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mime-types 1.17.2 fails tests with ruby 1.8.7 #8

graaff opened this Issue December 18, 2011 · 5 comments

2 participants

Hans de Graaff Austin Ziegler
Hans de Graaff

When I try to run the tests with ruby 1.8.7 I get the following failure:

  1) Failure:
test_platform_eh(TestMIME_Type) [./test/test_mime_type.rb:182]:
Failed refutation, no message given

33 tests, 139 assertions, 1 failures, 0 errors, 0 skips
Austin Ziegler

I can't reproduce on the Mac with 1.8.7-p358.

/Users/AZiegler/.rbenv/versions/1.8.7-p358/bin/ruby -w -Ilib:bin:test:. -e 'require "rubygems"; gem "minitest"; require "minitest/autorun"; require "test/test_mime_type.rb"; require "test/test_mime_types.rb"' -- 
Run options: --seed 54862

# Running tests:


Finished tests in 0.007822s, 4218.8699 tests/s, 18026.0803 assertions/s.

33 tests, 141 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors, 0 skips

This is what will be going out tonight as 1.18.

Austin Ziegler halostatue closed this March 20, 2012
Hans de Graaff

I have the same problem with the released 1.18 version. This is on Gentoo Linux using ruby 1.8.7 (2011-12-28 patchlevel 357) [x86_64-linux].

yaml = #

Please let me know if you need more info on this, I'd be happy to dig around a bit more if you tell me what you need.

Austin Ziegler halostatue reopened this March 21, 2012
Austin Ziegler

I think I see the problem.

Can you try changing line 9 of test/test_mime_type.rb to:

    MIME::Type.from_array('text/x-yaml', %w(yaml yml), '8bit', 'xunil')

You'll get two different failures, but you get those, I know how to fix it and will commit a patch later.

Austin Ziegler halostatue referenced this issue from a commit March 21, 2012
Fixing issue #8.
Apparently some people run the tests on Linux. Imagine that. :)
Austin Ziegler halostatue closed this March 21, 2012
Hans de Graaff
  1) Failure:
test_to_a(TestMIME_Type) [./test/test_mime_type.rb:267]:
--- expected
+++ actual
@@ -1 +1 @@
-["text/x-yaml", ["yaml", "yml"], "8bit", /xunil/, nil, nil, nil, false]
+["text/x-yaml", ["yaml", "yml"], "8bit", /linux/, nil, nil, nil, false]

  2) Failure:
test_system_equals(TestMIME_Type) [./test/test_mime_type.rb:251]:
Expected: /xunil/
  Actual: /linux/

  3) Failure:
test_to_hash(TestMIME_Type) [./test/test_mime_type.rb:273]:
--- expected
+++ actual
@@ -1 +1 @@
-{"Extensions"=>["yaml", "yml"], "Content-Transfer-Encoding"=>"8bit", "Registered"=>false, "System"=>/xunil/, "Content-Type"=>"text/x-yaml", "URL"=>nil, "Docs"=>nil, "Obsolete"=>nil}
+{"Extensions"=>["yaml", "yml"], "Content-Transfer-Encoding"=>"8bit", "Registered"=>false, "System"=>/linux/, "Content-Type"=>"text/x-yaml", "URL"=>nil, "Docs"=>nil, "Obsolete"=>nil}
Hans de Graaff

Fix confirmed, I just tested with the new commit and tests now pass on ruby 1.8, ruby 1.9 and jruby. Thanks!

Jonathan Perkin jperkin referenced this issue from a commit in joyent/pkgsrc March 21, 2012
Update ruby-mime-types to 1.18.
== MIME::Types 1.18 / 2012-03-20
* New MIME Types:
  * Types reported in Issue #6
    * CoffeeScript (text/x-coffeescript; .coffee; 8bit).
    * AIR
      (application/vnd.adobe.air-applicationinstaller-package+zip, .air;
    * WOFF (application/font-woff; .woff; base64).
    * TrueType (application/x-font-truetype; .ttf; base64).
    * OpenType (application/x-font-opentype; .otf; base64).
  * WebM (audio/webm, video/webm; .webm). Issue #11
* New extensions:
  * f4v/f4p (video/mp4, used by Adobe); f4a/fb4 (audio/mp4, used by Adobe).
* Bug Fixes:
  * It was pointed out that Licence.txt was incorrectly named. Fixed by
    renaming to Licence.rdoc (from Issue/Pull Request #8,
  * It was pointed out that a plan to have the test output generated
    automatically never went through. Issue #10
Jonathan Perkin jperkin referenced this issue from a commit in joyent/pkgsrc September 09, 2012
Update ruby-mime-types to 1.19.
== 1.19 / 2012-06-20
* New MIME Types:
  * XCF Gnome Images (image/x-xcf, image/x-compressed-xcf;
  * Types reported in halostatue/mime-types#12:
    * DV (video/x-dv; .dv)
    * IVF (video/x-ivf; .ivf)
    * Matroska (video/x-matroska; .mkv)
    * Motion JPEG (video/x-motion-jpeg; .mjpg)
    * RealMedia (official; application/vnd.rn-realmedia; .rm)
* New extensions:
  * dcm (application/dicom);
  * Types reported in halostatue/mime-types#12:
    * 3g2, 3gpp2 (video/3gpp2)
    * mpeg (video/mpeg)
    * mxf (application/mxf)
    * ts (video/MP2T)
    * ogg (video/ogg)
* Fixed MIME Types:
  * Adobe AIR application installer packages was missing a
  * Types reported in halostatue/mime-types#12:
    * audio/x-pn-realaudio extension is .ra, not .rm.
* Resolved halostatue/mime-types#8. Apparently some
  people run the tests on Linux. Imagine that.
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