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Release 2013.05.19
- Keyboard shortcuts for play/pause, config setting act_songpause has been
renamed to act_songpausetoggle
- Better error handling of audio file download errors
- Fix TLS read error when using Pandora One tuner URL
- Fix a bug where rating a song from a shared station, played by quickmix
resulted in an error message
- Fix wrong name when deleting station from history menu
- New events for genre station selection: stationfetchgenre, stationaddgenre
- Minor Makefile and documentation bugfixes/improvements
Release 2012.12.01
- Save last station and volume to statefile
- Password can be read from external command (setting password_command)
- Secure RPC port can be changed now (setting rpc_tls_port)
- Gracefully recover from AAC decoding errors
- New default fingerprint for
- Bugfixes: HTTP chunked decoder, style, memory leaks
Release 2012.09.07
- Defunct move song (keybinding 'm') feature removed
- Added feature: Create station from song (keybinding 'v')
- '<space>' (setting act_songpause2) toggles pause too
- Makefile: Auto-dependency generation
- Correctly initialize libgcrypt
- headless_pianobar wrapper added
Release 2012.06.24
- Removed setting audio_format, added audio_quality. libfaad (aac) is now required,
libmad (mp3) is optional (for Pandora One users)
- Fix thumbs up/down
- Fix race condition
- Fix custom key bindings
- Improve error messages
- Minor bugfixes
Release 2012.05.06
- Move to JSON API (v5), see
- New dependencies: json-c and libgcrypt
- Low-bitrate AAC audio support
- Seed suggestions and force_tls config setting not supported any more
- Fix race condition
- Minor bugfixes and code cleanup
Release 2012.04.24
- Fix format string crash
- Fix sync response parser
- Fix possible stdin close on error
- Fix undefined behavior (mutex unlock)
- Use TLS for every request with new setting force_tls
- Autoselect last remaining item of filtered list, disable with autoselect = 0
- Warn if control fifo is not a fifo
- Code cleanup
Release 2012.01.10
- Use TLS for login only
- waitress: HTTP/1.1 compliant CONNECT
- Minor fixes/code cleanup
Release 2011.12.11
- waitress: Replaced ca-bundle with fingerprint check
- waitress: Support GnuTLS <= 2.10.0
- waitress: Proxy authorization added again
- piano: Sync authenticateListener API call with Pandora
- Fix DYNLINK option
- Code cleanup, minor UI improvements
Release 2011.11.11
- libwaitress rewrite (supports TLS now)
- new dependency GnuTLS >= 2.10.0
Release 2011.11.09
- Protocol version bump (v33)
- Minor bugfixes
Release 2011.09.22
- Protocol version bump (v32)
- Customizeable list format, %@ format string and fifo path
- Fix quickmix station filtering
- Add quickmix station toggling
- Bookmarking will correctly report success again
- OS X and FreeBSD Makefile fixes
- Other minor fixes/improvements
Release 2011.07.09
- Protocol version bump (v31)
- Fix quickmix
- Customizeable format strings
- Basic proxy authentication
Release 2011.04.27
- Protocol version bump (v30)
- Minor fixes/improvements
Release 2011.04.10
- Keybindings can be disabled
- Expose login/fetch stations events and songDetailUrl to eventcmd
- New eventcmd/lastfm scrobbling scripts
- Support for deleting seeds and feedback
- Filterable station/artist/song lists
- Bugfixes/rewrites
Release 2011.01.24
- Temporary banning song via history
- Software volume control
- Extended eventcmd api (includes station list now)
- Custom loved/banned icons in upcoming songs/history
- Fix playback on big-endian machines
- Fix DISABLE_MAD/FAAD make switches
- Several bugfixes, code cleanup and refactoring
Release 2010.11.06
- XMLRLC api version bump (v29)
- Automatic reauthentication
- Minor bugfixes/code cleanup
- Documentation fix
Release 2010.10.07
- XMLRPC api version bump (v28)
Release 2010.08.21
- First "official" release