Software Development Kit - Guides & Information for developing with Halo Platform
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Halo Platform - SDK

Software Development Kit - Guides & Information for developing with Halo Platform

This repository will help developers find resources, and instruct where to look for documentation. All public wiki's, repo's, and tools will be listed out here and kept up to date.

Pull requests are welcomed.

Halo Platform Improvement Proposals

These are proposals that are submitted and discussed for implementation into the core coin or other halo platform projects. It is open for community involvement and discussion. Please see it at the community that houses it here.


Our general Halo Platform FAQ is hosted at our site wiki

General Guides

These guides are general guides for development across all of Halo Platform. (Outlined, but not written yet)


These are links to specific code repo's of projects from Halo Platform. Each project will eventually have a wiki for working with that code base.

  • Wallet-Vue (Not Available Yet) - The Wallet DAPP used in featherlite.
  • Vuex-Web3-Sync - Vuex (vuejs redux store) sync package for bringing web3 into a project easily.
  • simple-sign-system - Easy javascript sign and recover system for transactions and data. For use with Halo Platform Chain and web3js 1.x.
  • Halo.js (Not Available Yet) - Halo Web3 provider and backend for featherlite or future tools.
  • HAL-9001 (Not Available Yet) - Halo Asset Library for common Vue Utils / Vuetify Modules and components.
  • web3js-typings - Typescript Typings file for web3js.
  • [Halo-Dex] (Not Available Yet) - The full contract running the Halo Platform Decentralized Exchange.
  • [Sample Tokens] (Not Available Yet) - Easy Sample token contracts like what we have deployed to testnet.
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