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*1.3.0* (December 23, 2006)
* Deprecate rake integration in favor of invoking `cap' directly [Jamis Buck]
* Make sure the CVS module references the repository explicitly in cvs_log []
* Remove trace messages when loading a file [Jamis Buck]
* Cleaner error messages for authentication failures and command errors [Jamis Buck]
* Added support for ~/.caprc, also -x and -c switches. [Jamis Buck]
* Updated migrate action to use db:migrate task in Rails instead of the deprecated migrate task [DHH]
* Allow SSH user and port to be encoded in the hostname strings [Ezra Zygmuntowicz]
* Fixed that new checkouts were not group-writable [DHH, Jamis Buck]
* Fixed that cap setup would use 755 on the deploy_to and shared directory roots instead of 775 [DHH]
* Don't run the cleanup task on servers marked no_release [Jamis Buck]
* Fix typo in default_io_proc so it correctly checks the stream parameter to see if it is the error stream [Stephen Haberman]
* Make sure assets in images, javascripts, and stylesheets are touched after updating the code, to ensure the asset timestamping feature of rails works correctly [Jamis Buck]
* Added warning if password is prompted for and termios is not installed [John Labovitz]
* Added :as option to sudo, so you can specify who the command is executed as [Mark Imbriaco]
*1.2.0* (September 14, 2006)
* Add experimental 'shell' task [Jamis Buck]
* Display file for external configurations, rather than inspected proc. [Jamis Buck]
* Connect to multiple servers in parallel, rather than serially. [Jamis Buck]
* Add SCM module for Mercurial (closes #4150) [Matthew Elder]
* Remove unused line in SCM::Base (closes #5619) []
* More efficient "svn log" usage (closes #5620) [Anatol Pomozov]
* Better support for key passphrases in the SVN module (closes #5920) []
* Fix missing default for :local in cvs.rb (closes #3645) []
* Fix awkward spacing in gemspec file (closes #3888) []
* Add support for :sudo variable to specify path to sudo (closes #4578) []
* Make previous_release return nil if there are no previous releases (closes #4959) []
* Uncache releases list after update_code is called so that newly released dir is included (closes #3766) [Jamis Buck]
* Allow the subversion scm to accept HTTPS certificates (closes #4792) [Jamis Buck]
* Make sure rollbacks occur within the scope of the task that triggered them [Jamis Buck]
* Fixed the default recipe to work with setups that haven't yet gone pids [DHH]
* Symlink and setup for shared/pids to tmp/pids [DHH]
* Fix some incorrect usage text (closes #4507) []
* Added Actor#stream method that makes it easy to create cross-server streams [DHH]. Example:
desc "Run a tail on multiple log files at the same time"
task :tail_fcgi, :roles => :app do
stream "tail -f #{shared_path}/log/fastcgi.crash.log"
* Make update_code and symlink a macro task under the name "update" for easy of deploy to servers that does not run fcgis [DHH]
* Changed setup, update_code, rollback_code, and symlink to work on all servers instead of only those in the :app, :web, and :db roles. A server can opt out of being part of the release deployment by setting :no_release => true [DHH]
* Added support for :except on task declarations as the opposite of :only [DHH]. Example:
role :app, ""
role :file, "", :no_release => true
task :symlink, :except => { :no_release => true } do
on_rollback { run "ln -nfs #{previous_release} #{current_path}" }
run "ln -nfs #{current_release} #{current_path}"
cap symlink # will not run on
* Deprecate the -r/--recipe switch in favor of -f/--file (for more make/rake-like semantics) [Jamis Buck]
* Fix gemspec to include a dependency on rake 0.7 [Jamis Buck]
* Added respect for ENV["HOSTS"] that'll be used instead of the roles specified in the task definition [DHH]. Example:
HOSTS= cap setup # one-off setup for that server, doesn't need to be prespecified in the recipes file
* Added respect for ENV["ROLES"] that'll be used instead of the roles specified in the task definition [DHH]. Example:
task :setup, :roles => [ :app, :web, :db ]
# normally this would run every where
ROLES=app cap setup # this will only run for the app role, overwritting the default declaration
* Added :hosts option to task definition that allows you to specify cross-cutting tasks [DHH]. Example:
task :setup, :hosts => [ "", "" ] do
# this task will happen on 06 and 01 regardless of which roles they belong to
* Fix operator precedence problem in script for touching the revisions.log #3223 []
*1.1.0* (March 6th, 2006)
* Simplify the generated capistrano.rake file, and make it easier to customize
* Use rake-like command-line semantics ("cap deploy", in addition to "cap -a deploy")
* Rename to capistrano
* Make the generated capistrano.rake file use rake namespaces, and include all default tasks
* Look for config/deploy.rb, capfile, and Capfile by default
*1.0.1* (February 20th, 2006)
* Fix broken switchtower_invoke function in switchtower.rake (missing require statement)
*1.0.0* (Feburary 18th, 2006)
* Make CVS module's :local value default to "."
* Add "invoke" task for executing one-off commands
* Make port selection smarter for gateway connections
* Add extension mechanism for custom ST operations and third-party task libraries
* Make ST rails rake tasks more configurable
* Add Actor#current_task and simplify Task#servers
* Add Actor#connect! method for working around lazy connection establishing
* Make sure IO::TRUNC is specified for Net::SFTP uploads (#3510)
* Add branch support to CVS [] (#3596)
* Add bazaar-ng SCM module [Damien Merenne]
* Add optional :svn_username and :svn_password variables
* Allow Proc-valued variables to be set more conveniently (set(:foo) { "bar" })
* Add perforce SCM module [Richard McMahon]
* Add bazaar (v1) SCM module [Edd Dumbill] (#3533)
* Fix stftime format string used in CVS module to be Windows-compatible (fixes #3383)
* Add an better error when a task is run and no servers match the required conditions
* Add default spinner and cold_deploy tasks, and spinner_user variable
* Changed restart_via variable to (boolean) use_sudo
* Only chmod when the revisions.log file is first created
* Make UPPERCASE variables work
* Added rails_env variable (defaults to production) for use by tasks that employ the RAILS_ENV environment variable
* Added Actor.default_io_proc
* Set :actor key on SSH channel instances
*0.10.0* (January 2nd, 2006)
* Handle ssh password prompts like "someone's password:"
* Make CLI#echo available as a class method.
* Add CLI#with_echo.
* Make the default password prompt available as a class method.
# Add documentation for the CLI class.
* Add a sanity check to make sure the correct versions of Net::SSH and Net::SFTP are installed.
* Added a cleanup task to remove unused releases from the deployment directory
* Allow password to be reentered on sudo if it was entered incorrectly
* Use && as the command separator for the checkouts, so that errors are caught early.
* Ping each SSH connection every 1s during command processing so that long-running commands don't cause the connection to timeout.
* Add a 0.01s sleep during the command loop so that the CPU doesn't go ballistic while ST is doing its thing.
* Add :restart_via variable for specifying whether restart ought to use :sudo (default, use sudo)
* Use SFTP for file transfers (if available).
* Add an "update_current" task that will do an svn up on the current release
* Use the :checkout variable to determine what operation to use for svn checkouts (instead of co, like "export").
* The Rails rake tasks now load ST directly, instead of invoking it via system
* Added ssh_options variable to configure the SSH connection parameters #2734 []
* Require Net::SSH 1.0.5
*0.9.0* (October 18th, 2005)
* Use process reaper instead of custom reap script for restarting
* Use -S switch to set variables before reading recipe files #2242
* Have setup.rb create a switchtower.cmd file on Win32 platforms #2402
* Add diff_from_last_deploy to the rails switchtower rakefile template
* Add diff_from_last_deploy task (currently only works with subversion)
* Add deploy_with_migrations task.
* Make the migrate task more customizable.
* If no password is given with the -p switch, prompt for password immediately.
* Do not install a switchtower stub in the script directory. Assume the switchtower executable is in the path.
* Remove trailing newlines from commands to prevent trailing backslash #2141
* Default parameters work correctly with the generator #2218 [Scott Barron]
* Attempt to require 'rubygems' explicitly when running the switchtower utility #2134
* Make default tasks work only on app/db/web roles, so that additional roles may be created for boxes with specific needs without needing to (for instance) deploy the app to those boxes
* Default the application name to "Application" when using --apply-to
* Show the help screen instead of an error when no arguments are given
* Make SwitchTower easier to invoke programmatically via SwitchTower::CLI
* Specify the revision to release via the :revision variable (defaults to latest revision)
* Allow variables to be set via the cli using the -s switch
* Log checkouts to a "revisions.log" file
* Changed behavior of checkout to use the timestamp as the release name, instead of the revision number
* Added CVS module (very very experimental!)
* Works with public keys now, for passwordless deployment
* Subversion module recognizes the password prompt for HTTP authentication
* Preserve +x on scripts when using darcs #1929 [Scott Barron]
* When executing multiline commands, use a backslash to escape the newline
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