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milter_v2(options, senderip, senderport, senderhelo, sender, recipients, fp)

Implementation of the Milter protocol v2. It's tested with clamav-milter, however minor changes may allow it to connect to other servers as well.

$opts = ["host" => "", "port" => 3381, "timeout_eod" => 15];
$fp = GetMailFile();
$result = milter_v2($opts, $senderip, $senderport, $senderhelo, $sender, $recipients, $fp);
if (is_array($result))
  foreach ($result as $r)
	  echo $r;


When using clamav-milter, you should use AddHeader Replace in the clamav-mitler.conf and parse the "h" response array item from milter_v2 for viruses.