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# ...response body
+== SSL Client Certificates
+ RestClient.get('', :ssl_client_cert =>'cert.pem'), :ssl_client_key =>'key.pem')
+Self-signed certificates can be generated with the openssl command-line tool.
== Meta
Written by Adam Wiggins (adam at heroku dot com)
Patches contributed by: Chris Anderson, Greg Borenstein, Ardekantur, Pedro
Belo, Rafael Souza, Rick Olson, Aman Gupta, Blake Mizerany, Brian Donovan, Ivan
Makfinsky, Marc-André Cournoyer, Coda Hale, Tetsuo Watanabe, Dusty Doris,
-Lennon Day-Reynolds, James Edward Gray II, Cyril Rohr, and Juan Alvarez
+Lennon Day-Reynolds, James Edward Gray II, Cyril Rohr, Juan Alvarez, and Adam
Released under the MIT License:

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