOT use this script with an image with lots and lots of colors or LARGE images otherwise you will run the risk of crashing Aseprite. Pixel art should be fine for the most part unless you have more than 1000 colors.
Save your project before you use the script!


Aseprite crashes if the active layer you selected is only partially full. So there needs to be a background in the layer in order for the script to not crash Aseprite. The bug is caused by Aseprite's scripting ability so this issue cannot be fixed until Aseprite fixes the bug.
The selection feature only works with a single rectangle selection. Wands, polygons, multiple selections, etc won't work since the Aseprite scripting feature is still a WIP.


Aseprite version v1.2.9
A text editing tool such as Notepad++, Atom, etc. Also, for the sake of your sanity. Don't use Microsoft Notepad.
And some effort


Instructions on how to install the script is on this page


Download the script from the release page on the github repo



Initial release.


"Space Drawing" Pixel art by DogeNut
Added new selection analyzer, grouped color analyzer, and some options in the script. Also optimized some code in the script as well.

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