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This is the code and data behind The page content lives in the pages/ directory and is compiled into the HTML output in p/. Normally, generated files like these wouldn't be checked into source control, but it's required for the GitHub Pages hosting.

If you edit a page, please remember to run 'rake' to recompile the site and create a single commit including both your source and generated files. This makes it as easy as possible for others to work with your changes.

Dependencies, Getting Started

Compiling the site requires maruku, which can be installed with:

sudo gem install maruku

Once you've done that, just run rake to compile the site:



To contribute to the develop.github site, you can fork the repository, push your changes into it and send a pull request to 'schacon'.

If you want to run the site on GitHub pages for testing you can push your changes into the 'gh-pages' branch, rather than the 'master' branch of the remote repository.

$ git push origin master:gh-pages

That command will push your master branch to the 'gh-pages' branch of your fork. Then Pages will serve the site for you under :

(Replace 'schacon' with your username)

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