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== 0.9.1 "Some are half-wild, and some are just outlaws." 2008-02-29
* add named routes to error page
* updates to nested resources
* get autotest working for merb-core
* Symbolize params in route generation, to accomodate Mashes
* Fixes :status not working on strings.
* update thin adapter to newest way of silencing the log
* :format => :html possible in partials
* print request URI when "No routes match the request" error thrown
* fix merb -i
* Make Merb.start default to the runner adapter
* It's now possible to send binary data using the send_data method
and to specify the disposition, filename and type of the data being sent.
* Fix memcached session writes
* allow the setting of a custom session key
* Changed TemplateNotFound to stop so much confusion about incorrect
template locations because it doesn't include .*
* fix dropping of pid files in cluster and daemon mode
* Nested partials don't blow away locals.
* Better loading of classes
* Support concat and test capture/concat
* Added single key assignment to Merb.config
* Move url method from ControllerMixin to AbstractController for use in
Mailers and Parts etc.
* Merb.config now returns Merb::Config instead of the current
configuration hash.
* Added Merb.reload which reloads the framework classes.
* Adding Merb.env shorthand for Merb.environment
* Added a quaint Merb Configurator
* With bootloader order changes, environment was not getting loaded
* Fix cookie parsing from localhost, add spec
* Add support for multiple template roots
* Allow override of router.rb file in config
* Modify behavior of 'namespace' in the router
* Fix content negotiation for IE and its stupid accept header.
* Only serve static files when the HTTP method is GET or HEAD. Other
requests should still be handled by Merb.
* Add path_prefix support.
* Changes dispatch_to spec helper to yield the controller
* redo of load_dependency, after_app_loads callback, and Kernel changes
* Added Merb.logger.auto_flush
* Fix nested resource routing
* Do not drop PID file is not running as daemon or cluster
* Fixed problem with resources inside a namespace block
* Added support for dynamic layouts.
* adding conditional behaviour to filters :if and :unless
* Use the escape_xml from Erubis rather than rolling our own
* Add a merb.reload! command to the merb -i console.
* Get rid of StringScanner dependency.
* Fix render_then_call to support new streaming tech.
* Fix filter specs to respect append order of filters.
* check for empty string before calling to_sym on the format parameter
* fake requests are incorrectly loading controller classes with namespaces
* Fix the RubyGems monkeypatch by testing for Merb.root instead of looking
in $"
* fix core spec dependency on merb_rspec
* Replace calls to puts with Merb.logger
* Fix problem with static files, use Proc === body
* Added file and line information for evals in router.rb.
== 0.9.0 "All you need, none you don't" 2008-02-13
* Developer Only Release
* Split merb into merb-core and merb-more
== 0.5.3 "Inexperienced With Girls" 2008-01-28
* Improved handling of models/controllers with dependencies
* Improved cluster starting/stopping
* Frozen script/merb should really work now
* Merb::Cookies is used for cookie jar purposes
* test_helper no longer assumes rspec mocking framework
* asset bundler handles strings and symbols
* render() now has an option for explicitly rendering an object
* Fixed annoying bug in exception rendering for 500 internal_server_error
* testing request helper accepts an option hash
== 0.5.2 "Great White North" 2008-01-14
* Make Merb.load_paths accessible for modification
* Fix issues with running frozen apps
== 0.5.1 "Electic Boogaloo" 2008-01-10
* Fix 0.5.0
== 0.5.0 "Thanks Zed" 2008-01-09
* Added asset bundling for Javascript and stylesheet files
== 0.4.2 "Surf's up." 2007-12-14
* Super-huge speed boost for rendering Erubis templates with partials
* Windows-specific fixes to Merb's Rakefile
* Blocking write is called when in development, test, Windows and jRuby environments and platforms.
* merb_helpers: form field labels are now explicit, huge documentation update, added select, fieldset, more helpers
* Fixed merb.show_routes within merb -i
* Fixed image_tag, css_include_tag, and js_include_tag to work with path_prefix
* Adds spec helper methods with_route and dispatch_to
* fix rakefile cfor cygwin
* add count with collection to partial()
* Form control mixin is deprecated Use merb_helpers plugin.
* add redirect matcher to rspec test helpers
* allow r.resource(:foo, :myparam => 42) resource routes pass on params to underlying match() call
* spit out error and help message if you call merb with no args
* get rid of dependency on mongrel for escape and unescape
* make sure not to use write_nonblock when logging to STDOUT
* Fixed image_tag, css_include_tag, and js_include_tag to work with path_prefix
* fix set_status to actually work, add docs,
* config/merb.yml is now correctly loaded from Rake and test environment - using Merb::Server.load_config
* added config option to disable loading of the JSON gem - still enabled by default
* don't raise if names local on a partial is nil
* Use svn export instead of checkout upon merb:freeze_from_svn
* Extracted url and other general methods out of ControllerMixin into GeneralControllerMixin
* fix caching of @_buffer in render, form_for
* Seperates spec helpers into the Merb::Test namespace to prevent spec methods leaking into specs
* Changes the spec url helper method to the same used in the controller
* Made Request#parse_multipart return an empty hash instead of nil if the request is not multipart
* Changes throw_content so that it can be called without a block
* Added :namespace option to routes.
== 0.4.1 "Faster Partials or Partially Faster?" 2007-11-12
* Fixed pluralization issues with generators
* Resource generators are much improved
* url() helper now supports nested resources
* url(:post, @post) observers @post.new_record? and adjusts accordingly
* Fixed bug with empty Accept headers
* Added config/boot.rb to load framework from gems or framework/ dir
* New partial() is much faster (and less buggy)
* render :partial no longer supported
* Add a buffered logger
* Fixes bug with parameterized actions on some platforms
* partial can now be called on collections:
* partial("widget", :with => @new_widgets, :as => "widget")
* SMTP mailer now supports non-AUTH setups
* set_status() can take symbolic codes like :not_found
* JRuby compat fixes
* Speed boost, esp. with rendering
* Fix spec_helper running against development database
* Fix major bug with sessions not working
== 0.4.0 "This ain't yo mommas merb" 2007-11-06
== 0.3.7 "Out of the basement" 2007-08-05
== 0.3.4 "Route fixer" 2007-05-31
== 0.3.3 "Hey buddy can you spare a route generator?" 2007-05-31
== 0.3.1 "The Fixed and the Furious" 2007-04-30
== 0.3.0 "The Fast and the Furious" 2007-04-28
== 0.2.0 "Accept your fate and respond_to change" 2007-03-18
== 0.1.0 "Generation Herb" 2007-01-18
== 0.0.9 "merb is the new black" 2007-01-14
== 0.0.8 "Merbivore" 2006-12-17
== 0.0.7 "Lean and mean merbing machine" 2006-11-29
== 0.0.6 "The Black Belt Release" 2006-11-09
== 0.0.5 "The getting real release" 2006-11-01
== 0.0.4 "The toddler phase" 2006-10-26
== 0.0.3 "the switchblade suicide release" 2006-10-17
== 0.0.2 "the quicksliver release" 2006-10-16
== 0.0.1 "The pocket rocket release" 2006-10-15
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