Ludum Dare 28 - "You only get one"
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Ludum Dare 28 - "You only get one"

Please note the audio engine requires the DirectX runtime, in case the game fails to start.

Gameplay Video:

Aggrogate is a 2 player action puzzle game. Win the game by clearing all cubes of your color range before your opponent. Clear cubes by connecting 4 or more same-colored cubes

XBOX Controllers: Right analog stick aims the crosshair Place light cubes with LB Place dark cubes with RB

PS3 Controllers: Left Analog Stick aims the crosshair Place light cubes with LB or Square Place dark cubes with RB or Cross

Keyboard: Left Player Move - WASD Left Player Light Cube - 1 Left Player Dark Cube - 2 Right Player Move - Arrow Keys Right Player Light Cube - [ Right Player Dark Cube - ] "F" key will toggle full-screen "R" key will restart the round "ESC" key will exit

Each player views a the same cube puzzle ("You only get one"), and by placing cubes cause it to spin. The challenge is the speed and precision required to place cubes, when your opponent is spinning the puzzle. The theme comes into play with this shared puzzle.