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a modular async web framework for node.js

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(fab) - a modular async web framework

(fab) is a lightweight toolkit that makes it easy to build asynchronous web apps. It takes advantage of the flexibility and functional nature of javascript to create a concise "DSL", without pre-compilation or magic scope hackery.

Here's an example of a "hello world" app:

with ( require( "fab" ) ) 

( fab )

  ( listen, 0xFAB )

  ( /^\/hello/ )

    ( tmpl )
      ( "Hello, <%= this %>!" )

    ( /^\/(\w+)$/ )
      (, 0 )
      ( "world" )

  ( 404 );

See more examples, learn how to make your own apps, or see the apps that (fab) provides for you.

Note that development on (fab) is evolving very fast, and upcoming changes will break the current API. Though with native templating and an an optional parentheses-light style, they'll be worth it. Read about what's going to change, if you'd like, or follow @fabjs for updates.

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