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VADE(host, opts)

Scans a message with Vade's Content Filter REST API.


  • host string - IP or hostname to the Vade service. Required.
  • opts array - options array

Returns: class object.

The following options are available in the opts array.

  • port number - TCP port. The default is 8080.
  • timeout number - Timeout in seconds. The default is 10 seconds.
  • tls array - TLS settings.
  • max_message_size number - The max message size in bytes. The default is 5 MiB.

The following options are available in the tls array.

  • enabled boolean - Enable TLS for the specific socket
  • opts array - All available options can be found on here


Scans a message


  • fp File - file object such as return type of GetMailFile(). Required.

Returns: associative array containing the result of the scan

Return type: array, when an error occur the "error" index is available.


Pings the Vade's service to check if it's responding

Returns: boolean


include "vade";

$vade = VADE("", ["port" => 8080, "tls" => ["enabled" => true]]);
$result = $vade->scan(GetMailFile());

if (!$result["error"]) {
    echo $result;
} else {
    echo "Error - ".$result["error"];