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== Where to get Vertebra
The source code is always available via Git:
$ git clone git://
$ cd vertebra
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update
When switching between branches you need to remember to update the
submodules. So to checkout the 0.4.0 tag to a branch you'd do this:
$ git checkout -b v0.4.0 0.4.0
$ git submodule update
Then when you went back to master you'd do this:
$ git checkout master
$ git submodule update
== Dependencies
We have provided a script ( that installs some dependencies in
* Erlang OTP (R12B-5)
* ejabberd (2.0.2)
* erlsom (1.2.1)
The script also installs the following gems using the gem command found on your
* rspec
* open4
* thor
* rr
* hoe
The following dependencies are not installed:
* expat (most systems have this)
* gcc (most systems have this, Macs need to install Xcode)
* iconv (glibc systems have this, only needed for ejabberd mod_irc)
* make (most systems have this, Macs need to install Xcode)
* glib (most linux systems have this, needed for loudmouth)
* loudmouth (see note below)
* loudmouth-ruby
* openssl (most systems have this)
* ruby
* rubygems
* wget OR curl (this includes most Macs and Linux machines)
* zlib (most systems have this)
=== Loudmouth
The ruby agent library requires the latest versions of both the loudmouth
library and the loudmouth-ruby bindings in order to work properly.
As of this writing the latest version of loudmouth is 1.5.0. It is available
Similarly, the latest version of the bindings is 0.2.0. They are available at:
== Installation
If you are installing from git you need to run this command to set up the build
$ autoreconf --install && autoreconf
Then to install everything:
$ ./ -a
$ ./configure && make && make install
What is installed can be broken down into three categories: vertebra libraries,
and vertebra actors.
==== Vertebra Libraries
* vertebra -- Core agent library for ruby.
* vertebra-erl -- Core agent library for erlang and core vertebra services.
==== Vertebra Actors
* vertebra-gemtool -- Actor for managing ruby gems.
* vertebra-xen -- Actor for accessing Xen slice information.