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                         Team 44 Music Library

  What is it?

  The Team 44 Music Library is a powerful web application. It provides 
  an easy-to-use interface for the management of a music library system. 
  The developers are committed to offering the best and most user-friendly 
  product for the lowest cost (for free!). 


  Documentation for this application is available online through the 
  web site. An additional programmer's guide is available in the help/ 


  For installation instructions, please refer to the file called 'INSTALL'. 


  The developers of this application are: 

    o Tim Carey-Smith
      Chief Programmer

    o Jeremy King
      CGI Guru

    o Eden Sinclair
      Database Extraordinaire

    o Daniel Bakker


  The developers would like to acknowledge the help of many people. 
  Some of those wonderful people are: 
    o God
      For giving us DNA as the 'perfect' code. 

    o Cosc204 Lab Tutors
      For the hours of sacrificed time. 

    o Family and Friends
      For stress-testing the web application and finding many errors
      and HCI issues. 

    o Cosc Linux Programmers
      For keeping linux1 online and running while us students run our 
      CGI applications, consuming all the remaining CPU time and memory. 

    o Marco Dorfliger
      For supplying an 'interesting' egg
        To enjoy this fun, run the following: 
          $ cd egg
          $ make run
       [ Please note: You must have the OpenGL libraries 
                      to compile this bonus feature ]

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