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Turn hoptoad errors into webhooks
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Hoptoad Webhooks

Provide a webhook provider for a hoptoad account.


Setup a user in Hoptoad which receives emails to a secret account. This email address should receive all the errors which you want announced.

After this, you will need to setup certain environment variables.

ENV key                        | Used for                         | Required     | IMAP host to connect to          | Yes
hoptoad_webhooks.imap.port     | Connect to this IMAP port        | No, defaults to 993
hoptoad_webhooks.imap.username | Connect with this username       | Yes
hoptoad_webhooks.imap.password | Connect with this password       | Yes
hoptoad_webhooks.imap.mbox     | Process emails from this mailbox | No, defaults to INBOX         | The email address above          | Yes
hoptoad_webhooks.account_name  | The hoptoad account to process   | Yes
hoptoad_webhooks.hook_url      | Send hooks to this HTTP URL      | Yes

To use this on heroku, you can setup the configuration as follows:

heroku config:add

Now you can push the code and you'll receive hooks sent to the URL you configured.

You can also view the status of the processor by visiting

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