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23 .autotest
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+# -*- ruby -*-
+require 'autotest/restart'
+# Autotest.add_hook :initialize do |at|
+# at.extra_files << "../some/external/dependency.rb"
+# at.libs << ":../some/external"
+# at.add_exception 'vendor'
+# at.add_mapping(/dependency.rb/) do |f, _|
+# at.files_matching(/test_.*rb$/)
+# end
+# %w(TestA TestB).each do |klass|
+# at.extra_class_map[klass] = "test/test_misc.rb"
+# end
+# end
+# Autotest.add_hook :run_command do |at|
+# system "rake build"
+# end
8 .gitignore
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339 COPYING.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,339 @@
+ Version 2, June 1991
+ Copyright (C) 1989, 1991 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+ 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
+ Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies
+ of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.
+ Preamble
+ The licenses for most software are designed to take away your
+freedom to share and change it. By contrast, the GNU General Public
+License is intended to guarantee your freedom to share and change free
+software--to make sure the software is free for all its users. This
+General Public License applies to most of the Free Software
+Foundation's software and to any other program whose authors commit to
+using it. (Some other Free Software Foundation software is covered by
+the GNU Library General Public License instead.) You can apply it to
+your programs, too.
+ When we speak of free software, we are referring to freedom, not
+price. Our General Public Licenses are designed to make sure that you
+have the freedom to distribute copies of free software (and charge for
+this service if you wish), that you receive source code or can get it
+if you want it, that you can change the software or use pieces of it
+in new free programs; and that you know you can do these things.
+ To protect your rights, we need to make restrictions that forbid
+anyone to deny you these rights or to ask you to surrender the rights.
+These restrictions translate to certain responsibilities for you if you
+distribute copies of the software, or if you modify it.
+ For example, if you distribute copies of such a program, whether
+gratis or for a fee, you must give the recipients all the rights that
+you have. You must make sure that they, too, receive or can get the
+source code. And you must show them these terms so they know their
+ We protect your rights with two steps: (1) copyright the software, and
+(2) offer you this license which gives you legal permission to copy,
+distribute and/or modify the software.
+ Also, for each author's protection and ours, we want to make certain
+that everyone understands that there is no warranty for this free
+software. If the software is modified by someone else and passed on, we
+want its recipients to know that what they have is not the original, so
+that any problems introduced by others will not reflect on the original
+authors' reputations.
+ Finally, any free program is threatened constantly by software
+patents. We wish to avoid the danger that redistributors of a free
+program will individually obtain patent licenses, in effect making the
+program proprietary. To prevent this, we have made it clear that any
+patent must be licensed for everyone's free use or not licensed at all.
+ The precise terms and conditions for copying, distribution and
+modification follow.
+ 0. This License applies to any program or other work which contains
+a notice placed by the copyright holder saying it may be distributed
+under the terms of this General Public License. The "Program", below,
+refers to any such program or work, and a "work based on the Program"
+means either the Program or any derivative work under copyright law:
+that is to say, a work containing the Program or a portion of it,
+either verbatim or with modifications and/or translated into another
+language. (Hereinafter, translation is included without limitation in
+the term "modification".) Each licensee is addressed as "you".
+Activities other than copying, distribution and modification are not
+covered by this License; they are outside its scope. The act of
+running the Program is not restricted, and the output from the Program
+is covered only if its contents constitute a work based on the
+Program (independent of having been made by running the Program).
+Whether that is true depends on what the Program does.
+ 1. You may copy and distribute verbatim copies of the Program's
+source code as you receive it, in any medium, provided that you
+conspicuously and appropriately publish on each copy an appropriate
+copyright notice and disclaimer of warranty; keep intact all the
+notices that refer to this License and to the absence of any warranty;
+and give any other recipients of the Program a copy of this License
+along with the Program.
+You may charge a fee for the physical act of transferring a copy, and
+you may at your option offer warranty protection in exchange for a fee.
+ 2. You may modify your copy or copies of the Program or any portion
+of it, thus forming a work based on the Program, and copy and
+distribute such modifications or work under the terms of Section 1
+above, provided that you also meet all of these conditions:
+ a) You must cause the modified files to carry prominent notices
+ stating that you changed the files and the date of any change.
+ b) You must cause any work that you distribute or publish, that in
+ whole or in part contains or is derived from the Program or any
+ part thereof, to be licensed as a whole at no charge to all third
+ parties under the terms of this License.
+ c) If the modified program normally reads commands interactively
+ when run, you must cause it, when started running for such
+ interactive use in the most ordinary way, to print or display an
+ announcement including an appropriate copyright notice and a
+ notice that there is no warranty (or else, saying that you provide
+ a warranty) and that users may redistribute the program under
+ these conditions, and telling the user how to view a copy of this
+ License. (Exception: if the Program itself is interactive but
+ does not normally print such an announcement, your work based on
+ the Program is not required to print an announcement.)
+These requirements apply to the modified work as a whole. If
+identifiable sections of that work are not derived from the Program,
+and can be reasonably considered independent and separate works in
+themselves, then this License, and its terms, do not apply to those
+sections when you distribute them as separate works. But when you
+distribute the same sections as part of a whole which is a work based
+on the Program, the distribution of the whole must be on the terms of
+this License, whose permissions for other licensees extend to the
+entire whole, and thus to each and every part regardless of who wrote it.
+Thus, it is not the intent of this section to claim rights or contest
+your rights to work written entirely by you; rather, the intent is to
+exercise the right to control the distribution of derivative or
+collective works based on the Program.
+In addition, mere aggregation of another work not based on the Program
+with the Program (or with a work based on the Program) on a volume of
+a storage or distribution medium does not bring the other work under
+the scope of this License.
+ 3. You may copy and distribute the Program (or a work based on it,
+under Section 2) in object code or executable form under the terms of
+Sections 1 and 2 above provided that you also do one of the following:
+ a) Accompany it with the complete corresponding machine-readable
+ source code, which must be distributed under the terms of Sections
+ 1 and 2 above on a medium customarily used for software interchange; or,
+ b) Accompany it with a written offer, valid for at least three
+ years, to give any third party, for a charge no more than your
+ cost of physically performing source distribution, a complete
+ machine-readable copy of the corresponding source code, to be
+ distributed under the terms of Sections 1 and 2 above on a medium
+ customarily used for software interchange; or,
+ c) Accompany it with the information you received as to the offer
+ to distribute corresponding source code. (This alternative is
+ allowed only for noncommercial distribution and only if you
+ received the program in object code or executable form with such
+ an offer, in accord with Subsection b above.)
+The source code for a work means the preferred form of the work for
+making modifications to it. For an executable work, complete source
+code means all the source code for all modules it contains, plus any
+associated interface definition files, plus the scripts used to
+control compilation and installation of the executable. However, as a
+special exception, the source code distributed need not include
+anything that is normally distributed (in either source or binary
+form) with the major components (compiler, kernel, and so on) of the
+operating system on which the executable runs, unless that component
+itself accompanies the executable.
+If distribution of executable or object code is made by offering
+access to copy from a designated place, then offering equivalent
+access to copy the source code from the same place counts as
+distribution of the source code, even though third parties are not
+compelled to copy the source along with the object code.
+ 4. You may not copy, modify, sublicense, or distribute the Program
+except as expressly provided under this License. Any attempt
+otherwise to copy, modify, sublicense or distribute the Program is
+void, and will automatically terminate your rights under this License.
+However, parties who have received copies, or rights, from you under
+this License will not have their licenses terminated so long as such
+parties remain in full compliance.
+ 5. You are not required to accept this License, since you have not
+signed it. However, nothing else grants you permission to modify or
+distribute the Program or its derivative works. These actions are
+prohibited by law if you do not accept this License. Therefore, by
+modifying or distributing the Program (or any work based on the
+Program), you indicate your acceptance of this License to do so, and
+all its terms and conditions for copying, distributing or modifying
+the Program or works based on it.
+ 6. Each time you redistribute the Program (or any work based on the
+Program), the recipient automatically receives a license from the
+original licensor to copy, distribute or modify the Program subject to
+these terms and conditions. You may not impose any further
+restrictions on the recipients' exercise of the rights granted herein.
+You are not responsible for enforcing compliance by third parties to
+this License.
+ 7. If, as a consequence of a court judgment or allegation of patent
+infringement or for any other reason (not limited to patent issues),
+conditions are imposed on you (whether by court order, agreement or
+otherwise) that contradict the conditions of this License, they do not
+excuse you from the conditions of this License. If you cannot
+distribute so as to satisfy simultaneously your obligations under this
+License and any other pertinent obligations, then as a consequence you
+may not distribute the Program at all. For example, if a patent
+license would not permit royalty-free redistribution of the Program by
+all those who receive copies directly or indirectly through you, then
+the only way you could satisfy both it and this License would be to
+refrain entirely from distribution of the Program.
+If any portion of this section is held invalid or unenforceable under
+any particular circumstance, the balance of the section is intended to
+apply and the section as a whole is intended to apply in other
+It is not the purpose of this section to induce you to infringe any
+patents or other property right claims or to contest validity of any
+such claims; this section has the sole purpose of protecting the
+integrity of the free software distribution system, which is
+implemented by public license practices. Many people have made
+generous contributions to the wide range of software distributed
+through that system in reliance on consistent application of that
+system; it is up to the author/donor to decide if he or she is willing
+to distribute software through any other system and a licensee cannot
+impose that choice.
+This section is intended to make thoroughly clear what is believed to
+be a consequence of the rest of this License.
+ 8. If the distribution and/or use of the Program is restricted in
+certain countries either by patents or by copyrighted interfaces, the
+original copyright holder who places the Program under this License
+may add an explicit geographical distribution limitation excluding
+those countries, so that distribution is permitted only in or among
+countries not thus excluded. In such case, this License incorporates
+the limitation as if written in the body of this License.
+ 9. The Free Software Foundation may publish revised and/or new versions
+of the General Public License from time to time. Such new versions will
+be similar in spirit to the present version, but may differ in detail to
+address new problems or concerns.
+Each version is given a distinguishing version number. If the Program
+specifies a version number of this License which applies to it and "any
+later version", you have the option of following the terms and conditions
+either of that version or of any later version published by the Free
+Software Foundation. If the Program does not specify a version number of
+this License, you may choose any version ever published by the Free Software
+ 10. If you wish to incorporate parts of the Program into other free
+programs whose distribution conditions are different, write to the author
+to ask for permission. For software which is copyrighted by the Free
+Software Foundation, write to the Free Software Foundation; we sometimes
+make exceptions for this. Our decision will be guided by the two goals
+of preserving the free status of all derivatives of our free software and
+of promoting the sharing and reuse of software generally.
+ How to Apply These Terms to Your New Programs
+ If you develop a new program, and you want it to be of the greatest
+possible use to the public, the best way to achieve this is to make it
+free software which everyone can redistribute and change under these terms.
+ To do so, attach the following notices to the program. It is safest
+to attach them to the start of each source file to most effectively
+convey the exclusion of warranty; and each file should have at least
+the "copyright" line and a pointer to where the full notice is found.
+ <one line to give the program's name and a brief idea of what it does.>
+ Copyright (C) 19yy <name of author>
+ This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
+ it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
+ the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
+ (at your option) any later version.
+ This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
+ but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
+ GNU General Public License for more details.
+ You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
+ along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
+ Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
+Also add information on how to contact you by electronic and paper mail.
+If the program is interactive, make it output a short notice like this
+when it starts in an interactive mode:
+ Gnomovision version 69, Copyright (C) 19yy name of author
+ Gnomovision comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details type `show w'.
+ This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
+ under certain conditions; type `show c' for details.
+The hypothetical commands `show w' and `show c' should show the appropriate
+parts of the General Public License. Of course, the commands you use may
+be called something other than `show w' and `show c'; they could even be
+mouse-clicks or menu items--whatever suits your program.
+You should also get your employer (if you work as a programmer) or your
+school, if any, to sign a "copyright disclaimer" for the program, if
+necessary. Here is a sample; alter the names:
+ Yoyodyne, Inc., hereby disclaims all copyright interest in the program
+ `Gnomovision' (which makes passes at compilers) written by James Hacker.
+ <signature of Ty Coon>, 1 April 1989
+ Ty Coon, President of Vice
+This General Public License does not permit incorporating your program into
+proprietary programs. If your program is a subroutine library, you may
+consider it more useful to permit linking proprietary applications with the
+library. If this is what you want to do, use the GNU Library General
+Public License instead of this License.
12 History.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
+== 1.0.2 / unreleased
+* Moved to 'hoe' and GitHub.
+* Preparing for 2.0 which will be Ruby 1.9-only for UTF-8.
+== 1.0.1
+* Minor modification to the RubyGem release of Text::Hyphen to enable the
+ hyphen command-line program.
+== 1.0.0
+* Initial version based on TeX::Hyphen 0.4.0 (some changes have been
+ backported to TeX::Hyphen 0.5.0).
+* Incorporated many hyphenation pattern files from CTAN.
47 LICENCE.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,47 @@
+Text::Hyphen is copyright (c) 2004 - 2005 Austin Ziegler
+Licensing for Text::Hyphen is unfortunately complex because of the various
+copyrights and licences of the source hyphenation files. Some of these files
+are available only under the TeX licence and others are available only under
+the GNU GPL while others are public domain. Each language file has these
+licences embedded within the file. Please consult each file's licence to
+ensure that it is compatible with your application.
+The copyright on the Text::Hyphen application/library and the Ruby
+translations of hyphenation files belongs to Austin Ziegler. All other
+copyrights on original versions still stand; Text::Hyphen is a derivative work
+of these and other projects.
+Application and Compilation Licences
+Text::Hyphen, the application/library is licensed under the same terms as
+Ruby. Note that this specifically refers to the contents of bin/hyphen,
+lib/text/hyphen.rb, and lib/text/hyphen/language.rb.
+Individual language hyphenation files are NOT licensed under these terms, but
+under the following MIT-style licence and the original hyphenation pattern
+licenses. The copyright for the original TeX hyphenation files is held by the
+original authors; any mistakes in conversion of these files to Ruby is
+attributable to the contributors to the Text::Hyphen package only.
+The compilation package Text::Hyphen is licensed under the same terms as Ruby.
+Blanket Language Hyphenation File Licence
+Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
+of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
+in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
+to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell
+copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is
+furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:
+The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all
+copies or substantial portions of the Software.
42 Manifest.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,42 @@
79 README.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,79 @@
+== text-hyphen
+Text::Hyphen will properly hyphenate various words according to the rules of
+the language the word is written in. The algorithm is based on that of the TeX
+typesetting system by Donald E. Knuth. This is based on the Perl implementation
+of TeX::Hyphen[1] and the Ruby port[2]. The language hyphenation pattern files
+are based on the sources available from CTAN[3] as of 2004.12.19 and have been
+translated by Austin Ziegler.
+This release is 1.0.2. It is a minor bugfix for the RubyGem release of
+Text::Hyphen to enable the hyphen command-line program. Text::Hyphen represents
+a significant improvement over its predecessor, TeX::Hyphen.
+ require 'text/hyphen'
+ hh = => 'en_us', :left => 2, :right => 2)
+ # Defaults to the above
+ hh =
+ word = "representation"
+ points = hyp.hyphenate(word) #=> [3, 5, 8, 10]
+ puts hyp.visualize(word) #=> rep-re-sen-ta-tion
+Text::Hyphen is truly multilingual[4]. As an example, consider the difference
+between the following:
+ require 'text/hyphen'
+ # Using left and right minimum values of 0 ensures that you will
+ # see all possible hyphenation points, not just those that meet
+ # the minimum width requirements.
+ en = => 0, :right => 0)
+ fr = = "fr", :left => 0, :right => 0)
+ puts en.visualise("organiser") #=> or-gan-iser
+ puts fr.visualise("organiser") #=> or-ga-ni-ser
+As you can see, the hyphenation is distinct between the two hyphenators.
+Additional improvements over TeX::Hyphen include thread safety (except for
+debug control) and (minimal) support for UTF-8.
+* Ruby 1.9 compatibility.
+* This release of text-hyphen is only installed with RubyGems.
+After checking out the source, run:
+ $ rake newb
+This task will install any missing dependencies, run the tests/specs,
+and generate the RDoc.
+The licensing for Text::Hyphen is complex and somewhat dependent upon the
+languages being used during hyphenation; some languages are held under a more
+strict licence than that granted in the LICENCE file.
+Copyright 2004 - 2005 Austin Ziegler <>
+See the LICENCE.txt file for more information.
+[1] <>
+ Maintained by Jan Pazdziora.
+[2] Available at <>.
+[3] <>
+[4] There are some bugs and design decisions in the original Perl
+ implementation of TeX::Hyphen that make it unsuitable for most multilingual
+ implementations that carried over to the Ruby port of TeX::Hyphen.
24 Rakefile
@@ -0,0 +1,24 @@
+# -*- ruby -*-
+require 'rubygems'
+require 'hoe'
+require 'rubyforge'
+Hoe.plugin :doofus
+Hoe.plugin :gemspec
+Hoe.plugin :git
+Hoe.plugin :rubyforge
+Hoe.spec 'text-hyphen' do
+ developer('Austin Ziegler', '')
+ self.rubyforge_name = 'text-format'
+ self.spec_extras[:required_ruby_version] = '< 1.9'
+ self.extra_dev_deps << ['hoe-doofus', '~> 1.0']
+ self.extra_dev_deps << ['hoe-gemspec', '~> 1.0']
+ self.extra_dev_deps << ['hoe-git', '~> 1.0']
+ self.extra_dev_deps << ['hoe-seattlerb', '~> 1.0']
+# vim: syntax=ruby
107 bin/hyphen
@@ -0,0 +1,107 @@
+#!/usr/bin/env ruby
+# Text::Hyphen
+# Copyright 2003 - 2004, Martin DeMello and Austin Ziegler
+# Licensed under the same terms as Ruby.
+# $Id$
+require 'optparse'
+require 'ostruct'
+ require 'text/hyphen'
+rescue LoadError
+ require 'rubygems'
+ require 'text/hyphen'
+options =
+options.action = :visualise
+ARGV.options do |opt|
+ opt.banner = "Usage: #{File.basename($0)} [options] [mode] word+"
+ opt.separator ""
+ opt.separator "Modes"
+ opt.on('-V', '--visualise', 'Visualises the hyphenation of the word.', 'Default action.') { |mode|
+ options.action = :visualise
+ }
+ opt.on('-P', '--points', 'Shows the letters on which a word will', 'be hyphenated.') { |mode|
+ options.action = :hyphenate
+ }
+ opt.on('-H', '--hyphenate-to SIZE', Numeric, 'Hyphenates the word so that the first', 'point is at least SIZE letters.') { |size|
+ options.action = :hyphenate_to
+ options.size = size.to_i
+ }
+ opt.on("-S", "--stats", 'Shows the hyphenation statistics for the', 'current language pattern dictionary.') { |mode|
+ options.action = :stats
+ }
+ opt.separator ""
+ opt.separator "Options"
+ opt.on('-L', '--left SIZE', Integer, 'Sets the minimum number of letters on', 'the left side of the word.') { |left|
+ options.left = left.to_i
+ }
+ opt.on('-R', '--right SIZE', Integer, 'Sets the minimum number of letters on', 'the right side of the word.') { |right|
+ options.right = right.to_i
+ }
+ opt.on('-l', '--language LANGUAGE', 'Loads the specified language resource.') { |lang|
+ options.language = lang
+ }
+ opt.separator ""
+ opt.on_tail('-h', '--help', 'Shows this help') {
+ $stderr.puts opt
+ exit 0
+ }
+ opt.on_tail('-v', '--version', 'Display the program and library version.') {
+ $stderr.puts "#{File.basename($0)}: Text::Hyphen version #{Text::Hyphen::VERSION}"
+ exit 0
+ }
+ opt.parse!
+if ARGV.empty? and options.action != :stats
+ $stderr.puts ARGV.options
+ exit 0
+hyphenator = do |h|
+ h.left = options.left if options.left
+ h.right = options.right if options.right
+ h.language = options.language if options.language
+case options.action
+when :visualise
+ size = 80
+ ARGV.each do |word|
+ vis = hyphenator.visualise(word)
+ if (size - vis.size - 1) < 0
+ puts
+ size = 80
+ end
+ size -= (vis.size + 1)
+ print "#{vis} "
+ end
+when :hyphenate
+ ARGV.each do |word|
+ hyp = hyphenator.hyphenate(word)
+ print "#{word}: "
+ hyp.each { |pt| print "#{word[pt, 1]} " }
+ puts
+ end
+when :hyphenate_to
+ size = 80
+ ARGV.each do |word|
+ vis = hyphenator.visualise_to(word, options.size)
+ if (size - vis.size - 1) < 0
+ puts
+ size = 80
+ end
+ size -= (vis.size + 1)
+ print "#{vis} "
+ end
+when :stats
+ puts hyphenator.stats
1  lib/text-hyphen.rb
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+require 'text/hyphen'
286 lib/text/hyphen.rb
@@ -0,0 +1,286 @@
+module Text; end
+# = Introduction
+# Text::Hyphen -- hyphenate words using modified versions of TeX hyphenation
+# patterns.
+# == Usage
+# require 'text/hyphen'
+# hh = => 'en_us', :left => 2, :right => 2)
+# # Defaults to the above
+# hh =
+# word = "representation"
+# points = hyp.hyphenate(word) #=> [3, 5, 8, 10]
+# puts hyp.visualize(word) #=> rep-re-sen-ta-tion
+# en = => 0, :right => 0)
+# fr = = "fr", :left => 0, :right => 0)
+# puts en.visualise("organiser") #=> or-gan-iser
+# puts fr.visualise("organiser") #=> or-ga-ni-ser
+# == Description
+# Creates a new Hyphen object and loads the language patterns into memory.
+# The hyphenator can then be asked for the hyphenation of a word. If no
+# language is specified, then the language en_us (EN_US) is used by default.
+# Copyright:: Copyright (c) 2004 - 2005 Austin Ziegler
+# Version:: 1.0.2
+# Based On:: <tt>TeX::Hyphen</tt> 0.4 Copyright (c) 2003 - 2004
+# Martin DeMello and Austin Ziegler, in turn based on
+# Perl's <tt>TeX::Hyphen</tt>
+# []
+# Copyright (c) 1997 - 2002 Jan Pazdziora
+# == Licence
+# Licensing for Text::Hyphen is unfortunately complex because of the various
+# copyrights and licences of the source hyphenation files. Some of these
+# files are available only under the TeX licence and others are available
+# only under the GNU GPL while others are public domain. Each language file
+# has these licences embedded within the file. Please consult each file's
+# licence to ensure that it is compatible with your application.
+# The copyright on the Text::Hyphen application/library and the Ruby
+# translations of hyphenation files belongs to Austin Ziegler. All other
+# copyrights on original versions still stand; Text::Hyphen is a derivative
+# work of these and other projects.
+# === Application and Compilation Licences
+# Text::Hyphen, the application/library is licensed under the same terms as
+# Ruby. Note that this specifically refers to the contents of bin/hyphen,
+# lib/text/hyphen.rb, and lib/text/hyphen/language.rb.
+# Individual language hyphenation files are NOT licensed under these terms,
+# but under the following MIT-style licence and the original hyphenation
+# pattern licenses. The copyright for the original TeX hyphenation files is
+# held by the original authors; any mistakes in conversion of these files to
+# Ruby is attributable to the contributors to the Text::Hyphen package only.
+# The compilation package Text::Hyphen is licensed under the same terms as
+# Ruby.
+# === Blanket Language Hyphenation File Licence
+# Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a
+# copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"),
+# to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation
+# the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense,
+# and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the
+# Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:
+# The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in
+# all copies or substantial portions of the Software.
+class Text::Hyphen
+ DEBUG = false
+ VERSION = '1.0.2'
+ # No fewer than this number of letters will show up to the left of the
+ # hyphen. This overrides the default specified in the language.
+ attr_accessor :left
+ # No fewer than this number of letters will show up to the right of the
+ # hyphen. This overrides the default specified in the language.
+ attr_accessor :right
+ # The name of the language to be used in hyphenating words. This will be a
+ # two or three character ISO 639 code, with the two character form being
+ # the canonical resource name. This will load the language hyphenation
+ # definitions from text/hyphen/language/&lt;code&gt; as a Ruby class. The
+ # resource 'text/hyphen/language/en_us' defines the language class
+ # Text::Hyphen::Language::EN_US. It also defines the secondary forms
+ # Text::Hyphen::Language::EN and Text::Hyphen::Language::ENG_US.
+ #
+ # Minimal transformations will be performed on the language code provided,
+ # such that any dashes are converted to underscores (e.g., 'en-us' becomes
+ # 'en_us') and all characters are regularised. Resource names will be
+ # downcased and class names will be upcased (e.g., 'Pt' for the Portuguese
+ # language becomes 'pt' and 'PT', respectively).
+ #
+ # The language may also be specified as an instance of
+ # Text::Hyphen::Language.
+ attr_accessor :language
+ undef :language=
+ def language=(lang)
+ require 'text/hyphen/language' unless defined?(Text::Hyphen::Language)
+ if lang.kind_of?(Text::Hyphen::Language)
+ @iso_language = lang.to_s.split(%r{::}o)[-1].downcase
+ @language = lang
+ else
+ @iso_language = lang.downcase
+ load_language
+ end
+ @iso_language
+ end
+ # Returns the language's ISO 639 ID, e.g., "en_us" or "pt".
+ attr_reader :iso_language
+ # The following initializations are equivalent:
+ #
+ # hyp = => "EU")
+ # hyp = { |h| h.language = "EU" }
+ def initialize(options = {}) # :yields self:
+ @iso_language = options[:language]
+ @left = options[:left]
+ @right = options[:right]
+ @cache = {}
+ @vcache = {}
+ @hyphen = {}
+ @begin_hyphen = {}
+ @end_hyphen = {}
+ @both_hyphen = {}
+ @exception = {}
+ @first_load = true
+ yield self if block_given?
+ @first_load = false
+ load_language
+ @left ||= DEFAULT_MIN_LEFT
+ @right ||= DEFAULT_MIN_RIGHT
+ end
+ # Returns a list of places where the word can be divided, as
+ #
+ # hyp.hyphenate('representation')
+ #
+ # returns [3, 5, 8, 10]. If the word has been hyphenated previously, it
+ # will be returned from a per-instance cache.
+ def hyphenate(word)
+ word = word.downcase
+ $stderr.puts "Hyphenating #{word}" if DEBUG
+ return @cache[word] if @cache.has_key?(word)
+ res = @language.exceptions[word]
+ return @cache[word] = make_result_list(res) if res
+ result = [0] * (word.split(//).size + 1)
+ rightstop = word.split(//).size - @right
+ updater = do |hash, str, pos|
+ if hash.has_key?(str)
+ $stderr.print "#{pos}: #{str}: #{hash[str]}" if DEBUG
+ hash[str].split(//).each_with_index do |cc, ii|
+ cc = cc.to_i
+ result[ii + pos] = cc if cc > result[ii + pos]
+ end
+ $stderr.print ": #{result}\n" if DEBUG
+ end
+ end
+ # Walk the word
+ (0..rightstop).each do |pos|
+ restlength = word.length - pos
+ (1..restlength).each do |length|
+ substr = word[pos, length]
+ updater[@language.hyphen, substr, pos]
+ updater[@language.start, substr, pos] if
+ updater[@language.stop, substr, pos] if (length == restlength)
+ end
+ end
+ updater[@language.both, word, 0] if @language.both[word]
+ (0..@left).each { |i| result[i] = 0 }
+ ((-1 - @right)..(-1)).each { |i| result[i] = 0 }
+ @cache[word] = make_result_list(result)
+ end
+ # Returns a visualization of the hyphenation points, so:
+ #
+ # hyp.visualize('representation')
+ #
+ # returns <tt>rep-re-sen-ta-tion</tt>, at least for English patterns. If
+ # the word has been visualised previously, it will be returned from a
+ # per-instance cache.
+ def visualise(word)
+ return @vcache[word] if @vcache.has_key?(word)
+ w = word.dup
+ hyphenate(w).each_with_index do |pos, n|
+ w[pos.to_i + n, 0] = '-' if pos != 0
+ end
+ @vcache[word] = w
+ end
+ alias visualize visualise
+ def clear_cache!
+ @cache.clear
+ @vcache.clear
+ end
+ # This function will hyphenate a word so that the first point is at most
+ # +size+ characters.
+ def hyphenate_to(word, size)
+ point = hyphenate(word).delete_if { |e| e >= size }.max
+ if point.nil?
+ [nil, word]
+ else
+ [word[0 ... point] + "-", word[point .. -1]]
+ end
+ end
+ # Returns statistics
+ def stats
+ _b = @language.both.size
+ _s = @language.start.size
+ _e = @language.stop.size
+ _h = @language.hyphen.size
+ _x = @language.exceptions.size
+ _T = _b + _s + _e + _h + _x
+ s = <<-EOS
+The language '%s' contains %d total hyphenation patterns.
+ % 6d patterns are word start patterns.
+ % 6d patterns are word stop patterns.
+ % 6d patterns are word start/stop patterns.
+ % 6d patterns are normal patterns.
+ % 6d patterns are exceptions.
+ s % [ @iso_language, _T, _s, _e, _b, _h, _x ]
+ end
+ def updateresult(hash, str, pos)
+ if hash.has_key?(str)
+ STDERR.print "#{pos}: #{str}: #{hash[str]}" if DEBUG
+ hash[str].split('').each_with_index do |c, i|
+ c = c.to_i
+ @result[i + pos] = c if c > @result[i + pos]
+ end
+ STDERR.puts ": #{@result}" if DEBUG
+ end
+ end
+ private :updateresult
+ def make_result_list(res)
+ r = []
+ res.each_with_index { |c, i| r << i * (c.to_i % 2) }
+ r.reject { |i| i.to_i == 0 }
+ end
+ private :make_result_list
+ def load_language
+ return if @first_load
+ @iso_language ||= "en_us"
+ require "text/hyphen/language/#{@iso_language}"
+ @language = Text::Hyphen::Language.const_get(@iso_language.upcase)
+ @left ||= @language.left
+ @right ||= @language.right
+ @iso_language
+ end
+ private :load_language
113 lib/text/hyphen/language.rb
@@ -0,0 +1,113 @@
+# Language scaffolding support for Text::Hyphen. Language hyphenation
+# patterns are defined as instances of this class -- and only this class.
+# This is a deliberate "breaking" of Ruby's concept of duck-typing and is
+# intended to provide an indication that the patterns have been converted
+# from TeX encodings to other encodings (e.g., latin1 or UTF-8) that are
+# more suitable to general text manipulations.
+class Text::Hyphen::Language
+ WORD_START_RE = %r{^\.}
+ WORD_END_RE = %r{\.$}
+ DIGIT_RE = %r{\d}
+ NONDIGIT_RE = %r{\D}
+ DASH_RE = %r{-}
+ EXCEPTION_DASH0_RE = %r{[^-](?=[^-])}
+ EXCEPTION_DASH1_RE = %r{[^-]-}
+ EXCEPTION_NONUM_RE = %r{[^01]}
+ ZERO_INSERT_RE = %r{(\D)(?=\D)}
+ ZERO_START_RE = %r{^(?=\D)}
+ def encoding(enc)
+ @encoding = enc
+ end
+ def both
+ @patterns[:both]
+ end
+ def start
+ @patterns[:start]
+ end
+ def stop
+ @patterns[:stop]
+ end
+ def hyphen
+ @patterns[:hyphen]
+ end
+ def patterns(pats = nil)
+ return @patterns if pats.nil?
+ @patterns = {
+ :both => {},
+ :start => {},
+ :stop => {},
+ :hyphen => {}
+ }
+ plist = pats.split($/).map { |ln| ln.gsub(%r{%.*$}, '') }
+ plist.each do |line|
+ line.split.each do |word|
+ next if word.empty?
+ start = stop = false
+ start = true if word.sub!(WORD_START_RE, '')
+ stop = true if word.sub!(WORD_END_RE, '')
+ # Insert zeroes and start with some digit
+ word.gsub!(ZERO_INSERT_RE) { "#{$1}0" }
+ word.gsub!(ZERO_START_RE, "0")
+ # This assumes that the pattern lists are already in lowercase
+ # form only.
+ tag = word.gsub(DIGIT_RE, '')
+ value = word.gsub(NONDIGIT_RE, '')
+ if start and stop
+ set = :both
+ elsif start
+ set = :start
+ elsif stop
+ set = :stop
+ else
+ set = :hyphen
+ end
+ @patterns[set][tag] = value
+ end
+ end
+ true
+ end
+ attr_accessor :exceptions
+ undef :exceptions
+ def exceptions(exc = nil)
+ return @exceptions if exc.nil?
+ @exceptions = {}
+ exc.split.each do |word|
+ tag = word.gsub(DASH_RE,'')
+ value = "0" + word.gsub(EXCEPTION_DASH0_RE, '0').gsub(EXCEPTION_DASH1_RE, '1')
+ value.gsub!(EXCEPTION_NONUM_RE, '0')
+ @exceptions[tag] = value
+ end
+ true
+ end
+ attr_accessor :left
+ attr_accessor :right
+ def initialize
+ self.encoding "latin1"
+ self.patterns ""
+ self.exceptions ""
+ self.left = 2
+ self.right = 2
+ yield self if block_given?
+ end
174 lib/text/hyphen/language/ca.rb
@@ -0,0 +1,174 @@
+# Hyphenation patterns for Text::Hyphen in Ruby: Catalan
+# Converted from the TeX hyphenation/cahyph.tex file version 1.11, by
+# Gonçal Badenes and Francina Turon, copyright 1991 - 2003.
+# The original copyright holds and is reproduced in the source to this file.
+# The Ruby version of these patterns are copyright 2004 Austin Ziegler and
+# are available under an MIT license. See LICENCE for more information.
+# Hyphenation patterns for Catalan.
+# This is version 1.11
+# Compiled by Gonçal Badenes and Francina Turon,
+# December 1991-January 1995.
+# Copyright (C) 1991-2003 Gonçal Badenes
+# -----------------------------------------------------------------
+# This program can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the
+# LaTeX Project Public License Distributed from CTAN archives in directory
+# macros/latex/base/lppl.txt; either version 1 of the License, or any later
+# version.
+# -----------------------------------------------------------------
+### ====================================================================
+### @TeX-hyphen-file{
+### author = "Gonçal Badenes",
+### version = "1.11",
+### date = "15 July 2003",
+### time = "15:08:12 CET",
+### filename = "cahyph.tex",
+### email = "",
+### codetable = "ISO/ASCII",
+### keywords = "TeX, hyphen, catalan",
+### supported = "yes",
+### abstract = "Catalan hyphenation patterns",
+### docstring = "This file contains the hyphenation patterns
+### for the catalan language",
+### }
+### ====================================================================
+# NOTICE: Version 1.11 is identical to version 1.10 (issued on January 17,
+# 1995) except for the updated copyright notice above.
+# The macros used were created for ghyph31.tex by Bernd Raichle (see the
+# German hyphenation pattern files for further details)
+# This patterns have been created using standard, conservative hyphenation
+# rules for catalan. The results have refined running them through patgen.
+# In that way, the number of hits has been increased.
+# These rules produce no wrong patterns (Results checked against the
+# ``Diccionari Ortogràfic i de Pronúncia'', Enciclopèdia Catalana. The
+# percentage of valid hyphen misses is lower than 1%
+# Some of the patterns below represent combinations that never happen in
+# Catalan. We have tried to keep them to a minimum.
+# *** IMPORTANT ***
+# \lefthyphenmin and \righthyphenmin should be set to 2 and 2 respectively.
+# If you set them below these values incorrect breaks will happen (specially
+# at the beginning of foreign words and words which begin with some
+# prefixes).
+# *** IMPORTANT ***
+# Please report any problem you might have to the authors!!!
+require 'text/hyphen/language'
+Text::Hyphen::Language::CA = do |lang|
+ lang.patterns <<-PATTERNS
+ % Attach vowel groups to left consonant
+1ba 1be 1bi 1bo 1bu 1ca 1ce 1ci 1co 1cu 1da 1de 1di 1do 3du 1fa 1fe 1fi 1fo
+1fu 1ga 1ge 1gi 1go 1gu 1ha 1he 1hi 1ho 1hu 1ja 1je 1ji 1jo 1ju 1la 1le 1li
+1lo 1lu 1ma 1me 1mi 1mo 1mu 1na 1ne 3ni 1no 1nu 1pa 3pe 3pi 3po 1pu 1qu 1ra
+1re 1ri 1ro 1ru 1sa 1se 1si 1so 1su 1ta 1te 1ti 1to 1tu 1va 1ve 1vi 1vo 1vu
+1xa 1xe 1xi 1xo 1xu 1za 1ze 1zi 1zo 1zu 1bé 1bí 1bó 1bú 1bà 1bè 1bò 1cé 1cí
+1có 1cú 1cà 1cè 1cò 1ço 1ça 1çu 1çó 1çú 1çà 1çò 1dé 1dí 1dó 1dú 1dà 1dè 1dò
+1fé 1fí 1fó 1fú 1fà 1fè 1fò 1gé 1gí 1gó 1gú 1gà 1gè 1gò 1gü 1hé 1hí 1hó 1hú
+1hà 1hè 1hò 1jé 1jí 1jó 1jú 1jà 1jè 1jò 1lé 1lí 1ló 1lú 1là 1lè 1lò 1mé 1mí
+1mó 1mú 1mà 1mè 1mò 1né 1ní 1nó 1nú 1nà 1nè 1nò 1pé 1pí 1pó 1pú 1pà 1pè 1pò
+1qü 1ré 1rí 1ró 1rú 1rà 1rè 1rò 1sé 1sí 1só 1sú 1sà 1sè 1sò 1té 1tí 1tó 1tú
+1tà 1tè 1tò 1vé 1ví 1vó 1vú 1và 1vè 1vò 1xé 1xí 1xó 1xú 1xà 1xè 1xò 1zé 1zí
+1zó 1zú 1zà 1zè 1zò
+% Build legal consonant groups, leave other consonants bound to
+% the previous group. This overrides part of the previous pattern
+% group.
+3l2la 1l2le 1l2li 3l2lo 1l2lu 1b2la 1b2le 1b2li 1b2lo 1b2lu 1b2ra 1b2re
+1b2ri 1b2ro 1b2ru 1c2la 1c2le 1c2li 1c2lo 1c2lu 1c2ra 1c2re 1c2ri 1c2ro
+1c2ru 1d2ra 1d2re 1d2ri 1d2ro 1d2ru 1f2la 1f2le 1f2li 1f2lo 1f2lu 1f2ra
+1f2re 1f2ri 1f2ro 1f2ru 1g2la 1g2le 1g2li 1g2lo 1g2lu 1g2ra 1g2re 1g2ri
+1g2ro 1g2ru 1p2la 1p2le 1p2li 1p2lo 1p2lu 1p2ra 1p2re 1p2ri 1p2ro 1p2ru
+1t2ra 1t2re 1t2ri 1t2ro 1t2ru 1n2ya 1n2ye 1n2yi 1n2yo 1n2yu 1l2lé 1l2lí
+1l2ló 1l2lú 1l2là 1l2lè 1l2lò 1b2lé 1b2lí 1b2ló 1b2lú 1b2là 1b2lè 1b2lò
+1b2ré 1b2rí 1b2ró 1b2rú 1b2rà 1b2rè 1b2rò 1c2lé 1c2lí 1c2ló 1c2lú 1c2là
+1c2lè 1c2lò 1c2ré 1c2rí 1c2ró 1c2rú 1c2rà 1c2rè 1c2rò 1d2ré 1d2rí 1d2ró
+1d2rú 1d2rà 1d2rè 1d2rò 1f2lé 1f2lí 1f2ló 1f2lú 1f2là 1f2lè 1f2lò 1f2ré
+1f2rí 1f2ró 1f2rú 1f2rà 1f2rè 1f2rò 1g2lé 1g2lí 1g2ló 1g2lú 1g2là 1g2lè
+1g2lò 1g2ré 1g2rí 1g2ró 1g2rú 1g2rà 1g2rè 1g2rò 1p2lé 1p2lí 1p2ló 1p2lú
+1p2là 1p2lè 1p2lò 1p2ré 1p2rí 1p2ró 1p2rú 1p2rà 1p2rè 1p2rò 1t2ré 1t2rí
+1t2ró 1t2rú 1t2rà 1t2rè 1t2rò 1n2yé 1n2yí 1n2yó 1n2yú 1n2yà 1n2yè 1n2yò
+ % Vowels are kept together by the defaults. We break here diphthongs and
+ % the like.
+a1a a1e a1o e1a e1e e1o i1a i1e i1o o1a o1e o1o u1a u1e u1o a1é a1í a1ó a1ú
+a1à a1è a1ò a1ï a1ü e1é e1í e1ó e1ú e1à e1è e1ò e1ï e1ü i1é i1í i1ó i1ú i1à
+i1è i1ò i1ï i1ü o1é o1í o1ó o1ú o1à o1è o1ò o1ï o1ü u1é u1í u1ó u1ú u1à u1è
+u1ò u1ï u1ü é1a é1e é1o é1ï é1ü í1a í1e í1o í1ï í1ü ó1a ó1e ó1o ó1ï ó1ü ú1a
+ú1e ú1o ú1ï ú1ü à1a à1e à1o à1ï à1ü è1a è1e è1o è1ï è1ü ò1a ò1e ò1o ò1ï ò1ü
+ï1a ï1e ï1o ï1é ï1í ï1ó ï1ú ï1à ï1è ï1ò ï1i ü1a ü1e ü1o ü1é ü1í ü1ó ü1ú ü1à
+ü1è ü1ò
+ % We consider here i and u as semiconsonants
+a1i2a a1i2e a1i2o a1i2u a1u2a a1u2e a1u2i a1u2o a1u2u e1i2a e1i2e e1i2o
+e1i2u e1u2a e1u2e e1u2i e1u2o e1u2u i1i2a i1i2e i1i2o i1i2u i1u2a i1u2e
+i1u2i i1u2o i1u2u o1i2a o1i2e o1i2o o1i2u o1u2a o1u2e o1u2o o1u2i o1u2u
+u1i2a u1i2e u1i2o u1i2u u1u2a u1u2e u1u2i u1u2o u1u2u a1i2é a1i2í a1i2ó
+a1i2ú a1i2à a1i2è a1i2ò a1u2é a1u2í a1u2ó a1u2ú a1u2à a1u2è a1u2ò e1i2é
+e1i2í e1i2ó e1i2ú e1i2à e1i2è e1i2ò e1u2é e1u2í e1u2ó e1u2ú e1u2à e1u2è
+e1u2ò i1i2é i1i2í i1i2ó i1i2ú i1i2à i1i2è i1i2ò i1u2é i1u2í i1u2ó i1u2ú
+i1u2à i1u2è i1u2ò o1i2é o1i2í o1i2ó o1i2ú o1i2à o1i2è o1i2ò o1u2é o1u2í
+o1u2ó o1u2ú o1u2à o1u2è o1u2ò u1i2é u1i2í u1i2ó u1i2ú u1i2à u1i2è u1i2ò
+u1u2é u1u2í u1u2ó u1u2ú u1u2à u1u2è u1u2ò é1i2a é1i2e é1i2o é1i2u é1u2a
+é1u2e é1u2o é1u2i é1u2u í1i2a í1i2e í1i2o í1i2u í1u2a í1u2e í1u2o í1u2i
+í1u2u ó1i2a ó1i2e ó1i2o ó1i2u ó1u2a ó1u2e ó1u2o ó1u2i ó1u2u ú1i2a ú1i2e
+ú1i2o ú1i2u ú1u2a ú1u2e ú1u2o ú1u2i ú1u2u à1i2a à1i2e à1i2o à1i2u à1u2a
+à1u2e à1u2o à1u2i à1u2u è1i2a è1i2e è1i2o è1i2u è1u2a è1u2e è1u2o è1u2i
+è1u2u ò1i2a ò1i2e ò1i2o ò1i2u ò1u2a ò1u2e ò1u2o ò1u2i ò1u2u ï1i2a ï1i2e
+ï1i2o ï1i2é ï1i2í ï1i2ó ï1i2ú ï1i2à ï1i2è ï1i2ò ï1i2u ï1u2a ï1u2e ï1u2o
+ï1u2é ï1u2í ï1u2ó ï1u2ú ï1u2à ï1u2è ï1u2ò ï1u2i ï1u2u ü1i2a ü1i2e ü1i2o
+ü1i2é ü1i2í ü1i2ó ü1i2ú ü1i2à ü1i2è ü1i2ò ü1i2u ü1u2a ü1u2e ü1u2o ü1u2é
+ü1u2í ü1u2ó ü1u2ú ü1u2à ü1u2è ü1u2ò ü1u2i ü1u2u
+ % Semiconsonants at the beginning of word
+.hi2a .hi2e .hi2o .hi2u .hu2a .hu2e .hu2i .hu2o .i2è .i2ò .u2è .u2ò .hi2é
+.hi2ó .hi2ú .hi2à .hi2è .hi2ò .hu2é .hu2í .hu2ó .hu2à .hu2è .hu2ò
+ % And now the crescent diphtongs
+gu2a gu2e gu2i gu2o qu2a qu2e qu2i qu2o gu2é gu2í gu2ó gu2à gu2è gu2ò qu2é
+qu2í qu2ó qu2à qu2è qu2ò gü2e gü2é gü2í gü2è gü2i qü2e qü2é qü2í qü2è qü2i
+ % We add here some exceptions to the rules for diaeresis
+a1isme. e1isme. i1isme. o1isme. u1isme. a1ista. e1ista. i1ista. o1ista.
+u1ista. a1um. e1um. i1um. o1um. u1um.
+ % disallow hyphenation on possible prefixes
+.antihi2 .be2n .be2s .bi2s .ca2p .ce2l .cla2r .co2ll .co2n .co2r .de2s .di2s
+.en3a .hipe2r .hiperm2n .in3ac .in3ad .in3ap .in3es .in3o .inte2r .ma2l
+.mal1t2hus .pa2n .pe2r .pe3ri .pos2t .psa2l .rebe2s .re2d .su2b .sub3o
+.subde2s .supe2r .tran2s
+ % Avoid hyphenation on some intra-word groups
+g2no p2si p2se p2neu g2nò p2sí
+ % Avoid wrong hyphenation on some foreign-origin words
+.ch2 .th2 ein1s2tein ru1t2herford ni2etz1sc2he
+ % Add some good patterns found by patgen
+3exp 3nef 3nei 3pr 3ser a3ne a3ri bi3se des3ag des3ar des3av des3enc e3ism
+e3le e3rio e3ris es3aco es3af es3ap es3arr es3as es3int ig3n in3ex n3si o3ro
+qui3e s3emp s3esp sub3a ui3et o3gnò
+ lang.exceptions <<-EXCEPTIONS
+% Finally, add exception list
+cu-rie cu-ries gei-sha gei-shes goua-che goua-ches hip-py hip-pies hob-by
+hob-bies jeep jeeps joule joules klee-nex klee-nexs lar-ghet-ti lar-ghet-to
+lied lieder nos-al-tres % me-nhir me-nhirs
+ro-yal-ties ro-yal-ty vos-al-tres whis-ky whis-kies
+Text::Hyphen::Language::CAT = Text::Hyphen::Language::CA
363 lib/text/hyphen/language/cs.rb
@@ -0,0 +1,363 @@
+# Hyphenation patterns for Text::Hyphen in Ruby: Czech
+# Lala 8.11.1991
+# The original copyright holds and is reproduced in the source to this file.
+# The Ruby version of these patterns are copyright 2004 Austin Ziegler and
+# are available under an MIT license. See LICENCE for more information.
+# Czech hyphenation patterns - Lala 8.11.1991
+require 'text/hyphen/language'
+Text::Hyphen::Language::CS = do |lang|
+ lang.encoding "UTF-8"
+ lang.patterns <<-PATTERNS
+a1ğa a1ça a1Ÿa a1ÿa a1ca a1ja a1Ôa a1œa a1åa a1ha a1cha a1ka a1ra a1da a1ta
+a1na a1ğe a1çe a1Ÿe a1ÿe a1ce a1je a1he a1che a1ke a1re a1de a1te a1ne a1ri
+a1ği a1çi a1Ÿi a1ÿi a1ci a1ji a1di a1ti a1ni a1ğo a1ço a1Ÿo a1ÿo a1co a1jo
+a1Ôo a1œo a1åo a1ho a1cho a1ko a1ro a1do a1to a1no a1ğu a1çu a1Ÿu a1ÿu a1cu
+a1ju a1Ôu a1œu a1åu a1hu a1chu a1ku a1ru a1du a1tu a1nu a1hy a1chy a1ky a1ry
+a1dy a1ty a1ny a1ğă a1çă a1Ÿă a1ÿă a1că a1jă a1Ôă a1œă a1åă a1hă a1chă a1kă
+a1ră a1dă a1tă a1nă a1ğĆ a1çĆ a1ŸĆ a1ÿĆ a1cĆ a1jĆ a1hĆ a1chĆ a1kĆ a1rĆ a1dĆ
+a1tĆ a1nĆ a1ğą a1çą a1Ÿą a1ÿą a1cą a1ją a1dą a1tą a1ną a1kć a1rć a1dć a1tć
+a1nć a1hì a1chì a1kì a1rì a1dì a1tì a1nì a1dØ a1tØ a1nØ e1ğa e1ça e1Ÿa e1ÿa
+e1ca e1ja e1Ôa e1œa e1åa e1ha e1cha e1ka e1ra e1da e1ta e1na e1ğe e1çe e1Ÿe
+e1ÿe e1ce e1je e1he e1che e1ke e1re e1de e1te e1ne e1ği e1çi e1Ÿi e1ÿi e1ci
+e1ji e1di e1ti e1ni e1ğo e1ço e1Ÿo e1ÿo e1co e1jo e1Ôo e1œo e1åo e1ho e1cho
+e1ko e1ro e1do e1to e1no e1ğu e1çu e1Ÿu e1ÿu e1cu e1ju e1Ôu e1œu e1åu e1hu
+e1chu e1ku e1ru e1du e1tu e1nu e1hy e1chy e1ky e1ry e1dy e1ty e1ny e1ğă e1çă
+e1Ÿă e1ÿă e1că e1jă e1hă e1chă e1kă e1ră e1dă e1tă e1nă e1ğĆ e1çĆ e1ŸĆ e1ÿĆ
+e1cĆ e1jĆ e1hĆ e1chĆ e1kĆ e1rĆ e1dĆ e1tĆ e1nĆ e1ğą e1çą e1Ÿą e1ÿą e1cą e1ją
+e1dą e1tą e1ną e1hì e1chì e1kì e1rì e1dì e1tì e1nì e1dØ e1tØ e1nØ i1ğa i1ça
+i1Ÿa i1ÿa i1ca i1ja i1Ôa i1œa i1åa i1ha i1cha i1ka i1ra i1da i1ta i1na i1ğe
+i1çe i1Ÿe i1ÿe i1ce i1je i1he i1che i1ke i1re i1de i1te i1ne i1ği i1çi i1Ÿi
+i1ÿi i1ci i1ji i1di i1ti i1ni i1ğo i1ço i1Ÿo i1ÿo i1co i1jo i1Ôo i1œo i1åo
+i1ho i1cho i1ko i1ro i1do i1to i1no i1ğu i1çu i1Ÿu i1ÿu i1cu i1ju i1Ôu i1œu
+i1åu i1hu i1chu i1ku i1ru i1du i1tu i1nu i1hy i1chy i1ky i1ry i1dy i1ty i1ny
+i1ğă i1çă i1Ÿă i1ÿă i1că i1jă i1Ôă i1œă i1åă i1hă i1chă i1kă i1ră i1dă i1tă
+i1nă i1ğĆ i1çĆ i1ŸĆ i1ÿĆ i1cĆ i1jĆ i1hĆ i1chĆ i1kĆ i1rĆ i1dĆ i1tĆ i1nĆ i1ğą
+i1çą i1Ÿą i1ÿą i1cą i1ją i1dą i1tą i1ną i1kć i1rć i1hì i1chì i1kì i1rì i1dì
+i1tì i1nì i1dØ i1tØ i1nØ o1ğa o1ça o1Ÿa o1ÿa o1ca o1ja o1Ôa o1œa o1åa o1ha
+o1cha o1ka o1ra o1da o1ta o1na o1ğe o1çe o1Ÿe o1ÿe o1ce o1je o1he o1che o1ke
+o1re o1de o1te o1ne o1ği o1çi o1Ÿi o1ÿi o1ci o1ji o1di o1ti o1ni o1ğo o1ço
+o1Ÿo o1ÿo o1co o1jo o1Ôo o1œo o1åo o1ho o1cho o1ko o1ro o1do o1to o1no o1ğu
+o1çu o1Ÿu o1ÿu o1cu o1ju o1Ôu o1œu o1åu o1hu o1chu o1ku o1ru o1du o1tu o1nu
+o1hy o1chy o1ky o1ry o1dy o1ty o1ny o1ğă o1çă o1Ÿă o1ÿă o1că o1jă o1hă o1chă
+o1kă o1ră o1dă o1tă o1nă o1ğĆ o1çĆ o1ŸĆ o1ÿĆ o1cĆ o1jĆ o1hĆ o1chĆ o1kĆ o1rĆ
+o1dĆ o1tĆ o1nĆ o1ğą o1çą o1Ÿą o1ÿą o1cą o1ją o1dą o1tą o1ną o1hì o1chì o1kì
+o1rì o1dì o1tì o1nì o1dØ o1tØ o1nØ u1ğa u1ça u1Ÿa u1ÿa u1ca u1ja u1Ôa u1œa
+u1åa u1ha u1cha u1ka u1ra u1da u1ta u1na u1ğe u1çe u1Ÿe u1ÿe u1ce u1je u1he
+u1che u1ke u1re u1de u1te u1ne u1ği u1çi u1Ÿi u1ÿi u1ci u1ji u1di u1ti u1ni
+u1ğo u1ço u1Ÿo u1ÿo u1co u1jo u1Ôo u1œo u1åo u1ho u1cho u1ko u1ro u1do u1to
+u1no u1ğu u1çu u1Ÿu u1ÿu u1cu u1ju u1Ôu u1œu u1åu u1hu u1chu u1ku u1ru u1du
+u1tu u1nu u1hy u1chy u1ky u1ry u1dy u1ty u1ny u1ğă u1çă u1Ÿă u1ÿă u1că u1jă
+u1Ôă u1œă u1åă u1hă u1chă u1kă u1ră u1dă u1tă u1nă u1ğĆ u1çĆ u1ŸĆ u1ÿĆ u1cĆ
+u1jĆ u1hĆ u1chĆ u1kĆ u1rĆ u1dĆ u1tĆ u1nĆ u1ğą u1çą u1Ÿą u1ÿą u1cą u1ją u1dą
+u1tą u1ną u1hì u1chì u1kì u1rì u1dì u1tì u1nì u1dØ u1tØ u1nØ y1ğa y1ça y1Ÿa
+y1ÿa y1ca y1ja y1ha y1cha y1ka y1ra y1da y1ta y1na y1ğe y1çe y1Ÿe y1ÿe y1ce
+y1je y1he y1che y1ke y1re y1de y1te y1ne y1ği y1çi y1Ÿi y1ÿi y1ci y1ji y1di
+y1ti y1ni y1ğo y1ço y1Ÿo y1ÿo y1co y1jo y1åo y1ho y1cho y1ko y1ro y1do y1to
+y1no y1ğu y1çu y1Ÿu y1ÿu y1cu y1ju y1hu y1chu y1ku y1ru y1du y1tu y1nu y1hy
+y1chy y1ky y1ry y1dy y1ty y1ny y1ğă y1çă y1Ÿă y1ÿă y1că y1jă y1hă y1chă y1kă
+y1ră y1dă y1tă y1nă y1ğĆ y1çĆ y1ŸĆ y1ÿĆ y1cĆ y1jĆ y1hĆ y1chĆ y1kĆ y1rĆ y1dĆ
+y1tĆ y1nĆ y1ğą y1çą y1Ÿą y1ÿą y1cą y1ją y1dą y1tą y1ną y1hì y1chì y1kì y1rì
+y1dì y1tì y1nì y1dØ y1tØ y1nØ ă1ğa ă1ça ă1Ÿa ă1ÿa ă1ca ă1ja ă1Ôa ă1œa ă1åa
+ă1ha ă1cha ă1ka ă1ra ă1da ă1ta ă1na ă1ğe ă1çe ă1Ÿe ă1ÿe ă1ce ă1je ă1he ă1che
+ă1ke ă1re ă1de ă1te ă1ne ă1ği ă1çi ă1Ÿi ă1ÿi ă1ci ă1ji ă1di ă1ti ă1ni ă1ğo
+ă1ço ă1Ÿo ă1ÿo ă1co ă1jo ă1Ôo ă1œo ă1åo ă1ho ă1cho ă1ko ă1ro ă1do ă1to ă1no
+ă1ğu ă1çu ă1Ÿu ă1ÿu ă1cu ă1ju ă1Ôu ă1œu ă1åu ă1hu ă1chu ă1ku ă1ru ă1du ă1tu
+ă1nu ă1hy ă1chy ă1ky ă1ry ă1dy ă1ty ă1ny ă1ğă ă1çă ă1Ÿă ă1ÿă ă1că ă1jă ă1hă
+ă1chă ă1kă ă1ră ă1dă ă1tă ă1nă ă1ğĆ ă1çĆ ă1ŸĆ ă1ÿĆ ă1cĆ ă1jĆ ă1hĆ ă1chĆ ă1kĆ
+ă1rĆ ă1dĆ ă1tĆ ă1nĆ ă1ğą ă1çą ă1Ÿą ă1ÿą ă1cą ă1ją ă1dą ă1tą ă1ną ă1hì ă1chì
+ă1kì ă1rì ă1dì ă1tì ă1nì ă1dØ ă1tØ ă1nØ Ć1ğa Ć1ça Ć1Ÿa Ć1ÿa Ć1ca Ć1ja Ć1Ôa
+Ć1œa Ć1åa Ć1ha Ć1cha Ć1ka Ć1ra Ć1da Ć1ta Ć1na Ć1ğe Ć1çe Ć1Ÿe Ć1ÿe Ć1ce Ć1je
+Ć1he Ć1che Ć1ke Ć1re Ć1de Ć1te Ć1ne Ć1ği Ć1çi Ć1Ÿi Ć1ÿi Ć1ci Ć1ji Ć1di Ć1ti
+Ć1ni Ć1ğo Ć1ço Ć1Ÿo Ć1ÿo Ć1co Ć1jo Ć1Ôo Ć1œo Ć1ho Ć1cho Ć1ko Ć1ro Ć1do Ć1to
+Ć1no Ć1ğu Ć1çu Ć1Ÿu Ć1ÿu Ć1cu Ć1ju Ć1Ôu Ć1œu Ć1hu Ć1chu Ć1ku Ć1ru Ć1du Ć1tu
+Ć1nu Ć1hy Ć1chy Ć1ky Ć1ry Ć1dy Ć1ty Ć1ny Ć1ğă Ć1çă Ć1Ÿă Ć1ÿă Ć1că Ć1jă Ć1hă
+Ć1chă Ć1kă Ć1ră Ć1dă Ć1tă Ć1nă Ć1ğĆ Ć1çĆ Ć1ŸĆ Ć1ÿĆ Ć1cĆ Ć1jĆ Ć1hĆ Ć1chĆ Ć1kĆ
+Ć1rĆ Ć1dĆ Ć1tĆ Ć1nĆ Ć1ğą Ć1çą Ć1Ÿą Ć1ÿą Ć1cą Ć1ją Ć1dą Ć1tą Ć1ną Ć1hì Ć1chì
+Ć1kì Ć1rì Ć1dì Ć1tì Ć1nì Ć1dØ Ć1tØ Ć1nØ ą1ğa ą1ça ą1Ÿa ą1ÿa ą1ca ą1ja ą1Ôa
+ą1œa ą1åa ą1ha ą1cha ą1ka ą1ra ą1da ą1ta ą1na ą1ğe ą1çe ą1Ÿe ą1ÿe ą1ce ą1je
+ą1he ą1che ą1ke ą1re ą1de ą1te ą1ne ą1ği ą1çi ą1Ÿi ą1ÿi ą1ci ą1ji ą1di ą1ti
+ą1ni ą1ğo ą1ço ą1Ÿo ą1ÿo ą1co ą1jo ą1Ôo ą1œo ą1åo ą1ho ą1cho ą1ko ą1ro ą1do
+ą1to ą1no ą1ğu ą1çu ą1Ÿu ą1ÿu ą1cu ą1ju ą1Ôu ą1œu ą1åu ą1hu ą1chu ą1ku ą1ru
+ą1du ą1tu ą1nu ą1hy ą1chy ą1ky ą1ry ą1dy ą1ty ą1ny ą1ğă ą1çă ą1Ÿă ą1ÿă ą1că
+ą1jă ą1Ôă ą1œă ą1åă ą1hă ą1chă ą1kă ą1ră ą1dă ą1tă ą1nă ą1ğĆ ą1çĆ ą1ŸĆ ą1ÿĆ
+ą1cĆ ą1jĆ ą1hĆ ą1chĆ ą1kĆ ą1rĆ ą1dĆ ą1tĆ ą1nĆ ą1ğą ą1çą ą1Ÿą ą1ÿą ą1cą ą1ją
+ą1dą ą1tą ą1ną ą1hì ą1chì ą1kì ą1rì ą1dì ą1tì ą1nì ą1dØ ą1tØ ą1nØ ć1ğa ć1da
+ć1do ć1du ć1ta ć1tu ć1to ć1na ć1nu ć1no ć1ğe ć1ÿe ć1je ć1ti ć1ni Ø1ğa Ø1ça
+Ø1Ÿa Ø1ÿa Ø1ca Ø1ja Ø1ha Ø1cha Ø1ka Ø1ra Ø1da Ø1ta Ø1na Ø1ğe Ø1çe Ø1Ÿe Ø1ÿe
+Ø1ce Ø1je Ø1he Ø1che Ø1ke Ø1re Ø1de Ø1te Ø1ne Ø1ği Ø1çi Ø1Ÿi Ø1ÿi Ø1ci Ø1ji
+Ø1di Ø1ti Ø1ni Ø1ğo Ø1ço Ø1Ÿo Ø1ÿo Ø1co Ø1jo Ø1ho Ø1cho Ø1ko Ø1ro Ø1do Ø1to
+Ø1no Ø1ğu Ø1çu Ø1Ÿu Ø1ÿu Ø1cu Ø1ju Ø1hu Ø1chu Ø1ku Ø1ru Ø1du Ø1tu Ø1nu Ø1hy
+Ø1chy Ø1ky Ø1ry Ø1dy Ø1ty Ø1ny Ø1ğă Ø1çă Ø1Ÿă Ø1ÿă Ø1că Ø1jă Ø1hă Ø1chă Ø1kă
+Ø1ră Ø1dă Ø1tă Ø1nă Ø1ğĆ Ø1çĆ Ø1ŸĆ Ø1ÿĆ Ø1cĆ Ø1jĆ Ø1chĆ Ø1kĆ Ø1rĆ Ø1dĆ Ø1tĆ
+Ø1nĆ Ø1ğą Ø1çą Ø1Ÿą Ø1ÿą Ø1cą Ø1ją Ø1dą Ø1tą Ø1ną Ø1hì Ø1chì Ø1kì Ø1rì Ø1dì
+Ø1tì Ø1nì Ø1dØ Ø1tØ Ø1nØ a1ga a1ge a1gi a1go a1gć a1gu e1ga e1ge e1gi e1go
+e1gu e1gă i1ga i1ge i1gi i1go i1gu i1gă i1gć o1ga o1ge o1gi o1go o1gu u1ga
+u1ge u1gi u1gy u1go u1gu a1xa a1xe a1xi a1xo a1xu a1xć e1xa e1xe e1xi e1xo
+e1xu i1xa i1xe i1xi i1xo i1xu o1xa o1xe o1xi o1xo o1xu Ě1zu u1zĚ Ě1zo o1zĚ
+Ø1zĚ Ě1zą ą1zĚ ć1zĚ Ě1zi i1zĚ Ě1ză ă1zĚ Ć1zĚ Ě1ze e1zĚ Ě1za a1zĚ ì1zĚ Ě1zĚ
+Ě1zy y1zĚ Ě1åu u1åĚ Ě1åo o1åĚ Ě1åą ć1åĚ Ě1åi i1åĚ ă1åĚ Ć1åĚ e1åĚ Ě1åa a1åĚ
+ì1åĚ Ě1vu u1vĚ Ě1vo o1vĚ Ě1vØ Ø1vĚ Ě1vą ą1vĚ Ě1vi i1vĚ ă1vĚ Ć1vĚ Ě1ve e1vĚ
+Ě1va a1vĚ ì1vĚ Ě1vĚ Ě1vy y1vĚ Ě1œa Ě1tu u1tĚ Ě1to o1tĚ Ě1tØ Ø1tĚ Ě1tą ą1tĚ
+ć1tĚ Ě1ti i1tĚ ă1tĚ Ć1tĚ Ě1te e1tĚ Ě1ta a1tĚ ì1tĚ Ě1tĚ Ě1ty y1tĚ Ě1su u1sĚ
+Ě1so o1sĚ Ø1sĚ Ě1są ą1sĚ ć1sĚ Ě1si i1sĚ Ě1să ă1sĚ Ć1sĚ Ě1se e1sĚ Ě1sa a1sĚ
+ì1sĚ Ě1sy y1sĚ Ě1ru u1rĚ Ě1ro o1rĚ Ø1rĚ ą1rĚ ć1rĚ i1rĚ Ě1ră ă1rĚ Ć1rĚ Ě1re
+e1rĚ Ě1ra a1rĚ Ě1rì ì1rĚ Ě1rĚ Ě1ry y1rĚ u1pĚ Ě1po o1pĚ Ě1pØ Ø1pĚ Ě1pą ą1pĚ
+i1pĚ Ć1pĚ Ě1pe e1pĚ a1pĚ ì1pĚ y1pĚ u1nĚ o1nĚ Ě1nØ Ø1nĚ Ě1ną ą1nĚ ć1nĚ Ě1ni
+i1nĚ ă1nĚ Ć1nĚ Ě1ne e1nĚ Ě1na a1nĚ ì1nĚ Ě1nĚ Ě1ny y1nĚ u1mĚ o1mĚ Ě1mØ Ø1mĚ
+ą1mĚ ć1mĚ i1mĚ ă1mĚ Ć1mĚ e1mĚ Ě1ma a1mĚ ì1mĚ Ě1mĚ Ě1my y1mĚ Ě1lu u1lĚ Ě1lo
+o1lĚ Ø1lĚ Ě1lą ą1lĚ ć1lĚ Ě1li i1lĚ ă1lĚ Ć1lĚ Ě1le e1lĚ Ě1la a1lĚ Ě1lì ì1lĚ
+Ě1lĚ Ě1ly y1lĚ u1kĚ Ě1ko o1kĚ Ø1kĚ ą1kĚ ć1kĚ i1kĚ ă1kĚ Ć1kĚ e1kĚ Ě1ka a1kĚ
+ì1kĚ Ě1ky y1kĚ u1jĚ o1jĚ Ø1jĚ Ě1ją ą1jĚ ć1jĚ Ě1ji i1jĚ ă1jĚ Ć1jĚ Ě1je e1jĚ
+Ě1ja a1jĚ ì1jĚ y1jĚ u1hĚ o1hĚ Ø1hĚ ą1hĚ i1hĚ Ě1hă ă1hĚ Ć1hĚ Ě1he e1hĚ Ě1ha
+a1hĚ Ě1hĚ Ě1hy y1hĚ Ć1fĚ a1fĚ y1fĚ Ě1ğu u1ğĚ Ě1ğo o1ğĚ Ø1ğĚ Ě1ğą ą1ğĚ ć1ğĚ
+Ě1ği i1ğĚ Ě1ğă ă1ğĚ Ć1ğĚ Ě1ğe e1ğĚ Ě1ğa a1ğĚ ì1ğĚ y1ğĚ Ě1du u1dĚ Ě1do o1dĚ
+Ě1dØ Ø1dĚ ą1dĚ ć1dĚ Ě1di i1dĚ ă1dĚ Ć1dĚ e1dĚ Ě1da a1dĚ ì1dĚ Ě1dy y1dĚ u1cĚ
+o1cĚ Ø1cĚ Ě1cą ą1cĚ i1cĚ ă1cĚ e1cĚ a1cĚ ì1cĚ y1cĚ u1bĚ o1bĚ Ě1bØ Ø1bĚ ą1bĚ
+ć1bĚ i1bĚ ă1bĚ Ć1bĚ e1bĚ Ě1ba a1bĚ ì1bĚ Ě1by y1bĚ u1ŸĚ o1ŸĚ Ø1ŸĚ ą1ŸĚ Ě1Ÿi
+i1ŸĚ ă1ŸĚ Ě1Ÿe e1ŸĚ a1ŸĚ ì1ŸĚ Ě1Ÿy y1ŸĚ u1ÔĚ o1ÔĚ ą1ÔĚ ă1ÔĚ Ć1ÔĚ e1ÔĚ a1ÔĚ
+Ě1chu u1chĚ Ě1cho o1chĚ Ø1chĚ ą1chĚ i1chĚ ă1chĚ e1chĚ Ě1cha a1chĚ Ě1chì
+ì1chĚ Ě1chĚ Ě1chy y1chĚ u1ÿĚ o1ÿĚ Ø1ÿĚ Ě1ÿą ą1ÿĚ Ě1ÿi i1ÿĚ ă1ÿĚ Ć1ÿĚ Ě1ÿe
+e1ÿĚ a1ÿĚ ì1ÿĚ y1ÿĚ Ě1çu u1çĚ Ě1ço o1çĚ Ø1çĚ Ě1çą ą1çĚ Ě1çi i1çĚ ă1çĚ Ć1çĚ
+Ě1çe e1çĚ Ě1ça a1çĚ ì1çĚ Ě1çĚ y1çĚ u1bu u1fu u1lu u1mu u1pu u1su u1vu u1zu
+u1bo u1fo u1lo u1mo u1po u1so u1vo u1zo u1bØ u1mØ u1pØ u1vØ u1bą u1fą u1lą
+u1mą u1pą u1są u1vą u1zą u1bi u1fi u1li u1mi u1pi u1si u1vi u1zi u1bă u1fă
+u1lă u1mă u1pă u1să u1vă u1ză u1bĆ u1lĆ u1mĆ u1pĆ u1sĆ u1vĆ u1zĆ u1be u1fe
+u1le u1me u1pe u1se u1ve u1ze u1ba u1fa u1la u1ma u1pa u1sa u1va u1za u1bì
+u1lì u1mì u1pì u1sì u1vì u1zì u1by u1fy u1my u1py u1sy u1vy o1bu o1fu o1lu
+o1mu o1pu o1su o1vu o1zu o1bo o1fo o1lo o1mo o1po o1so o1vo o1zo o1bØ o1mØ
+o1pØ o1vØ o1bą o1fą o1lą o1mą o1pą o1są o1vą o1zą o1fć o1zć o1bi o1fi o1li
+o1mi o1pi o1si o1vi o1zi o1bă o1fă o1lă o1mă o1pă o1să o1vă o1ză o1bĆ o1fĆ
+o1lĆ o1mĆ o1pĆ o1sĆ o1vĆ o1zĆ o1be o1fe o1le o1me o1pe o1se o1ve o1ze o1ba
+o1fa o1la o1ma o1pa o1sa o1va o1za o1bì o1lì o1mì o1pì o1sì o1vì o1zì o1by
+o1ly o1my o1py o1sy o1vy o1zy č1lu č1su č1zu č1bo č1lo č1mo č1po č1vo č1bØ
+č1mØ č1pØ č1vØ č1pą č1li č1pi č1si č1vi č1zi č1le č1se č1ze č1pa č1sa č1va
+č1by č1ly č1my Ø1bu Ø1lu Ø1mu Ø1pu Ø1su Ø1vu Ø1zu Ø1bo Ø1fo Ø1lo Ø1mo Ø1po
+Ø1so Ø1vo Ø1zo Ø1mØ Ø1vØ Ø1bą Ø1lą Ø1mą Ø1pą Ø1są Ø1vą Ø1zą Ø1li Ø1mi Ø1pi
+Ø1si Ø1vi Ø1zi Ø1bă Ø1lă Ø1mă Ø1pă Ø1să Ø1vă Ø1ză Ø1lĆ Ø1mĆ Ø1pĆ Ø1sĆ Ø1vĆ
+Ø1zĆ Ø1be Ø1le Ø1me Ø1pe Ø1se Ø1ve Ø1ze Ø1ba Ø1la Ø1ma Ø1pa Ø1sa Ø1va Ø1za
+Ø1lì Ø1mì Ø1pì Ø1sì Ø1vì Ø1zì Ø1by Ø1ly Ø1my Ø1py Ø1sy Ø1vy Ø1zy ą1bu ą1fu
+ą1lu ą1mu ą1pu ą1su ą1vu ą1zu ą1bo ą1fo ą1lo ą1mo ą1po ą1so ą1vo ą1zo ą1bØ
+ą1mØ ą1vØ ą1bą ą1lą ą1pą ą1vą ą1zą ą1bi ą1li ą1mi ą1pi ą1si ą1vi ą1zi ą1bă
+ą1lă ą1mă ą1pă ą1să ą1vă ą1ză ą1bĆ ą1lĆ ą1mĆ ą1pĆ ą1sĆ ą1vĆ ą1zĆ ą1be ą1le
+ą1me ą1pe ą1se ą1ve ą1ze ą1ba ą1la ą1ma ą1pa ą1sa ą1va ą1za ą1lì ą1mì ą1sì
+ą1vì ą1zì ą1by ą1fy ą1ly ą1my ą1py ą1sy ą1vy ą1zy ć1bu ć1lu ć1mu ć1pu ć1su
+ć1vu ć1zu ć1lo ć1po ć1so ć1vo ć1zo ć1bØ ć1mØ ć1vØ ć1są ć1vą ć1zą ć1fi ć1zi
+ć1lĆ ć1vĆ ć1zĆ ć1le ć1me ć1ve ć1ze ć1ba ć1fa ć1la ć1ma ć1pa ć1sa ć1va ć1za
+ć1by ć1fy ć1ly ć1my ć1py ć1sy ć1vy ć1zy i1bu i1lu i1mu i1pu i1su i1vu i1zu
+i1bo i1fo i1lo i1mo i1po i1so i1vo i1zo i1bØ i1mØ i1pØ i1vØ i1bą i1lą i1mą
+i1pą i1są i1vą i1zą i1vć i1bi i1fi i1li i1mi i1pi i1si i1vi i1zi i1bă i1lă
+i1mă i1pă i1să i1vă i1ză i1bĆ i1lĆ i1mĆ i1pĆ i1sĆ i1vĆ i1zĆ i1be i1fe i1le
+i1me i1pe i1se i1ve i1ze i1ba i1fa i1la i1ma i1pa i1sa i1va i1za i1bì i1lì
+i1mì i1pì i1sì i1vì i1zì i1by i1fy i1ly i1my i1py i1sy i1vy i1zy ă1bu ă1fu
+ă1lu ă1mu ă1pu ă1su ă1vu ă1zu ă1bo ă1lo ă1mo ă1po ă1so ă1vo ă1zo ă1bØ ă1fØ
+ă1mØ ă1pØ ă1vØ ă1bą ă1fą ă1lą ă1mą ă1pą ă1są ă1vą ă1zą ă1bi ă1fi ă1li ă1mi
+ă1pi ă1si ă1vi ă1zi ă1bă ă1lă ă1mă ă1pă ă1să ă1vă ă1ză ă1bĆ ă1lĆ ă1mĆ ă1pĆ
+ă1sĆ ă1vĆ ă1zĆ ă1be ă1fe ă1le ă1me ă1pe ă1se ă1ve ă1ze ă1ba ă1fa ă1la ă1ma
+ă1pa ă1sa ă1va ă1za ă1lì ă1mì ă1pì ă1sì ă1vì ă1zì ă1by ă1fy ă1ly ă1my ă1py
+ă1sy ă1vy ă1zy Ć1bu Ć1fu Ć1lu Ć1mu Ć1pu Ć1su Ć1vu Ć1zu Ć1bo Ć1lo Ć1mo Ć1po
+Ć1so Ć1vo Ć1zo Ć1mØ Ć1pØ Ć1vØ Ć1fi Ć1mi Ć1pi Ć1si Ć1vi Ć1zi Ć1bă Ć1vă Ć1ză
+Ć1lĆ Ć1fe Ć1le Ć1me Ć1pe Ć1se Ć1ve Ć1ze Ć1ba Ć1la Ć1ma Ć1pa Ć1sa Ć1va Ć1za
+Ć1by Ć1ly Ć1my Ć1sy Ć1vy Ć1zy e1bu e1fu e1lu e1mu e1pu e1su e1vu e1zu e1bo
+e1fo e1lo e1mo e1po e1so e1vo e1zo e1bØ e1mØ e1pØ e1vØ e1bą e1lą e1mą e1pą
+e1są e1vą e1zą e1lć e1zć e1bi e1fi e1li e1mi e1pi e1si e1vi e1zi e1bă e1fă
+e1lă e1mă e1pă e1să e1vă e1ză e1bĆ e1lĆ e1mĆ e1pĆ e1sĆ e1vĆ e1zĆ e1be e1fe
+e1le e1me e1pe e1se e1ve e1ze e1ba e1fa e1la e1ma e1pa e1sa e1va e1za e1bì
+e1lì e1mì e1pì e1sì e1vì e1zì e1by e1ly e1my e1py e1sy e1vy e1zy a1bu a1fu
+a1lu a1mu a1pu a1su a1vu a1zu a1bo a1fo a1lo a1mo a1po a1so a1vo a1zo a1bØ
+a1mØ a1pØ a1vØ a1bą a1fą a1lą a1mą a1pą a1są a1vą a1zą a1lć a1bi a1fi a1li
+a1mi a1pi a1si a1vi a1zi a1bă a1fă a1lă a1mă a1pă a1să a1vă a1ză a1bĆ a1fĆ
+a1lĆ a1mĆ a1pĆ a1sĆ a1vĆ a1zĆ a1be a1fe a1le a1me a1pe a1se a1ve a1ze a1ba
+a1fa a1la a1ma a1pa a1sa a1va a1za a1bì a1lì a1mì a1pì a1sì a1vì a1zì a1by
+a1fy a1ly a1my a1py a1sy a1vy a1zy ì1bu ì1fu ì1lu ì1mu ì1pu ì1su ì1vu ì1zu
+ì1bo ì1lo ì1mo ì1po ì1so ì1vo ì1zo ì1bØ ì1mØ ì1pØ ì1vØ ì1lą ì1bi ì1li ì1mi
+ì1pi ì1si ì1vi ì1zi ì1bă ì1lă ì1mă ì1pă ì1să ì1vă ì1ză ì1zĆ ì1be ì1le ì1me
+ì1pe ì1se ì1ve ì1ze ì1ba ì1la ì1ma ì1pa ì1sa ì1va ì1za ì1by ì1ly ì1my ì1py
+ì1sy ì1vy ì1zy y1bu y1fu y1lu y1mu y1pu y1su y1vu y1zu y1bo y1lo y1mo y1po
+y1so y1vo y1zo y1bØ y1mØ y1pØ y1vØ y1bą y1lą y1mą y1pą y1są y1vą y1zą y1mć
+y1bi y1fi y1li y1mi y1pi y1si y1vi y1zi y1bă y1fă y1lă y1mă y1pă y1să y1vă
+y1ză y1fĆ y1lĆ y1mĆ y1pĆ y1sĆ y1vĆ y1zĆ y1be y1fe y1le y1me y1pe y1se y1ve
+y1ze y1ba y1fa y1la y1ma y1pa y1sa y1va y1za y1lì y1mì y1pì y1sì y1vì y1zì
+y1by y1ly y1my y1py y1sy y1vy y1zy v2r1h vr2hn vr2hl vr3hl. vr2hc v2r1ch
+vr2chn vr2chl v2r1k vr2kn vr2kl vr3kl. v2r1d vr2dn vr2dl v2r1t vr2tn vr2tl
+vr3tl. v2r1n v2r1ğ v2r1ç vr2çk vr2çn vr2çm vr2çt v2r1Ÿ vr2Ÿm vr2Ÿt v2r1c
+v2r1b vr2bk v2r1s vr2st vr2s2tv v2r1z vr2zn vr2zl vr3zl. s2r1k sr2kn sr2kl
+sr3kl. s2r1d sr2dn sr2dŸ s2r1n sr2nk sr2nŸ s2r1ç sr2çm sr2çt s2r1b sr2bs
+s2r1p sr2pn sr2pk s2r1s sr2st s2rs2tk s2rs2tn t2r1h tr2hl tr3hl. tr2hn t2r1n
+tr2nk tr2nŸ t2r1ğ tr2ğn t2r1Ÿ tr2Ÿk tr2Ÿm tr2Ÿt t2r1b t2r1m t2r1p tr2pn
+tr2pm tr2pŸ t2r1s tr2sn tr2sl tr3sl. tr2sk t2r1v ch2r1t chr2tl chr3tl.
+ch2r1Ÿ chr2Ÿm chr2Ÿt ch2r1s chr2st p2r1ch pr2chn pr2chl pr3chl. p2r1k pr2kn
+p2r1d pr2dl pr3dl. p2r1t p2r1n p2r1ç pr2çk p2r1Ÿ p2r1c p2r1v pr2vn pr2vk
+m2r1d mr2dl m2r1k mr2kl mr3kl. mr2kn m2r1t mr2tv mr2tk mr2tn m2r1ç mr2çœ
+mr2çk m2r1m mr2ml m2r1s mr2sk m2r1v mr2vm mr2vt m2r1z mr2zk mr2zl mr3zl.
+mr2zn Ÿ2r1t Ÿr2tk Ÿr2tn Ÿr2tl Ÿr3tl. k2r1t kr2tn kr2tl kr2tk k2r1n k2r1ç
+kr2çk k2r1Ÿ kr2Ÿn kr2Ÿk kr2Ÿm kr2Ÿt k2r1b k2r1m kr2mn kr2mm kr2mt k2r1z
+h2r1k hr2kl hr3kl. hr2kn h2r1d hr2dl hr2dn h2r1n hr2nc hr2nk hr2nŸ hr2åm
+hr2åt h2r1Ÿ h2r1b hr2bk hr2b1l h2r1m h2r1s hr2st h2rs2tm h2r1z f2r1k fr2kl
+fr2kn f2r1Ÿ fr2Ÿk fr2Ÿm fr2Ÿt d2r1n dr2nk dr2nŸ d2r1ğ dr2ğk dr2ğm dr2ğt
+dr2ğg d2r1c dr2cl dr3cl. dr2cn d2r1b dr2bn dr2bl dr3bl. d2r1s dr2sn d2r1v
+d2r1z dr2zn dr2zl c2r1Ÿ b2r1k br2kn br2kl b2r1d b2r1t br2tn br2tl br3tl.
+b2r1n br2nk b2r1ğ br2ğÔ b2r1Ÿ br2Ÿk b2r1v b2r1z br2zl br2zk br2zd b2r1b
+br2bl z2r1n zr2nk k2l1k v2l1h vl2hk vl2hŸ v2l1k v2l1n vl2nk v2l1Ÿ vl2Ÿk
+v2l1c h2l1t hl2tn hl2tl hl3tl. p2l1ch p2l1k p2l1n p2l1ğ p2l1å p2l1s pl2st
+pl2sœ p2l1z pl2zl pl2zn b2l1b bl2bn bl2bl bl3bl. bl2bc bl2bŸ m2l1s ml2sn
+m2l1ğ ml2ğn 1ğl. 1çl. 1Ÿl. 1cl. 1hl. 1c2hl. 1dl. 1tl. 1bl. 1ml. 1pl. 1sl.
+1vl. 1zl. 1cr. 1hr. 1c2hr. 1kr. 1dr. 1tr. 1br. 1fr. 1mr. 1pr. 1sr. 1vr. .ğ4
+ğ1ç ğ1Ÿ ğ1c ğ1Ô ğ1k ğ1d ğ1t ğ1n ğ1b ğ1l ğ1m ğ1p ğ1v .ç4 ç1ç ç1Ÿ ç1c ç1œ ç1ch
+ç1k ç1d ç1t ç1n ç1b ç1l ç1m ç1p ç1v .Ÿ4 Ÿ1Ÿ Ÿ1c Ÿ1œ Ÿ1å Ÿ1k Ÿ1t Ÿ1n Ÿ1b Ÿ1l
+Ÿ1m Ÿ1p Ÿ1v .ÿ4 ÿ1Ÿ ÿ1c ÿ1k ÿ1d ÿ1t ÿ1n ÿ1b ÿ1l ÿ1m ÿ1v .c4 c1k c1t c1n c1l
+c1m c1v .j4 j1ç j1Ÿ j1c j1k j1d j1t j1n j1b j1f j1l j1m j1p j1s j1v j1z .Ô4
+Ô1c Ô1k Ô1t Ô1m .œ4 œ1c œ1h œ1ch œ1k œ1t œ1m œ1s œ1v .å4 å1c å1h å1ch å1k
+å1d å1t å1m å1p å1z .h4 h1ç h1Ÿ h1c h1k h1d h1n h1l .ch4 4ch. ch1b ch1r ch1t
+ch1n ch1l ch1m .k4 k1ç k1Ÿ k1ÿ k1c k1ch k1r k1t k1n k1b k1l k1m k1p k1s
+k1vic .r4 r1ç r1Ÿ r1c r1h r1ch r1k r1d r1t r1n r1b r1l r1m r1p r1s r1v r1z
+.d4 d1ğ d1ç d1Ÿ d1ÿ d1c d1œ d1å d1h d1ch d1k d1n d1b d1l d1m d1p d1r d1s d1v
+.t4 t1ç t1Ÿ t1c t1ch t1k t1r t1n t1b t1f t1l t1m t1p t1v .n4 n1ğ n1ç n1Ÿ n1c
+n1Ô n1h n1ch n1k n1r n1d n1t n1n n1b n1l n1p n1z .x4 x1c x1k x1b x1f x1l x1p
+x1n x1h x1t .b4 b1ğ b1ç b1Ÿ b1ÿ b1c b1h b1ch b1k b1r b1n b1f b1l b1m b1s b1v
+b1z .f4 f1l f1k f1s .l4 l1ğ l1ç l1Ÿ l1å l1c l1k l1d l1t l1n l1b l1m l1p l1s
+l1v l1z .m4 m1ç m1Ÿ m1c m1ch m1k m1r m1d m1t m1n m1b m1l m1p m1s m1z .p4 p1Ÿ
+p1ÿ p1c p1ch p1k p1r p1t p1n p1l .s4 s1ç s1Ÿ s1å s1c s1k s1r s1t s1n s1b s1l
+s1m s1p .v4 v1ç v1Ÿ v1å v1c v1ch v1k v1r v1d v1t v1n v1b v1l v1m v1p v1s .z4
+z1ç z1Ÿ z1c z1k z1d z1t z1b z1l z1m z1n z1p z1v .g4 g1n g1r g1m g1g d1g r1g
+n1g j1g l1g f1g s1g v1g b2s1c b1s2k b1ç2t c2t2n c1t2v Ÿ1s2k Ÿ1ç2t d1s2k
+d1ç2t f1g2h h2ÿ2m j1g2l j2Ô1m j1s2k j1ç2t j2s2m k2t1n k2t1r k3t2ri k2Ÿ1n
+k2ÿ2t l2k2n l1s2k l1ç2t l2s2t l1t2r m2b1d m1b2r m2d2l m2k2l m2k2n m1p2l
+m2p2t m1s2k m1ç2t m2s2t n1g2l. n2g1l n2k1c n2k1l n2k1r n2k1t n2s1f n1s2k
+n1s2t n2t1g n2t1k n2t1n n2t1s n2t1v n2Ÿ1n n1ç2t p2t1k p2Ÿ1n p2r2s p1s2k
+p1ç2t r2d1n r2k1r r2k1t r2m1n r2p1c r2p1Ÿ r1s2k r1s2p r2t1l r2t1n r2v1n
+r2z1n r1ç2t s2h2l s2h2r s2ch2v s2k2l s2k2r s2k1v s2m2l s2m1n s2p2l s2p2r
+s2t1k s2t2l s2t1m s2t1n s2t1r s2t2ÿ ç1s2k t2k2n t2ÿ1k t2ÿ1n t1s2k v1s2k
+v1ç2t v2s2t v2z2d v2z2l v2z2n v2z2t v2ğ2d z2d2l z2d1n z2d2v z2k2l z2v2l
+ğ1s2k ğ1ç2t Ÿ2t2v å1s2k å1ç2t ç2k2l oçk3l ç2t1m ç2t1n ç2t2v ç2œ1k .s2t2r
+.be2z1 bez1b2 bez1h2 be3z2ov be3z2ink bez1k2 bez1m2 bez1p2 bez1s2 bez1t2
+.be3z2e1 .bezec2 .bezej2 .bezel2 .bezes2 .bezest2 .bezez2 blaho1 blahos2
+blahop2 boje1 bojes2 bojech2 celo1 celod2 celop2 celos2 celoz2 .Ÿtyÿ1
+.ŸtyÿŸ2 .Ÿtyÿh2 .Ÿtyÿk2 .Ÿtyÿs2 .Ÿtyÿv2 .daleko1 .dalekoh2 .dalekoz2 .do1
+.doŸ2 .doh2 .doj2 .dok2 .do2k3s .do2k3t .dom2 .doo1p2 .dop2 .dos2 .dot2
+.doč1Ÿ2 .dov2 .doz2 .doğ2 dĚ1 dĚk2 dĚs2 dĚt2 dĚv2 dvoj1 dvou1 dvojŸ2 dvouŸ2
+dvojk2 dvouk2 dvojst2r dvoust3r jedno1 jednoh2 jednos2 jednot2 jedno2t3k
+jedno2t3l jedno2t3n jednoz2 kolem1 kolemj2 kolems2 .koso1 .kosoŸ2t2v kro2m1
+.kro3m2Ø .lec1 .lec2h .leck2 .leda1k .leda2s1k2 .mezi1 .mezib2 .meziŸ2
+.mezi2Ÿ3k .mezid2 .mezih2 .meziv2 .mimo1s2 .mimo1st2 mąsto1d2 mąsto1k2
+mąsto1p2 .mnoho1 .mnohoh2 .mnohos2 .mnohoŸ2 .na1 .nab2 .nac2 .naŸ2 .nah2
+.nach2 .naj2 .nak2 .nal2 .nam2 .nap2 .naÿ2 .nas2 .nast2 .naç2 .nat2 .nav2
+.naz2 .nă1 .năb2 .năc2 .năd2 .nă2d3h .năh2 .năk2 .năm2 .năp2 .năr2 .năs2
+.năst2 .năt2 .năv2 .na2d1 .na3d2Ø .na3d2a .na3d2ă .na3d2ą .na3d2i .na3d2u
+.na3d2o .na4d3obl .na4d3obyŸ .na3d2o1smr .na3d2r .na4d3rot .nadch2 .nadh2
+.nadk2 .nads2 .nadz2 .na3d2e1 .nadez2 .naded2 .nadej2 .nadeh2 .nadel2
+.nadep2 .nadeç2 .ne1 .neb2 .nec2 .neŸ2 .ned2 .neg2 .ne2g3l .neh2 .ne2h1t
+.nech2 .ne2ch. .ne2chœ3 .nek2 .ne2kro .ne2kt .nel2 .nem2 .nep2 .ner2 .ne2r2v
+.neÿ2 .nes2 .nest2 .neç2 .net2 .nev2 .nez2 .nedo1 .nedob2ra .nedok2 .nedom2
+.nedop2 .nedor2 .nedos2 .nedot2 .nedov2 .nedoz2 .neod1 .neodh2 .neodch2
+.neodm2 .neod2ol .neodp2 .neods2 .neodst2 .neodç2 .neodt2 .neodz2 .neod2e1
+.neodeb2 .neodeh2 .neodej2 .neodem2 .neodep2 .neodes2 .neodeç2 .neodez
+.neod2Ø .nepo1 .nepob2 .nepoc2 .nepof2 .nepog2 .nepoh2 .nepoch2 .nepoj2
+.nepok2 .nepom2 .nepo2mp .nepon2 .nepop2 .nepo2r1t .nepos2 .nepost2 .nepoç2
+.nepo2ç3t .nepo3ç4œu .nepot2 .nepo7uŸ .nepo7u1k2 .nepov2 .nepoz2 .nepo2d1
+.nepo3d2a .nepo3d2i .nepo3d2ob .nepo3d2u .nepo3d2ă .nepo3d2ą .nepodh2
+.nepodk2 .nepo3d2ot .nepodp2 .nepo3d2răğd .nepo3d2rağ .nepods2 .nepodst2
+.nepodv2 .nepo3d2e1 .nepodeb2 .nepodej2 .nepodem2 .nepodep2 .nepodes2
+.nepodez2 .nepro1 .neprob2 .neproc2 .neproŸ2 .neprod2 .neprog2 .neproj2
+.neproh2 .neproch2 .neprok2 .neprol2 .neprom2 .neprop2 .nepror2 .neproÿ2
+.nepros2 .neprost2 .neproç2 .neprot2 .neprov2 .neproz2 .neproğ2 .nepÿe2d1
+.nepÿe3d2a .nepÿe3d2ă .nepÿe3d2ra .nepÿedk2 .nepÿeds2 .nepÿedv2 .nepÿedz2
+.nepÿedpo3k2 .nepÿe3d2e1 .nepÿedej2 .nepÿedes2 .nepÿedest2 .nepÿedeç2
+.nepÿe2s1n .nepÿe1 .nepÿeb2 .nepÿec2 .nepÿeŸ2 .nepÿeh2 .nepÿej2 .nepÿek2
+.nepÿel2 .nepÿem2 .nepÿep2 .nepÿer2 .nepÿeÿ2 .nepÿeç2 .nepÿet2 .nepÿev2
+.nepÿez2 .nepÿi1 .nepÿib2 .nepÿic2 .nepÿiŸ2 .nepÿid2 .nepÿij2 .nepÿih2
+.nepÿik2 .nepÿil2 .nepÿim2 .nepÿip2 .nepÿiÿ2 .nepÿis2 .nepÿist2 .nepÿiç2
+.nepÿit2 .nepÿiv2 .nepÿiz2 .nero2z1 .nero3zum .nerozb2 .nerozŸ2 .nerozd2
+.nerozh2 .nerozk2 .nerozp2 .nerozs2 .nerozst2 .nerozç2 .nerozt2 .nerozv2
+.nerozz2 .nero3z2e1 .nerozeb2 .nerozeŸ2 .nerozed2 .nerozeh2 .nerozej2
+.nerozek2 .nerozel2 .nerozem2 .nerozep2 .nerozer2 .nerozeÿ2 .nerozes2
+.nerozest2 .nerozeç2 .nerozet2 .nerozev2 .nerozez2 .nesou1 .nesouŸ2 .nesoud2
+.nesouh2 .nesouk2 .nesoum2 .nesous2 .nesoust2 .nesouç2 .nesouv2 .nesouz2
+.neupo1 .neupos2 .neupot2 .nØ1k2 .ne2j1 .ne3j2du. .ne3j2deç. .ne3j2de.
+.ne3j2deme. .ne3j2dete. .ne3j2dou. .ne3j2e .ne3j2a .ne3j2sem. .ne3j2si.
+.ne3j2sme. .ne3j2ste. .ne3j2sou. .ne4j3akt .ne3j2i .ne3j2ą .nejd2 .nejf2
+.nejh2 .nejk2 .nejm2 .nejp2 .nejs2 .nejst2 .nejt2 .nejv2 .nejz2 .nejne1
+.nejnep2 .nejnes2 .nejnez2 .ni1k2 .o1 .oh2 .ok2 .ok3t .okolo1 .okoloj2
+.okolos2 .om2 .op2 .op3ti .op3to .or2v .os2l .os2m .os3mo .os2n .os2p .os2tu
+.os2ty .os2tì .os2t2r .os2v .oç2 .ot2r .ot3ru .ov2 .oz2 .oğ2 .o2b1d2 .o2b1j
+.o2b1k2 .o2b1r .o3b2ran .o3b2răn .o2b1ÿ .o2b1s2 .o2b1ç2 .o2b1t2 .o2b1v2
+.o2b1z2 .o2boj1s2 .o2boj1st2r .o2boj1ğ .o2boj1r .o2boj1n .obou1 .obous2
+.obousm2 .ob2e1 .obe2c1 .obeh2 obej2 obel2 obep2 .obes2 .obest2 .obet2
+.obez2 .od1 .odh2 .odch2 .odm2 .od2ol .odp2 .ods2 .odst2 .odç2 .odt2 .odz2
+.od2e1 .odeb2 .odeh2 .odej2 .odem2 .odep2 .odes2 .odeç2 .odez .od2Ø .ote1v2
+.pa1h2r .pa1k2l .pa1m2l .pa1p2r .pa1t2v .pa1z2v .pa4s3tv .pØti1 .pØtiŸ2
+.pØtih2 .pØtik2 .pØtis2 .pØtiv2 .po1 .pob2 .poc2 .poŸ2 .pof2 .pog2 .poh2
+.poch2 .po2int .poj2 .po2jÔ .pok2 .po2ls .po2lç .pom2 .po2mp .pon2 .pop2
+.po2rn .po2r1t .por2tl .pos2 .post2 .poç2 .po2ç3t .po2ç3œ .po3ç4tØv .po3ç4œu
+.pot2 .po7uŸ .po7u1k2 .po7uliŸ .pov2 .poz2 .po2z3dØ .po2d1 .po3d2a .po3d2i
+.po3d2le. .po3d2ob .po4d3obl .po4d3oboj .po4d3oboŸ .po3d2rob .po3d2u .po3d2ă
+.po3d2ą .podh2 .podk2 .podm2 .po3d2ol .po3d2ot .podp2 .po3d2răğd .po3d2raği
+.pods2 .podst2 .podv2 .po3d2e1 .podeb2 .podej2 .podem2 .podep2 .podes2
+.podez2 .polo1o1 .polo1p2 .polo1s2 .pra1 .pras2 .pra2s1k .pra2s1n .pra2cn
+.pra2Ÿk .pra2h1n .pra2h1l .pra2kt .pra2çt .pra2vd .pro1 .prob2 .proc2 .proŸ2
+.prod2 .prog2 .proj2 .proh2 .proch2 .prok2 .prol2 .prom2 .prop2 .pror2
+.proÿ2 .pros2 .prost2 .proç2 .prot2 .pro2u .prov2 .proz2 .proğ2 proti1
+protik2 protim2 protip2 protis2 protist2 prĚ1 prĚ2mk prĚh2 prĚk2 prĚp2 prĚr2
+prĚs2 prĚt2 prĚv2 prĚz .pÿe1 .pÿeb2 .pÿec2 .pÿeŸ2 .pÿeh2 .pÿej2 .pÿek2
+.pÿel2 .pÿem2 .pÿep2 .pÿer2 .pÿeÿ2 .pÿes2 .pÿe2s1Ÿ .pÿe2sto .pÿe2sn .pÿeç2
+.pÿet2 .pÿev2 .pÿez2 .pÿe2d1 .pÿe3d2a .pÿe3d2ă .pÿe3d2ra .pÿe3d2răğd .pÿedk2
+.pÿeds2 .pÿedv2 .pÿedz2 .pÿedpo3k2 .pÿe3d2e1 .pÿedej2 .pÿedes2 .pÿedest2
+.pÿedeç2 .pÿedev2 .pÿe3s2nąd .pÿe2s1po .pÿe2s1pÿ .pÿe2s1len .pÿe2s1li .pÿi1
+.pÿib2 .pÿic2 .pÿiŸ2 .pÿid2 .pÿij2 .pÿih2 .pÿik2 .pÿil2 .pÿim2 .pÿip2 .pÿiÿ2
+.pÿis2 .pÿist2 .pÿiç2 .pÿit2 .pÿiv2 .pÿiz2 pÿą1 pÿą2m1n pÿąb2 pÿą2Ÿk pÿą2Ÿn
+pÿąj2 pÿąk2 pÿąm2 pÿąp2 pÿąs2 pÿąst2 pÿąç2 pÿąt2 pÿąv2 pÿąz2 pĚ1j2d .ro2z1
+.ro3zum .rozb2 .rozŸ2 .rozd2 .rozh2 .rozk2 .rozp2 .rozs2 .rozst2 .rozç2
+.rozt2 .rozv2 .rozz2 .ro3z2e1 .rozeb2 .rozeŸ2 .rozed2 .rozeh2 .rozej2
+.rozek2 .rozel2 .rozem2 .rozep2 .rozer2 .rozeÿ2 .rozes2 .rozest2 .rozeç2
+.rozet2 .rozev2 .rozez2 .sd2 .sh2 .sk2 .sp2 .sv2 .se1 .se2dmi .se2dme .se2dl
+.se2dn .seb2 .sebe1 .sebek2 .sec2 .se2Ÿ .se3Ÿ2t .se2gm .seg2 .seh2 .se2is1
+.sej2 .sek2 .sel2 .sem2 .sep2 .se2p1t .sep2ta .serv2 .se2rvis .seÿ2 .ses2
+.se2st se3st2roj .se3st2ÿel .seç2 .set2 .sev2 .se2x1 .sez2 .sou1 .souŸ2
+.soud2 .sou2d3c .sou2d3n .souh2 .souj2 .souk2 .soum2 .soup2 .sous2 .soust2
+.souç2 .souv2 .souz2 .spolu1 .spolub2 .spolup2 .nespolu1p2 .çesti1 .çestiŸ2
+.çestih2 .çestik2 .çestis2 .çestiv2 .tro2j1č .tro2j1s2 .u1 .ub2 .uc2 .ud2
+.uh2 .u2h3l .u3h4lad .u3h4ląd .u2h3r .u3h4rad .u3h4rab .u3h4ră .u4h5răm.
+.u4h5răch. .uch2 .uj2 .uk2 .ul2h .ul2p .um2 .up2 .upo1 .upos2 .upot2 .ur2
+.ur3b .ur3Ÿ .uÿ2 .us2 .ust2 .uç2 .ut2 .uv2 .uz2 .u2z3b .u2z3d .u2z3l .u2z3m
+.uğ2 .u2ğ3çą č1 čc2 čŸ2 č2hl č3h2lav čj2 čk2 čp2 čs2 č2s3t čs4tn č3s4tav
+č3s4t2r č3s4t2ÿ č4s5t3ÿi čç2 čt2 čv2 č2z1k .vk2 .vp2 .vs2 .vst2 .vç2 .vt2
+.vz2 .ve1 .vec2 .ved2 .vØ1h2l .veh2 .ve2jc .ve2jŸ .ve2jp .ve2kt .vem2 .ve2n1
+.ve2p3ÿ .vep2 .ve2r .ve3ri .ves2 .ve2s3l .ve2s3mą .ve2s3n .ve2s3t .ve3s4tav
+.veç2 .ve2ç3k .vet2 .ve2tch .vev2 .ve2z3 .ve3zl. .ve2l1b2 .ve2l1k .ve2l1m
+.ve2l1t2 .ve2l2t3l .vele1 .vele2bn .veleh2 .veles2 .velest2 .velez2 .vodo1
+.vodot2 .vodoz2 .vçe1 .vçe2ch. .vy1 .vyb2 .vyc2 .vyŸ2 .vyd2 .vy2d1r
+.vy3d2rol .vy3d2răp .vy3d2răs .vyh2 .vyj2 .vyk2 .vyl2 .vym2 .vyn2 .vyp2
+.vyr2 .vyÿ2 .vys2 .vyst2 .vyç2 .vy2ç3ç .vyt2 .vyv2 .vyz2 .vì1 .vìŸ2 .vìh2
+.vìk2 .vìm2 .vìp2 .vìr2v .vìs2 .vìst2 .vìç2 .vì2ç3k .vìt2 .vìv2 .vìz2 .vz1h2
+.vz1p2 .vz1t2 .vze1 .vzed2 .vzep2 .vzes2 .vzeç2 .vzez2 .zd2 .zh2 .zch2 .zk2
+.zl2 .zm2 .zp2 .zr2 .zt2 .zv2 .zne1 .znek2 .znem2 .znep2 .zne2rv .znes2
+.zneç2 .znet2 .za1 .z3a2larm .z3akti .zab2 .zaŸ2 .zad2 .zah2 .zach2 .zaj2
+.zak2 .zal2 .zam2 .zap2 .zar2 .zaÿ2 .zas2 .zast2 .zaç2 .zat2 .zav2 .zaz2
+.zane1 .zaned2 .zanes2 .zaneç2 .uza1m2 .uza1r2 .uza1v2 .ză1 .zăb2 .zăc2
+.zăd2 .zăh2 .zăch2 .zăj2 .zăk2 .nejză1k2 .zăm2 .zăp2 .zăs2 .zăst2 .zăç2
+.zăt2 .zăv2 .zăz2 .z2e1 .z3e2f .zed2 .ze2d1n .zej2 .zem2 .ze2ms .ze2mn .zep2
+.zes2 .zet2 .zev2 .zez2 zĚ1 .a1e2ro .a1d2re .a1g2no .a1ch2r .a1k2l .a1k2re
+.an1es an3g2l .an2t1ar .anti1 .antik2 .antip2 an1t2ro1 .ar2ch1an .as2pek
+.a1s2t .as3t2r asym3p2t .a1t2r .ausçt2r .auto1 .absçt2 .de1f2 .de1g2 .de1k2
+.de1p2 .de2p3ta .de2z1 .di1o .di1p2 .dis3k2v dis3k2r dis3t2r .di1u .du1p2l
+.epi1 .epig2 .ex1 .exk2 .exp2 .ext2 .ex2o ex2i1s .fyto1 .fytop2 .ide1 .ide2n
+.in1 .inc2 .inf2 .ing2 .ink2 .ins2 .int2 .inter1 .interp2 .inters2 .kom1p2
+.kon3g2 .kon3k2 .kon3s2 .konst2 .kon3t2 .kon3v2 .ko1o .hyper1 .hypert2
+.hypo1 .hypos2 .kata1k2l .ko1i .ko1e .para1 .paraf2 .parag2 .re1 .ref2 .reg2
+.re2j1 .rek2 .re2n2d .re2n2t .rep2 .re2pti .res2 .re2sp. .ret2 .sub1 .super1
+.superp2 .supers2 .supra1 .sy1s2t .te1o1 .topo1g2 .tran2s1 .tran3s2pi
+.tran3s2k2r .tran3s2c .tri1 .trip2 .tri2Ÿk .tri2st .zoo1 .zoop2 .zoos2 i1ent
+ru1ov 3s2t2vą 3s2t2vo. 3s2t2va. 3s2t2vu. 3s2t2ve 3s2tev. 3s2tevn 3s2t2vĚm.
+3s2t2vy. 3ğe. .m4ğe. 3hle. c4hle. 3li. 3ly. 3la. 3nout. 3nouti. i1ăn a1tb
+e1tb i1tb 1t2va. 1t2vy. 1t2vØ. 1t2vu. 1t2vou. 1t2ev. 1t2văm. 1t2văch.
+1t2vami. 3s2t2v a4s3t2v ă4st3v 3k2rac 3k2rat 3k2răt. 3k2răte. 3p2lex 1t2rof
+1s2trof .a1v2çak .atmo1s2f .ce1d1r Ÿesko3s4l Ÿesko3b4r .e1gyp2t1 .elek1t
+.elek3t1r .elek3t1ÿ elip1s elip1t eu1k2lei1d .i1h2ned kladko1s2t2roj
+moÿe1p2lav .pe1t1r oka1mği s2t2ran z2d2rav zĚ1s2ta
+Text::Hyphen::Language::CZE = Text::Hyphen::Language::CS
+Text::Hyphen::Language::CES = Text::Hyphen::Language::CS
118 lib/text/hyphen/language/da.rb
@@ -0,0 +1,118 @@
+# Hyphenation patterns for Text::Hyphen in Ruby: Danish
+# Converted from the LaTeX hyphenation/dkhyphen/dk*.tex file, by Frank
+# Jensen (, copyright 1994.
+# The encodings mentioned below are NOT used.
+# The original copyright holds and is reproduced in the source to this file.
+# The Ruby version of these patterns are copyright 2004 Austin Ziegler and
+# are available under an MIT license. See LICENCE for more information.
+# dkhyphen.tex / dkcommon.tex / dkspecial.tex
+# Copyright 1994 Frank Jensen (
+# This work may be distributed and/or modified under the
+# conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, either version 1.3
+# of this license or (at your option) any later version.
+# The latest version of this license is in
+# and version 1.3 or later is part of all distributions of LaTeX
+# version 2003/12/01 or later.
+# This work consists of the files dkcommon.tex, dkhyphen.tex and
+# dkspecial.tex.
+# This file contains the hyphenation patterns for danish.
+require 'text/hyphen/language'
+Text::Hyphen::Language::DA = do |lang|
+ lang.encoding "UTF-8"
+ # First, we input the patterns containing only `normal' letters (a-z).
+ lang.patterns <<-PATTERNS
+.ae3 .an3k .an1s .be5la .be1t .bi4tr .der3i .diagno5 .her3 .hoved3 .ne4t5
+.om1 .ove4 .po1 .til3 .yd5r ab5le 3abst a3c ade5la 5adg a1e 5afg 5a4f1l af3r
+af4ri 5afs a4gef a4gi ag5in ag5si 3agti a4gy a3h ais5t a3j a5ka a3ke a5kr
+aku5 a3la a1le a1li al3k 4alkv a1lo al5si a3lu a1ly am4pa 3analy an4k5r a3nu
+3anv a5o a5pe a3pi a5po a1ra ar5af 1arb a1re 5arg a1ri a3ro a3sa a3sc a1si
+a3sk a3so 3a3sp a3ste a3sti a1ta1 a1te a1ti a4t5in a1to ato5v a5tr a1tu a5va
+a1ve a5z 1ba ba4ti 4bd 1be be1k be3ro be5ru be1s4 be1tr 1bi bi5sk b1j 4b1n
+1bo bo4gr bo3ra bo5re 1br4 4bs bs5k b3so b1st b5t 3bu bu4s5tr b5w 1by by5s
+4c1c 1ce ce5ro 3ch 4ch. ci4o ck3 5cy 3da 4d3af d5anta da4s d1b d1d4 1de de5d
+4de4lem der5eri de4rig de5sk d1f d1g d3h 1di di1e di5l d3j d1k d1l d1m 4d1n
+3do 4dop d5ov d1p 4drett 5d4reve 3drif 3driv d5ros d5ru ds5an ds5in d1ski
+d4sm d4su dsu5l ds5vi d3ta d1te dt5o d5tr dt5u 1du dub5 d1v 3dy e5ad e3af
+e5ag e3ak e1al ea4la e3an e5ap e3at e3bl ebs3 e1ci ed5ar edde4 eddel5 e4do
+ed5ra ed3re ed3rin ed4str e3e 3eff e3fr 3eft e3gu e1h e3in ei5s e3je e4j5el
+e1ka e3ke e3kl 4e1ko e5kr ek5sa 3eksem 3eksp e3ku e1kv e5ky e3lad el3ak
+el3ar e1las e3le e4lek 3elem e1li 5elim e3lo el5sa e5lu e3ly e4mad em4p5le
+em1s en5ak e4nan 4enn e4no en3so e5nu e5ol e3op e1or e3ov epi3 e1pr e3ra
+er3af e4rag e4rak e1re e4ref er5ege 5erhv e1ri e4rib er1k ero5d er5ov er3s
+er5tr e3rum er5un e5ry e1ta e1te etek4s e1ti e3tj e1to e3tr e3tu e1ty e3um
+e3un 3eur e1va e3ve e4v3erf e1vi e5x 1fa fa4ce fags3 f1b f1d 1fe fej4 fejl1
+f1f f1g f1h 1fi f1k 3fl 1fo for1en fo4ri f1p f1s4 4ft f3ta f1te f1ti f5to
+f5tvi 1fu f1v 3fy 1ga g3art g1b g1d 1ge 4g5enden ger3in ge3s g3f g1g g1h 1gi
+gi4b gi3st 5gj g3k g1l g1m 3go 4g5om g5ov g3p 1gr gs1a gsde4len g4se gsha4
+g5sla gs3or gs1p g5s4tide g4str gs1v g3ta g1te g1ti g5to g3tr gt4s g3ud gun5
+g3v 1gy g5yd 4ha. heds3 he5s 4het hi4e hi4n5 hi3s ho5ko ho5ve 4h3t hun4
+hund3 hvo4 i1a i3b i4ble i1c i3dr ids5k i1el i1en i3er i3et. if3r i3gu i3h
+i5i i5j i1ka i1ke ik1l i5ko ik3re ik5ri iks5t ik4tu i3ku ik3v i3lag il3eg
+il5ej il5el i3li i4l5id il3k i1lo il5u i3mu ind3t 5inf ings1 in3s in4sv
+inter1 i3nu i3od i3og i5ok i3ol ion4 ions1 i5o5r i3ot i5pi i3pli i5pr i3re
+i3ri ir5t i3sc i3si i4sm is3p i1ster i3sti i5sua i1ta i1te i1ti i3to i3tr
+it5re. i1tu i3ty i1u i1va i1ve i1vi j3ag jde4rer jds1 jek4to 4j5en. j5k j3le
+j3li jlmeld5 jlmel4di j3r jre5 ju3s 5kap k5au 5kav k5b kel5s ke3sk ke5st
+ke4t5a k3h ki3e ki3st k1k k5lak k1le 3klu k4ny 5kod 1kon ko3ra 3kort ko3v
+1kra 5kry ks3an k1si ks3k ks1p k3ste k5stu ks5v k1t k4tar k4terh kti4e kt5re
+kt5s 3kur 1kus 3kut k4vo k4vu 5lab lad3r 5lagd la4g3r 5lam 1lat l1b
+ldiagnos5 l3dr ld3st 1le. 5led 4lele le4mo 3len 1ler 1les 4leu l1f lfin4
+lfind5 l1go1 l3h li4ga 4l5ins 4l3int li5o l3j l1ke l1ko l3ky l1l l5mu lo4du
+l3op 4l5or 3lov 4l3p l4ps l3r 4ls lses1 ls5in l5sj l1ta l4taf l1te l4t5erf
+l3ti lt3o l3tr l3tu lu5l l3ve l3vi 1ma m1b m3d 1me 4m5ej m3f m1g m3h 1mi
+mi3k m5ing mi4o mi5sty m3k m1l m1m mmen5 m1n 3mo mo4da 4mop 4m5ov m1pe m3pi
+m3pl m1po m3pr m1r mse5s ms5in m5sk ms3p m3ste ms5v m3ta m3te m3ti m3tr m1ud
+1mul mu1li 3my 3na 4nak 1nal n1b n1c 4nd n3dr nd5si nd5sk nd5sp 1ne ne5a
+ne4da nemen4 nement5e neo4 n3erk n5erl ne5sl ne5st n1f n4go 4n1h 1ni 4nim
+ni5o ni3st n1ke n1ko n3kr n3ku n5kv 4n1l n1m n1n 1no n3ord n5p n3r 4ns n3si
+n1sku ns3po n1sta n5sti n1ta nta4le n1te n1ti ntiali4 n3to n1tr nt4s5t nt4su
+n3tu n3ty 4n1v 3ny n3z o3a o4as ob3li o1c o4din od5ri od5s od5un o1e of5r
+o4gek o4gel o4g5o og5re og5sk o5h o5in oi6s5e o1j o3ka o1ke o3ku o3la o3le
+o1li o1lo o3lu o5ly 1omr on3k ook5 o3or o5ov o3pi op3l op3r op3s 3opta 4or.
+or1an 3ordn ord5s o3re. o3reg o3rek o3rer o3re3s o3ret o3ri 3orient or5im
+o4r5in or3k or5o or3sl or3st o3si o3so o3t o1te o5un ov4s 3pa pa5gh p5anl
+p3d 4pec 3pen 1per pe1ra pe5s pe3u p3f 4p5h 1pla p4lan 4ple. 4pler 4ples p3m
+p3n 5pok 4po3re 3pot 4p5p4 p4ro 1proc p3sk p5so ps4p p3st p1t 1pu pu5b p5ule
+p5v 5py3 qu4 4raf ra5is 4rarb r1b r4d5ar r3dr rd4s3 4reks 1rel re5la r5enss
+5rese re5spo 4ress re3st re5s4u 5rett r1f r1gu r1h ri1e ri5la 4rimo r4ing
+ringse4 ringso4r 4rinp 4rint r3ka r1ke r1ki rk3so r3ku r1l rmo4 r5mu r1n
+ro1b ro3p r3or r3p r1r rre5s rro4n5 r1sa r1si r5skr r4sk5v rs4n r3sp r5stu
+r5su r3sv r5tal r1te r4teli r1ti r3to r4t5or rt5rat rt3re r5tri r5tro rt3s
+r5ty r3ud run4da 5rut r3va r1ve r3vi ry4s s3af 1sam sa4ma s3ap s1ar 1sat
+4s1b s1d sdy4 1se s4ed 5s4er se4se s1f 4s1g4 4s3h si4bl 1sig s5int 5sis 5sit
+5siu s5ju 4sk. 1skab 1ske s3kl sk5s4 5sky s1le s1li slo3 5slu s5ly s1m s4my
+4snin s4nit so5k 5sol 5som. 3somm s5oms 5somt 3son 4s1op sp4 3spec 4sper
+3s4pi s1pl 3sprog. s5r4 s1s4 4st. 5s4tam 1stan st5as 3stat 1stav 1ste. 1sted
+3stel 5stemo 1sten 5step 3ster. 3stes 5stet 5stj 3sto st5om 1str s1ud 3sul
+s3un 3sur s3ve 3s4y 1sy1s 5ta. 1tag tands3 4tanv 4tb tede4l teds5 3teg 5tekn
+teo1 5term te5ro 4t1f 6t3g t1h tialis5t 3tid ti4en ti3st 4t3k 4t1l tli4s5
+t1m t1n to5ra to1re to1ri tor4m 4t3p t4ra 4tres tro5v 1try 4ts t3si ts4pa
+ts5pr t3st ts5ul 4t1t t5uds 5tur t5ve 1typ u1a 5udl ud5r ud3s 3udv u1e ue4t5
+uge4ri ugs3 u5gu u3i u5kl uk4ta uk4tr u1la u1le u5ly u5pe up5l u5q u3ra u3re
+u4r3eg u1rer u3ro us5a u3si u5ska u5so us5v u1te u1ti u1to ut5r ut5s4 5u5v
+va5d 3varm 1ved ve4l5e ve4reg ve3s 5vet v5h vi4l3in 1vis v5j v5k vl4 v3le
+v5li vls1 1vo 4v5om v5p v5re v3st v5su v5t 3vu y3a y5dr y3e y3ke y5ki yk3li
+y3ko yk4s5 y3kv y5li y5lo y5mu yns5 y5o y1pe y3pi y3re yr3ek y3ri y3si y3ti
+y5t3r y5ve zi5o .så3 .ær5i .øv3r a3tø a5væ brød3 5bæ 5drøv dstå4
+3dæ 3dø e3læ e3lø e3rø er5øn e5tæ e5tø e1væ e3æ e5å 3fæ 3fø
+fø4r5en giø4 g4sø g5så 3gæ 3gø1 3gå i5tæ i3ø 3kø 3kå lingeniø4
+l3væ 5løs m5tå 1mæ 3mø 3må n3kæ n5tæ 3næ 4n5æb 5nø o5læ or3ø
+o5å 5præ 5pæd på3 r5kæ r5tæ r5tø r3væ r5æl 4røn 5rør 3råd r5år
+s4kå 3slå s4næ 5stø 1stå 1sæ 4s5æn 1sø s5øk så4r5 ti4ø 3træk.
+t4sø t5så t3væ u3læ 3værd 1værk 5vå y5væ æb3l æ3c æ3e æg5a
+æ4gek æ4g5r ægs5 æ5i æ5kv ælle4 æn1dr æ5o æ1re ær4g5r æ3ri ær4ma
+ær4mo ær5s æ5si æ3so æ3ste æ3ve øde5 ø3e ø1je ø3ke ø3le øms5
+øn3st øn4t3 ø1re ø3ri ørne3 ør5o ø1ve å1d å1e å5h å3l å3re
+års5t å5sk å3t
+Text::Hyphen::Language::DAN = Text::Hyphen::Language::DA
723 lib/text/hyphen/language/de1.rb
@@ -0,0 +1,723 @@
+# Hyphenation patterns for Text::Hyphen in Ruby: German
+# Converted from the TeX hyphenation/dehyphn.tex file, by Rechenzentrum
+# der Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum (1988, 1991); Bernd Raichle/DANTE e.V.
+# (1993, 1994, 1999); Walter Schmidt (1998 - 2001)
+# The original copyright holds and is reproduced in the source to this file.
+# The Ruby version of these patterns are copyright 2004 Austin Ziegler and
+# are available under an MIT license. See LICENCE for more information.
+# This is `dehyphn.tex', revision level 31
+# %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
+# dehyphn -- TeX-Trennmuster fuer die
+# neue deutsche Rechtschreibung
+# TeX hyphenation patterns for the
+# new German orthography
+# %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
+# Copyright (C) 1988,1991 Rechenzentrum der Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum
+# [german hyphen patterns]
+# Copyright (C) 1993,1994,1999 Bernd Raichle/DANTE e.V.
+# [macros, adaption for TeX 2]
+# Copyright (C) 1998--2001 Walter Schmidt
+# [adaption to new German orthography]
+# -----------------------------------------------------------------
+# This program can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms
+# of the LaTeX Project Public License Distributed from CTAN
+# archives in directory macros/latex/base/lppl.txt; either
+# version 1 of the License, or any later version.
+# -----------------------------------------------------------------
+# For use with TeX generated by
+# Norbert Schwarz
+# Rechenzentrum Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum
+# Universitaetsstrasse 150
+# D-44721 Bochum, Germany
+# Adaption of these patterns for TeX, Version 2.x and 3.x and
+# all fonts in T1/`Cork'/EC/DC and/or OT1/CM encoding
+# (ghyph31.tex/dehypht.tex) by
+# Bernd Raichle
+# Stettener Str. 73
+# D-73732 Esslingen, Germany
+# Email: raichle@Informatik.Uni-Stuttgart.DE
+# Adapted to new German orthography (gnhyph01.tex/dehyphn.tex) by
+# Walter Schmidt
+# Schornbaumstr. 2
+# D-91052 Erlangen, Germany
+# Email:
+# *** Please, send error reports to the latter address only! ***
+# *** ***
+# *** Please, do _not_ report errors occuring in conjunction ***
+# *** with the traditional german hyphenation patterns ***
+# *** dehypht.tex or ghyph31.tex, too. ***
+# Additional documentation can be found near the end of this file.
+if defined?(Text::Hyphen::Language::DE)
+ raise LoadError, "Text::Hyphen::Language::DE has already been defined."
+require 'text/hyphen/language'
+Text::Hyphen::Language::DE = do |lang|
+ lang.patterns <<-PATTERNS
+.aa6l .ab3a4s .ab3ei .abi2 .ab3it .ab1l .ab1r .ab3u .ad3o4r .alti6 .ana3c
+.an5alg .an1e
+.ang8s2t1 % .ang8s (des einzige Wort, das mit angs... beginnt !)
+.an1s .ap1p .ar6sc .ar6ta .ar6tei .as2z .au2f1 .au2s3 .be5erb .be3na
+.ber6t5r .bie6r5 .bim6s5t .brot3 .bru6s .ch6 .che6f5 .da8c .da2r .dar5in
+.dar5u .den6ka .de5r6en .des6pe .de8spo .de3sz .dia3s4 .dien4 .dy2s1 .ehren5
+.eine6 .ei6n5eh .ei8nen .ein5sa .en6der .en6d5r .en3k4 .en8ta8 .en8tei
+.en4t3r .epo1 .er6ban .er6b5ei .er6bla .er6d5um .er3ei .er5er .er3in .er3o4b
+.erwi5s .es1p .es8t1l .es8t1n % .es8t
+.ex1a2 .ex3em .fal6sc .fe6st5a .flu4g3 .furch8 .ga6ner .ge3n4a .ge5rö .ges6
+.halb5 .halbe6 .hal6br .haup4 .hau4t .heima6 .he4r3e .her6za .he5x .hin3
+.hir8sc .ho4c .hu3sa .hy5o .ibe5 .ima6ge .in1 .ini6 .is5chi .jagd5 .kal6k5o
+.ka6ph .ki4e .kop6f3 .kraf6 .kü5ra .lab6br .liie6 .lo6s5k .lö4s3t .ma5d
+.mi2t1 .no6th .no6top .obe8ri .ob1l .obs2 .ob6st5e .or3c .ort6s5e .ost3a
+.oste8r .pe4re .pe3ts .ph6 .po8str .rau4m3 .re5an .ro8q .ru5the .rü5be
+% .rü8stet
+.sch8 .se6e .se5n6h .se5ra .si2e .spi6ke .st4 .sy2n .tages5 .tan6kl .ta8th
+.te6e .te8str .to6der .to8nin .to6we .um1 .umpf4 .un1 .une6 .unge5n .ur1c
+.ur5en .ve6rin .vora8 .wah6l5 .we8ges .we8s2t .wes3te .wo6r .wor3a .wun4s
+.zi4e .zuch8 .ände8re .öch8 aa1c aa2gr aal5e aa6r5a a5arti aa2s1t aat2s 6aba
+ab3art 1abdr 6abel aben6dr ab5erk ab5err ab5esse 1abf 1abg 1abhä ab1ir 1abko
+a1bl ab1la 5ablag a6blaß ab4ler ab1lu a8blä 5a6blö abma5c 1abn ab1ra ab1re
+5a6brec ab1ro ab1s ab8sk abs2z 3abtei ab1ur 1abw 5abze 5abzu ab1än abäu8
+a4ce. a5chal ach5art ach5au a1che a8chent ach6er. a6ch5erf a1chi ach1l ach3m
+ach5n a1cho ach3re a1chu ach1w a1chy ach5äf ack1o acks6t ack5sta a1d 8ad.
+a6d5ac ad3ant ad8ar 5addi a8dein ade5o8 adi5en 1adj 1adle ad1op a2dre 3adres
+adt1 1adv a6dä a1e2d ae1r a1er. 1aero 8afa a3fal af1an a5far a5fat af1au
+a6fentl a2f1ex af1fr af5rau af1re 1afri af6tent af6tra aft5re a6f5um 8afä
+ag5abe 5a4gent ag8er ages5e 1aggr ag5las ag1lo a1gn ag2ne 1agog a6g5und a1ha
+a1he ah5ein a4h3erh a1hi ahl1a ah1le ah4m3ar ahn1a a5ho ahra6 ahr5ab ah1re
+ah8rei ahren8s ahre4s3 ahr8ti ah1ru a1hu ah8ö ai3d2s ai1e aif6 a3inse ai4re.
+a5isch. ais8e a3ismu ais6n aiso6 a1j 1akad a4kade a1ke a1ki 1akko 5akro1
+a5lal al5ans 3al8arm al8beb al8berw alb5la 3album al1c a1le a6l5e6be a4l3ein
+a8lel a8lerb a8lerh a6lert 5a6l5eth 1algi al4gli al3int al4lab al8lan
+al4l3ar alle3g a1lo a4l5ob al6schm al4the % altist5
+al4t3re 8a1lu alu5i a6lur alu3ta a1lä a6mate 8ame. 5a6meise am6m5ei am6mum
+am2n ampf3a am6schw am2ta a1mu a1mä a3nac a1nad anadi5e an3ako an3alp 3analy
+an3ame an3ara a1nas an5asti a1nat anat5s an8dent ande4s3 an1ec an5eis an1e2k
+4aner. a6n5erd a8nerf a6n5erke 1anfa 5anfert 1anfä 3angab 5angebo an3gli
+ang6lis an2gn 3angri ang5t6 5anhä ani5g ani4ka an5i8on an1kl an6kno an4kro
+1anl anma5c anmar4 3annah anne4s3 a1no 5a6n1o2d 5a6n3oma 5a6nord 1anr an1sa
+5anschl an4soz an1st 5anstal an1s2z 5antenn an1th 5anwä a5ny an4z3ed 5anzeig
+5anzieh 3anzug an1ä 5anäs a1nö anö8d a1os a1pa 3apfel a2ph1t aph5ä6 a1pi
+8apl apo1c apo1s a6pos2t % a6pos2te
+a6poth 1appa ap1pr a1pr a5pä a3pü a1ra a4r3af ar3all 3arbei 2arbt ar1c 2a1re
+ar3ein ar2gl 2a1ri ari5es ar8kers ar6les ar4nan ar5o6ch ar1o2d a1rol ar3ony
+a8ror a3ros ar5ox ar6schl 8artei ar6t5ri a1ru a1ry 1arzt arz1w ar8zä arä8m
+arö6 ar5öm ar1ü2 a1sa a6schec asch5l asch3m a6schn a3s4hi as1pa asp5l
+% a8steb % ueberfluessig ?
+as5tev 1asth % a6stoc % ueberfluessig ?
+a1str ast3re 8a1ta ata5c ata3la a6tapf ata5pl a1te a6teli aten5a ate5ran
+6atf 6atg a1th at3hal 1athl 2a1ti 5atlant 3atlas 8atmus 6atn a1to a6t5ops
+ato6ra a6t5ort. 4a1tr a6t5ru at2t1h at5t6hä 6a1tu atz1w a1tä a1tü au1a
+au6bre auch3a au1e aue4l 5aufent 3auffü 3aufga 1aufn auf1t 3auftr 1aufw
+3auge. au4kle aule8s 6aum au8mar aum5p 1ausb 3ausd 1ausf 1ausg au8sin
+% 3auss
+au4sta 1ausw 1ausz aut5eng au1th 1auto auße8 a1v ave5r6a aver6i a1w a6wes
+a1x a2xia a6xio a1ya a1z azi5er. 8aß 1ba 8ba8del ba1la ba1na ban6k5r ba5ot
+bardi6n ba1ro basten6 bau3sp 2b1b bb6le b2bli 2b1c 2b1d 1be be1a be8at.
+be1ch 8becht 8becke. be5el be1en bee8rei be5eta bef2 8beff be1g2 behö8 bei1s
+6b5eisen bei3tr b8el bel8o belu3t be3nac bend6o be6ners be6nerw be4nor
+ben4se6 bens5el be1nä be1nü be1o2 b8er. be1ra be8rac ber8gab. ber1r be1rü
+bes8c bes5erh bes2p be5tha bet5sc be1un be1ur 8bex be6zwec 2b1f8 % bfe6st5e
+2b1g2 bga2s5 bge1 2b1h bhole6 1bi bi1bl b6ie bi1el bi1la bilä5 bi1na bi4nok
+% bi5str
+bi6stu bi5tr bit4t5r b1j 2b1k2 bkü6 bl8 b6la. 6b1lad 6blag 8blam 1blat
+b8latt 3blau. b6lav 3ble. b1leb b1led 8b1leg 8b1leh 8bleid 8bleih 6b3lein
+% blei3s
+ble4m3o 4blich b4lind 8bling b2lio 5blit b4litz b1loh 8b1los 1blu 5blum
+2blun blut3a blut5sc 3blä bläs5c 5blö 3blü blü8sc 2b1m 2b1n 1bo bo1ch bo5d6s
+boe5 8boff 8bonk bo1ra b1ort 2b1p2 b1q 1br brail6 brast8 bre4a b5red 8bref
+8b5riem b6riga bro1s b1rup b2ruz 8bröh brös5c 8bs b1sa b8sang b2s1ar b1sc
+bs3erl bs3erz b8sof b1s2p bst1h b3stru b5stä b6sun 2b1t b2t1h 1bu bu1ie
+bul6k b8ure bu6sin 6b1v 2b1w 1by1 by6te. 8b1z % bzi1s % ueberfluessig ?
+1bä b5ä6s5 1bü b6ü5bere büge6 bügel5e bür6sc 1ca cag6 ca5la ca6re ca5y c1c
+1ce celi4c celich5 ce1ro c8h 2ch. 1chae ch1ah ch3akt cha6mer 8chanz 5chara
+3chari 5chato 6chb 1chef 6chei ch3eil ch3eis 6cherkl 6chf 4chh 5chiad 5chias
+6chins 8chj chl6 5chlor 6ch2m 2chn6 ch8nie 5cho. 8chob choi8d 6chp ch3ren
+ch6res ch3rü 2chs 2cht cht5ha cht3hi 5chthon ch6tin 6chuh chu4la 6ch3unt
+chut6t 8chw 1ci ci5tr c2k 2ck. ck1ei 4ckh ck3l ck3n ck5o8f ck1r 2cks ck5stra
+ck6s5u c2l 1c8o con6ne 8corb cos6t c3q 1c6r 8c1t 1cu 1cy 5cä1 cö5 1da. 8daas
+2dabg 8dabr 6dabt 6dabw 1dac da2gr 6d5alk 8d5amt dan6ce. dani5er dan8ker
+2danl danla6 6dans 8danzi 6danzu d1ap da2r1a8 2d1arb d3arc dar6men 4d3art
+8darz 1dat 8datm 2d1auf 2d1aus 2d1b 2d1c 2d1d d5de d3d2h ddämme8 1de 2deal
+de5an de3cha de1e defe6 6deff 2d1ehr 5d4eic de5isc de8lar del6s5e del6spr
+de4mag de8mun de8nep dene6r 8denge. 8dengen de5o6d 2deol de5ram 8derdb
+der5ein de1ro der1r d8ers der5um de4s3am de4s3an de4sau de6sil de4sin de8sor
+de4spr de2su 8deul de5us. 2d1f df2l 2d1g 2d1h 1di dia5c di5ara dice5 di3chr
+di5ena di1gn di1la dil8s di1na 8dind 6dinf 4d3inh 2d1ins di5o6d di3p4t
+di8sen dis1p di5s8per di6s5to dis3tr % dis5tra
+di8tan di8tin d1j 6dje 2dju 2d1k 2d1l 2d1m 2d1n6 dni6 dnje6 1do 6d5obe
+do6berf 6d5ony do3ran 6dord 2d1org dor4t3h % do6ste
+6doth dott8e 2d1p d5q dr4 1drah 8drak d5rand 6dre. 4drech d6reck 4d3reg
+8d3reic d5reife 8drem 8d1ren 2drer 8dres. 6d5rh 1dria d1ric 8drind droi6
+dro5x 1dru 8drut drös5c 1drü drü5b drü8sc 2ds d1sa d6san dsat6 d1sc 5d6scha.
+5dschik dse8e d8serg 8dsl d1sp d4spak ds2po d8spä d1st d1sü 2dt d1ta d1te
+d1ti d1to dt1s6 d1tu d5tä 1du du5als du1b6 du1e duf4t3r 4d3uh du5ie 8duml
+8dumw 2d1und du8ni 6d5unt dur2c durch3 6durl 6dursa 8durt dus1t % du1s
+du8schr 2d1v 2d1w dwa8l 2d1z 1dä 6däh 8dänd dä6r dö8bl d5öl dör6fl dö8sc
+d5ö4st % dös3te
+1dü ea4ben e1ac e1ah e1akt e1al. e5alf e1alg e5a8lin e1alk e1all e5alp e1alt
+e5alw e1am e1and ea6nim e1ar. e5arf e1ark e5arm e3art e5at. e6ate e6a5t6l
+e8ats e5att e6au. e1aus e1b e6b5am ebens5e eb4lie eb4ser eb4s3in e1che
+e8cherz e1chi ech3m 8ech3n ech1r ech8send ech4su e1chu eck5an e5cl e1d ee5a
+ee3e ee5g e1ei ee5isc eei4s3t ee6lend e1ell ee5lö e1erd ee3r4e ee8reng
+eere6s5 ee5rä ee6tat e1ex e1f e6fau e8fe8b 3effek ef3rom ege6ra eglo6si 1egy
+e1ha e6h5ach eh5ans e6hap eh5auf e1he e1hi ehl3a eh1le ehl5ein eh1mu ehn5ec
+e1ho ehr1a eh1re ehre6n eh1ri eh1ru ehr5um e1hu eh1w e1hy e1hä e1hö e3hüt
+ei1a eia6s ei6bar eich3a eich5r ei4dar ei6d5ei ei8derf ei3d4sc ei1e 8eifen
+3eifri 1eign eil1d ei6mab ei8mag ein1a4 ei8nat ei8nerh ei8ness ei6nete ein1g
+e8ini ein1k ei6n5od ei8nok ei4nor e3insä ei1o e1irr ei5ru ei8sab ei5schn
+ei6s5ent ei8sol ei4t3al eit3ar eit1h ei6thi ei8tho eit8samt ei6t5um e1j 1ekd
+e1ke e1ki e1k2l e1kn ekni4 e1la e2l1al 6elan e6lanf e8lanl e6l5ans el3arb
+el3arm e6l3art 5e6lasti e6lauge elbst5a e1le 6elef ele6h e6l5ehe e8leif
+e6l5einh 1elek e8lel 3eleme e6lemen e6lente el5epi e4l3err e6l5ersc elf2l
+elg2 e6l5ins ell8er 4e1lo e4l3ofe el8soh el8tent 5eltern e1lu elut2 e1lä
+e1lü em8dei em8meis 4emo emo5s 1emp1f 1empt 1emto e1mu emurk4 emurks5 e1mä
+en5a6ben en5achs en5ack e1nad en5af en5all en3alt en1am en3an. en3ant en3anz
+en1a6p en1ar en1a6s 6e1nat en3auf en3aus en2ce enda6l end5erf end5erg
+en8dess 4ene. en5eck e8neff e6n5ehr e6n5eim en3eis 6enem. 6enen e4nent
+4ener. e8nerd e6n3erf e4nerg 5energi e6n5erla en5ers e6nerst en5erw 6enes
+e6n5ess e2nex en3glo 2eni enni6s5 ennos4 enns8 e1no e6nober eno8f en5opf
+e4n3ord en8sers ens8kl en1sp ens6por en5t6ag enta5go en8terbu en6tid 3entla
+ent5ric 5entwic 5entwu 1entz enu5i e3ny en8zan en1öf e1nös e1nüg eo1c e5o6fe
+e5okk e1on. e3onf e5onk e5onl e5onr e5opf e5ops e5or. e1ord e1org eo5r6h
+eo1t e1pa e8pee e6p5e6g ep5ent e1p2f e1pi 5epid e6pidem e1pl 5epos e6pos.
+ep4p3a e1pr e1pä e1q e1ra. er5aal 8eraba e5rabel er5a6ben e5rabi er3abs
+er3ach era5e era5k6l er3all er3amt e3rand e3rane er3ans e5ranz. e1rap er3arc
+e3rari er3a6si e1rat erat3s er3auf e3raum 3erbse er1c e1re 4e5re. er3eck
+er5egg er5e2h 2erei e3rei. e8reine er5einr 6eren. e4r3enm 4erer. e6r5erm
+er5ero er5erst e4r3erz er3ess 5erfül er8gan. 5ergebn er2g5h 5ergänz 5erhöhu
+2e1ri eri5ak e6r5iat e4r3ind e6r5i6n5i6 er5ins e6r5int er5itio er1kl 3erklä
+5erlös. ermen6s er6nab 3ernst 6e1ro. e1rod er1o2f e1rog 6e3roi ero8ide e3rol
+e1rom e1ron e3rop8 e2r1or e1ros e1rot er5ox ersch4 5erstat er6t5ein er2t1h
+er5t6her 2e1ru eruf4s3 e4r3uhr er3ums e5rus 5erwerb e1ry er5zwa er3zwu erä8m
+er5äs erö8 e3rös. e6r1ü2b e1sa esa8b e8sap e6s5a6v e1sc esch4l ese1a es5ebe
+eserve5 e8sh es5ill es3int es4kop e2sl eso8b e1sp espei6s5 es2po es2pu
+5essenz e6stabs e6staf e6st5ak est3ar e8stob e1str est5res es3ur e2sz e1sü
+e1ta et8ag etari5e eta8ta e1te eten6te et5hal e5thel e1ti 1etn e1to e1tr
+et3rec e8tscha et8se et6tei et2th et2t1r e1tu etu1s et8zent et8zw e1tä e1tö
+e1tü eu1a2 eu1e eue8rei eu5fe euin5 euk2 e1um. eu6nio e5unter eu1o6 eu5p
+3europ eu1sp eu5str eu8zo e1v eval6s eve5r6en ever4i e1w e2wig ex1or 1exp
+1extr ey3er. e1z e1ä2 e5ö8 e1ü e8ßes fa6ch5i fade8 fa6del fa5el. fal6lo
+falt8e fa1na fan4gr 6fanl 6fap far6ba far4bl far6r5a 2f1art fa1sc fau8str
+fa3y 2f1b2 6f1c 2f1d 1fe 2f1eck fe6dr feh6lei f6eim 8feins f5eis fel5en
+8feltern 8femp fe5rant 4ferd. ferri8 fe8stof fe6str fe6stum fe8tag fet6ta
+fex1 2ff f1fa f6f5arm f5fe ffe5in ffe6la ffe8ler ff1f f1fla ff3lei ff4lie
+ff8sa ff6s5ta 2f1g2 fgewen6 4f1h 1fi fid4 fi3ds fieb4 fi1la fi8lei fil4m5a
+f8in. fi1na 8finf fi8scho fi6u 6f1j 2f1k2 f8lanz fl8e 4f3lein 8flib 4fling
+f2lix 6f3lon 5flop 1flor 5f8läc 3flöt 2f1m 2f1n 1fo foh1 f2on fo6na 2f1op
+fo5ra for8mei for8str for8th for6t5r fo5ru 6f5otte 2f1p8 f1q fr6 f5ram
+1f8ran f8raß f8re. frei1 5frei. f3reic f3rest f1rib 8f1ric 6frig 1fris
+fro8na fräs5t 2fs f1sc f2s1er f5str fs3tät 2ft f1tak f1te ft5e6h ftere6 ft1h
+f1ti f5to f1tr ft5rad ft1sc ft2so f1tu ftwi3d4 ft1z 1fu 6f5ums 6funf fun4ka
+fu8ßend 6f1v 2f1w 2f1z 1fä fä1c 8färm 6fäug fä8ß föde3 8föf 3för 1fü fün4f3u
+1ga ga6bl 6gabw 8gabz g3a4der ga8ho ga5isc 4gak ga1la 6g5amt ga1na gan5erb
+gan6g5a ga5nj 6ganl 8gansc 6garb 2g1arc 2g1arm ga5ro 6g3arti ga8sa ga8sc
+ga6stre 2g1atm 6g5auf gau5fr g5aus 2g1b g5c 6gd g1da 1ge ge1a2 ge6an ge8at.
+ge1e2 ge6es gef2 8geff ge1g2l ge1im 4g3eise geist5r gel8bra gelt8s ge5lö
+ge8nin gen3k 6g5entf ge3nä ge1or ge1ra ge6rab ger8au 8gerhö ger8ins ge1ro
+6g5erz. ge1rä ge1rü ge1s ges2p ge2s7te. ge2s7ten ge2s7ter ge2s7tik ge5unt
+4g3ex3 2g1f8 2g1g g1ha 6g1hei 5ghel. g5henn 6g1hi g1ho 1ghr g1hö 1gi gi5la
+gi8me. gi1na 4g3ins gis1tr % gi3str % lat. Trennregeln ?
+g1j 2g1k 8gl. 1glad g5lag glan4z3 1glas 6glass 5glaub g3lauf 1gle. g5leb
+3gleic g3lein 5gleis 1glem 2gler 8g3leu gli8a g2lie 3glied 1g2lik 1g2lim
+g6lio 1gloa 5glom 1glon 1glop g1los g4loss g5luf 1g2ly 1glü 2g1m gn8 6gn.
+1gna 8gnach 2gnah g1nas g8neu g2nie g3nis 1gno 8gnot 1go goe1 8gof 2gog
+5gogr 6g5oh goni5e 6gonist go1ra 8gord 2g1p2 g1q 1gr4 g5rahm gra8m gra4s3t
+6g1rec gre6ge 4g3reic g5reit 8grenn gri4e g5riem 5grif 2grig g5ring 6groh
+2grot gro6ß 4grut 2gs gs1ab g5sah gs1ak gs1an gs8and gs1ar gs1au g1sc gs1ef
+g5seil gs5ein g2s1er gs1in g2s1o gso2r gs1pr g2s1u 2g1t g3te g2t1h 1gu gu5as
+gu2e 2gue. 6gued 4g3uh 8gums 6g5unt % gu1s
+gut3h gu2tu 4g1v 2g1w gy1n g1z 1gä 8gä8m 6gärm 1gö 1gü 6güb 1haa hab8r
+ha8del hade4n 8hae ha5el. haf6tr 2hal. ha1la hal4b5a 6hale 8han. ha1na
+han6dr han6ge. 2hani h5anth 6hanz 6harb h3arbe h3arme ha5ro ha2t1h h1atm
+hau6san ha8ß h1b2 h1c h1d he2bl he3cho h3echt he5d6s 5heft h5e6he. hei8ds
+h1eif 2hein he3ism he5ist. heit8s3 hek6ta hel8lau 8helt he6mer 1hemm 6h1emp
+hen5end hen5klo hen6tri he2nu 8heo he8q her3ab he5rak her3an 4herap her3au
+h3erbi he1ro he8ro8b he4r3um her6z5er he4spe he1st heta6 het5am he5th heu3sc
+he1xa hey5e h1f2 h1g hgol8 h1h h1iat hie6r5i hi5kt hil1a2 hil4fr hi5nak
+hin4ta hi2nu hi5ob hirn5e hir6ner hi1sp hi1th hi5tr 5hitz h1j h6jo h1k2
+hlabb4 hla4ga hla6gr h5lai hl8am h1las h1laß hl1c h1led h3lein h5ler. h2lif
+h2lim h8linf hl5int h2lip h2lit h4lor h3lose h1läs hme5e h2nee h2nei hn3eig
+h2nel hne8n hne4p3f hn8erz h6netz h2nip h2nit h1nol hn5sp h2nuc h2nud h2nul
+hoch1 1hoh hoh8lei 2hoi ho4l3ar 1holz h2on ho1ra 6horg 5horn. ho3sl hos1p
+ho4spi h1p hpi6 h1q 6hr h1rai h8rank h5raum hr1c hrcre8 h1red h3reg h8rei.
+h4r3erb h8rert hrg2 h1ric hr5ins h2rom hr6t5erl hr2t1h hr6t5ra hr8tri h6rum
+hr1z hs3ach h6s5amt h1sc h6s5ec h6s5erl hs8erle h4sob h1sp h8spaß h8spel
+hs6po h4spun h1str h4s3tum hs3und h1sü h5ta. h5tab ht3ac ht1ak ht3ang h5tanz
+ht1ar ht1at h5taub h1te h2t1ec ht3eff ht3ehe h4t3eif h8teim h4t3ein ht3eis
+h6temp h8tentf hte8ren h6terfü h8tergr h4t3erh h6t5ersc h8terst h8tese
+h8tess h2t1eu h4t3ex ht1he ht5hu h1ti ht5rak hts3ah ht1sc ht6sex ht8sk ht8so
+h1tu htz8 h5tüm hub5l hu6b5r huh1l h5uhr. huld5a6 hu8lent hu8lä h5up. h1v
+h5weib h3weis h1z hä8kl häl8s häma8tu8 hä8sche. hät1s häu4s3c 2hö. 2höe 8höi
+hö6s hös5c hühne6 hül4s3t hütte8re i5adn i1af i5ak. i1al. i1al1a i1alb i1ald
+i5alei i1alf i1alg i3alh i1alk i1all i1alp i1alr i1als i1alt i1alv i5alw
+i3alz i1an. ia5na i3and ian8e ia8ne8b i1ang i3ank i5ann i1ant i1anz i6apo
+i1ar. ia6rab i5arr i1as. i1asm i1ass i5ast. i1at. i5ats i1au i5azz i6b5eig
+i6b5eis ib2le i4blis i6brig i6b5unt i6büb i1che ich5ei i6cherb i1chi ich5ins
+ich1l ich3m ich1n i1cho icht5an icht3r i1chu ich1w ick6s5te ic5l i1d id3arm
+3ideal ide8na 3ideol ide5rö i6diot id5rec id1t ie1a ie6b5ar iebe4s3 ie2bl
+ieb1r ie8bra ie4bre ie8bä ie2dr ie1e8 ie6f5ad ief5f ie2f1l ie4fro ief1t i1ei
+ie4l3ec ie8lei ie4lek i3ell i1en. i1end ien6e i3enf i5enn ien6ne. i1enp
+i1enr i5ensa ien8stal i5env i1enz ie5o ier3a4b ie4rap i2ere ie4rec ie6r5ein
+ie6r5eis ier8er i3ern. ie8rum ie8rund ie6s5che ie6tau ie8tert ie5the ie6t5ri
+i1ett ie5un iex5 2if i1fa if5ang i6fau if1fr if5lac i5f6lie i1fre ift5a
+if6t5r ig3art 2ige i8gess ig5he i5gla ig2ni i5go ig3rot ig3s2p i1ha i8ham
+i8hans i1he i1hi ih1n ih1r i1hu i8hum ih1w 8i1i ii2s ii2t i1j i1k i6kak
+i8kerz i6kes ik4ler i6k5unt 2il i5lac i1lag il3ans i5las i1lau il6auf i1le
+ile8h i8lel il2fl il3ipp il6l5enn i1lo ilt8e i1lu i1lä i8mart imb2 i8mele
+i8mid imme6l5a i1mu i1mä i5mö ina5he i1nat in1au inau8s 8ind. in4d3an 5index
+ind2r 3indus i5nec i2n1ei i8nerw 3infek 1info 5ingeni ing5s6o 5inhab ini5er.
+5inj in8kät in8nan i1no inoi8d in3o4ku in5sau in1sp 5inspe 5instit 5instru
+ins4ze 5intere 5interv in3the in5t2r i5ny inä2 i1när in1äs inö8 in5öd i1nös
+2io io1a8 io1c iode4 io2di ioi8 i1ol. i1om. i1on. i5onb ion2s1 i1ont i5ops
+i5o8pt i1or. i3oral io3rat i5orc i1os. i1ot. i1o8x 2ip i1pa i1pi i1p2l i1pr
+i1q i1ra ir6bl i1re i1ri ir8me8d ir2m1o2 ir8nak i1ro ir5rho ir6schl ir6sch5r
+i5rus i5ry i5rä i1sa i8samt i6sar i2s1au i8scheh i8schei isch5m isch3r
+ischä8 is8ele ise3ra i4s3erh is3err isi6de i8sind is4kop ison5e is6por
+i8s5tum i5sty i5sö i1ta it5ab. i2t1a2m i8tax i1te i8tersc i1thi i1tho i5thr
+it8hä i1ti i8ti8d iti6kl itmen4 i1to i8tof it3ran it3rau i1tri itri5o it1sc
+it2se it5spa it8tru i1tu it6z5erg it6z1w i1tä itä6r5e ität2 itäts5 i1tü i1u
+iu6r 2i1v i6vad iva8tin i8vei i6v5ene i8verh i2vob i8vur i1w iwi2 i5xa i1xe
+i1z ize8n i8zir i6z5w iä8m i1ä6r i5ät. i5äv i1ö8 iü8 i6ß5ers ja5la je2t3r
+6jm 5jo jo5as jo1ra jou6l ju5cha jugen4 jugend5 jung5s6 % ju1s
+3jä 1ka 8kachs 8kakz ka1la kal5d kam5t ka1na 2kanl 8kapf ka6pl ka5r6a
+6k3arbe ka1ro kar6p5f 4k3arti 8karz ka1rä kasi5e ka6teb kat8ta kauf6s kau3t2
+2k1b 2k1c 4k1d kehr6s kehrs5a 8keic 2k1eig 6k5ein 6k5eis ke6lar ke8leis
+ke8lo 8kemp k5ente. k3entf 8k5ents 6kentz ke1ra k5erlau 2k1f8 2k1g 2k1h
+ki5fl 8kik king6s5 6kinh ki5os ki5sp ki5th 8ki8ö 2k1k2 kl8 1kla 8klac
+k5lager kle4br k3leib 3kleid kle5isc 4k3leit k3lek 6k5ler. 5klet 2klic 8klig
+k2lim k2lin 5klip 5klop k3lor 1klä 2k1m kmani5e kn8 6kner k2ni knä8 1k2o
+ko1a2 ko6de. ko1i koi8t ko6min ko1op ko1or ko6pht ko3ra kor6d5er ko5ru
+ko5t6sc k3ou 3kow 6k5ox 2k1p2 k1q 1kr8 4k3rad 2k1rec 4k3reic kre5ie 2krib
+6krig 2krip 6kroba 2ks k1sa k6sab ksal8s k8samt k6san k1sc k2s1ex k5spat
+k5spe k8spil ks6por k1spr kst8 k2s1uf 2k1t kta8l kt5a6re k8tein kte8re k2t1h
+k8tinf kt3rec kt1s 1ku ku1ch kuck8 k3uhr ku5ie kum2s1 kunfts5 kun2s kunst3
+ku8rau ku4ro kurz1 % ku1st
+4kusti ku1ta ku8ß 6k1v 2k1w ky5n 2k1z 1kä kä4m 4k3ämi käse5 1kö kö1c kö1s
+1kü kü1c kür6sc % kü1s
+1la. 8labf 8labh lab2r 2l1abs lach3r la8dr 5ladu 8ladv 6laff laf5t la2gn
+5laken 8lamb la6mer 5lampe. 2l1amt la1na 1land lan4d3a lan4d3r lan4gr 8lanme
+6lann 8lanw 6lanä 8lappa lap8pl lap6pr l8ar. la5ra lar4af la8rag la8ran
+la6r5a6s l3arbe la8rei 6larm. la8sa la1sc la8sta lat8i 6l5atm 4lauss 4lauto
+1law 2lb l8bab l8bauf l8bede l4b3ins l5blo lbst5an lbst3e 8lc l1che l8chert
+l1chi lch3m l5cho lch5w 6ld l4d3ei ld1re l6düb le2bl le8bre lecht6s5 led2r
+6leff le4gas 1lehr lei6br le8inf 8leinn 5leistu 4lektr le6l5ers lemo2 8lemp
+l8en. 8lends 6lendun le8nend len8erw 6l5ents 4l3entw 4lentz 8lenzy 8leoz
+6lepi le6pip 8lepo 1ler l6er. 8lerbs 6l5erde le8reis le8rend le4r3er 4l3erg
+l8ergr 6lerkl 6l5erzie 8lerö 8lesel lesi5e le3sko le3tha let1s 5leuc 4leuro
+leu4s3t le5xe 6lexp l1f 2l1g lgend8 l8gh lglie3 lglied6 6l1h 1li li1ar li1as
+2lick li8dr li1en lien6n li8ers li8ert 2ließ 3lig li8ga8b li1g6n li1l8a
+8limb li1na 4l3indu lings5 4l3inh 6linj link4s3 4linkt 2lint 8linv
+% lion5s6t
+4lipp 5lipt 4lisam livi5e 6l1j 6l1k l8keim l8kj lk2l lko8f lkor8 lk2sa lk2se
+6ll l1la ll3a4be l8labt ll8anl ll1b ll1c ll1d6 l1le l4l3eim l6l5eise ller3a
+l4leti l5lip l1lo ll3ort ll5ov ll6spr llte8 l1lu ll3urg l1lä l5lü l6lüb 2l1m
+l6m5o6d 6ln l1na l1no 8lobl lo6br 3loch. l5o4fen 5loge. 5lohn 4l3ohr 1lok
+l2on 4l3o4per lo1ra 2l1ord 6lorg 4lort lo1ru 1los. lo8sei 3losig lo6ve lowi5
+6l1p lp2f l8pho l8pn lp4s3te l2pt l1q 8l1r 2ls l1sa l6sarm l1sc l8sec
+l6s5erg l4s3ers l8sh l5s6la l1sp ls4por ls2pu l1str l8suni l1sü 2l1t lt5amp
+l4t3ein l5ten l6t5eng l6t5erp l4t3hei lt3her l2t1ho l6t5i6b lti1l l8trö
+lt1sc lt6ser lt4s3o lt5ums lu8br lu2dr lu1en8 8lu8fe luft3a luf8tr lu6g5r
+2luh l1uhr lu5it 5luk 2l1umf 2l1umw 1lun 6l5u6nio 4l3unte lu5ol 4lurg 6lurs
+l3urt lu4sto lus1tr % lu3str % lat. Trennregeln ?
+lu6st5re lu8su lu6tal lu6t5e6g lu8terg lu3the lu6t5or lu2t1r lu6ß5 l1v
+lve5r6u 2l1w 1ly lya6 6lymp ly1no l8zess l8zo8f l3zwei lz5wu 3länd lä5on
+lä6sc lät1s 5läuf 2läug läu6s5c lä5v l1öl 1lös lö1ß6t 6l1übe 1ma 8mabg
+ma5chan mad2 ma5el 4magg mag8n ma1la ma8lau mal5d 8malde mali5e malu8 ma8lut
+2m1amp 3man mand2 man3ds 8mangr mani5o 8m5anst 6mappa 4m3arbe mar8kr ma1r4o
+mar8schm 3mas ma1sc ma1tö 4m5auf ma5yo 2m1b mb6r 2m1c 2m1d md6sä 1me me1ch
+me5isc 5meld mel8sa 8memp me5nal men4dr men8schl men8schw 8mentsp me1ra
+mer4gl me1ro 3mes me6s5ei meta3s2 % R31
+me1th me8ß 2m1f6 2m1g 2m1h 1mi mi1a mi6ale mi1la 2m1imm mi1na mi5nü mi4s3an
+mit1h mi5t6ra 3mitt mitta8 mi6ß5 6mj 2m1k8 2m1l 2m1m m6mad m6m5ak m8menth
+m8mentw mme6ra m2mn mm5sp mm5ums mmut5s m8män m1n8 m5ni 1mo mo5ar mo4dr 8mof
+mo8gal mo4kla mol5d m2on mon8do mo4n3od mon2s1tr % lat. Trennregeln ?
+mont8a 6m5ony mopa6 mo1ra mor8d5a mo1sc mo1sp 5mot moy5 2mp m1pa mpfa6 mpf3l
+mphe6 m1pi mpin6 m1pl mp2li m2plu mpo8ste m1pr mprä5 mp8th mput6 mpu5ts m1pö
+8m1q 2m1r 2ms ms5au m1sc msch4l ms6po m3spri m1str 2m1t mt1ar m8tein m2t1h
+mt6se mt8sä mu5e 6m5uh mumi1 1mun mun6dr muse5e mu1ta 2m1v mvol2 mvoll3 2m1w
+1my 2m1z mä6kl 1män mä1s mä5tr mäu4s3c 3mäß möb2 6möl 1mü 5mün 3müt 1na.
+n5ab. 8nabn n1abs n1abz na6bä na2c nach3e 3nacht 1nae na5el n1afr 1nag 1n2ah
+na8ha na8ho 1nai 6nair na4kol n1akt nal1a 8naly 1nama na4mer na1mn n1amp
+8n1amt 5nanc nan6ce n1and n6and. 2n1ang 1nani 1nann n1ans 8nanw 5napf.
+1n2ar. na2ra 2n1arc n8ard 1nari n8ark 6n1arm 5n6ars 2n1art n8arv 6natm
+nat6s5e 1naue 4nauf n3aug 5naui n5auk na5um 6nausb 6nauto 1nav 2nax 3naz
+1naß n1b2 nbau5s n1c nche5e nch5m 2n1d nda8d n2d1ak nd5ans n2d1ei nde8lac
+ndel6sa n8derhi nde4se nde8stal n2dj ndnis5 n6d5or6t nd3rec nd3rot nd8samt
+nd6sau ndt1h n8dumd 1ne ne5as ne2bl 6n5ebn 2nec 5neei ne5en ne1g4l 2negy
+4n1ein 8neis 4n3e4lem 8nemb 2n1emp nen1a 6n5energ nen3k 8nentb 4n3en3th
+8nentl 8n5entn 8n5ents ne1ra ne5r8al ne8ras 8nerbi 6n5erde. nere5i6d nerfor6
+6n5erhö 8nerlö 2n1err n8ers. 6n5ertra 2n1erz nesi3e net1h neu4ra neu5sc
+8neuß n1f nf5f nf2l nflei8 nf5lin nft8st n8g5ac ng5d ng8en nge8ram ngg2 ng1h
+n6glic ng3rip ng8ru ng2se4 ng2si n2g1um n1gy n8gäl n1h nhe6r5e 1ni ni1bl
+ni5chä ni8dee n6ie ni1en nie6s5te niet5h ni8etn 4n3i6gel n6ik ni1la 2n1imp
+ni5na 2n1ind 8ninf 6n5inh ni8nit 6n5inn 2n1ins 4n1int n6is nis1tr % ni3str
+% lat. Trennregeln ?
+ni1th ni1tr n1j n6ji n8kad nk5ans n1ke n8kerla n1ki nk5inh n5klö n1k2n
+n8k5not nk3rot n8krü nk5spo nk6t5r n8kuh n6küb n5l6 nli4mi n1m nmen4s n1na
+n8nerg nni5o n1no nn4t3ak nnt1h nnu1e n1ny n1nä n1nö n1nü no5a no4b3la
+4n3obs 2nobt noche8 no6die no4dis no8ia no5isc 6n5o6leu no4mal noni6er
+2n1onk n1ony 4n3o4per 6nopf 6nopti no3ra no4ram nor6da 4n1org 2n1ort n6os
+no1st 8nost. no8tan no8ter noty6pe 6n5ox n1p2 n1q n1r nrös3 6ns n1sac ns3ang
+n1sc n8self n8s5erf n8serg n6serk ns5erw n8sint n1s2pe n1spr n6s5tat.
+% n5s6te.
+n6stob n1str n1ta n4t3a4go nt5anh nt3ark nt3art n1te nt3eis nte5n6ar nte8nei
+nter3a nte6rei nt1ha nt6har n3ther nt5hie n3thus n1ti nti1c n8tinh nti1t
+ntlo6b ntmen8 n1to nt3o4ti n1tr ntra5f ntra5ut nt8rea nt3rec nt8rep n4t3rin
+nt8rop n4t3rot n4trü nt1s nts6an nt2sk n1tu nt1z n1tä n1tö n8töl n1tü 1nu
+nu1a nu5el nu5en 4n1uhr nu5ie 8numl 6n5ums 6n5umw 2n1und 6nuni 6n5unr 2n1unt
+2nup 2nu6r n5uri nu3skr nu5ta n1v 8n1w 1nys n1za n6zab n2z1ar n6zaus nzi4ga
+n8zof n6z5unt n1zw n6zwir 1näc 5näe 5näi n8äl nä6m nä6re n5ärz 5näus n1öl
+1nöt n5öz 5nü. 6n1ü2b 5nüß o5ab. oa2l o8ala o1a2m o1an ob1ac obe4ra o6berh
+5o4bers o4beru obe6ser 1obj o1bl o2bli ob5sk 3obst. ob8sta obst5re ob5sz
+o1che oche8b o8chec o3chi och1l och3m ocho8f o3chro och3to o3chu och1w o1d
+o2d1ag od2dr ode5i ode6n5e od1tr o5e6b o5e6der. oe8du o1ef o1e2l o1e2p o1er.
+o5e8x o1fa of8fan 1offi of8fin of6f5la o5fla o1fr 8o1g og2n o1ha o1he
+o6h5eis o1hi ohl1a oh1le oh4l3er 5ohm. oh2ni o1ho oh1re oh1ru o1hu oh1w o1hy
+o1hä o5ia o1id. o8idi oi8dr o5ids o5isch. oiset6 o1ism o3ist. o5i6tu o1j o1k
+ok2l ok3lau o8klä 1okta o1la old5am old5r o1le ole5in ole1r ole3u ol6gl
+ol2kl olk4s1 ol8lak ol8lauf. ol6lel ol8less o1lo ol1s ol2ster ol6sk o1lu
+oly1e2 5olym o2mab om6an o8mau ombe4 o8merz om5sp o1mu o8munt o1mä o1mö o1na
+ona8m on1ax on8ent o6n5erb 8oni oni5er. on1k on6n5a6b o1no ono1c o4nokt 1ons
+onts8 o1nä oo8f 1oog oo2pe oo2sa o1pa 3o4pera o3pfli opf3lo opf3r o1pi o1pl
+o2pli o5p6n op8pa op6pl o1pr o3p4ter 1opti o1pä o5pö o1q o1ra. o3rad o8radd
+1oram o6rang o5ras o8rauf or5cha or4d3a4m or8dei or8deu 1ordn or4dos o1re
+o5re. ore2h o8r5ein ore5isc or6enn or8fla or8fli 1orga 5orgel. or2gl o1ri
+5o6rient or8nan or8nä o1ro or1r2h or6t5an or8tau or8tere o1rus o1ry o1rä
+or1ü2 o1sa osa3i 6ose o8serk o1sk o6ske o6ski os2kl os2ko os2kr osni5e
+o2s1o2d o3s4per o4stam o6stau o3stra ost3re osu6 o6s5ur o5s6ze o1ta ot3auf
+o6taus o1te o6terw o1th othe5u o2th1r o1ti o1to oto1a ot1re o1tri o1tro
+ot1sc o3tsu ot6t5erg ot2t3h ot2t5r ot8tö o1tu ou3e ouf1 ou5f6l o5u6gr ou5ie
+ou6rar ou1t6a o1v o1wa o1we o6wer. o1wi owid6 o1wo o5wu o1xe oy5al. oy1e
+oy1i o5yo o1z oza2r 1o2zea ozo3is oö8 oß5elt oß1t 3paa pa6ce 5pad pag2 1pak
+pa1la pa8na8t pani5el pa4nor pan1s2 1pap pap8s pa8rei par8kr paro8n par5o6ti
+part8e 5partei 3partn pas6sep pa4tha 1pau 6paug pau3sc p1b 8p5c 4p1d 1pe
+4peic pe5isc 2pek pen3k pen8to8 p8er pe1ra pere6 per5ea per5eb pe4rem 2perr
+per8ran 3pers 4persi pe3rü pe4sta pet2s p2f1ec p4fei pf1f pf2l 5pflanz
+pf8leg pf3lei 2pft pf3ta p1g 1ph 2ph. 2p1haf 6phb 8phd 6p5heit ph5eme 6phg
+phi6e 8phk 6phn p5holl pht2 ph3tha 4ph3the phu6 6phz pi1en pi5err pi1la
+pi1na 5pinse pioni8e 1pis pi1s2k pi1th p1k pl8 5pla p2lau 4plei p3lein 2pler
+6p5les 2plig p6lik 6p5ling p2liz plo8min 6p1m p1n 1p2o 8poh 5pol po8lan
+poly1 po3ny po1ra 2porn por4t3h po5rö 5poti p1pa p6p5ei ppe6la pp5f p2p1h
+p1pi pp1l ppp6 pp5ren pp1s pp2ste p5pö pr6 3preis 1pres 2p3rig 5prinz 1prob
+1prod 5prog pro8pt pro6t5a prote5i 8proß prä3l 1präs präte4 1prüf p5schl
+2pst 1p2sy p1t p8to8d pt1s 5p6ty 1pu pu1b2 2puc pu2dr puf8fr 6p5uh pun8s
+pu8rei pu5s6h pu1ta p1v p3w 5py py5l p1z pä6der p5ä6m pä8nu 8pär pät5h pät1s
+qu6 1qui 8rabk ra6bla 3rable ra2br r1abt 6rabz ra4dan ra2dr 5rafal ra4f3er
+ra5gla ra2g3n 6raha ral5am 5rald 4ralg ra8lins 2rall ral5t 8ramei r3anal
+r6and ran8der ran4dr 8ranf 6ranga 5rangi ran8gli r3angr rans5pa 8ranw r8anz.
+ra5or 6rapf ra5pl rap6s5er 2r1arb 1rarh r1arm ra5ro 2r1art 6r1arz ra8tei
+ra6t5he 6ratl ra4t3ro r5atta raue4n 6raus. r5austa rau8tel raut5s ray1 r1b
+rb5lass r6bler rb4lie rbon6n r8brecht rb6s5tä r8ces r1che rch1l rch3m rch3re
+rch3tr rch1w 8rd r1da r8dachs r8dap rda5ro rde5ins rdio5 r8dir rd3ost r1dr
+r8drau 1re. re1ak 3reakt re3als re6am. re1as 4reben re6bl rech5a r8edi re3er
+8reff 3refl 2reh 5reha r4ei. reich6s5 8reier 6reign re5imp 4r3eina 6r3einb
+6reing 6r5einn 6reinr 4r3eins r3eint reli3e 8r5elt 6rempf 2remt ren5a6b
+ren8gl r3enni 1reno 5rente 4r3enth 8rentl 4r3entw 8rentz ren4zw re1on requi5
+1rer rer4bl 6rerbs 4r3erd 8rerhö 8rerkl 4r3erla 8rerlö 4r3erns 6r5ernä rer5o
+6r5erreg r5ertr r5erwec r5erö re2sa re8schm 2ress re5u8ni 6rewo 2r1ex r1f
+r8ferd rf4lie 8r1g r8gah rge4bl rge5na rgest4 rg6ne r2gni2 r8gob r4g3ret
+rg8sel r1h8 r2hy 5rhyt ri1ar ri5cha rid2g r2ie rieg4s5 ri8ei ri1el ri6ele
+ri1en ri3er. ri5ers. ri6fan ri8fer ri8fr 1r2ig ri8kn ri5la rimä8 ri1na
+r8inde rin4ga rin6gr 1rinn 6rinner rino1 r8insp 4rinst ri1nä ri5o6ch ri1o2d
+ri3o6st 2r1ir r2is ri3sko ri8spr % ri8stü
+ri5sv r2it 6r5i6tal ri5tr ri6ve. 8r1j 6rk r1ke rkehrs5 r1ki r3klin r1k2n
+rk3str rk4t3an rk6to r6kuh rkä4s3t r1l r5li rline5a 6r1m r6manl rma4p
+r4m3aph r8minf r8mob rm5sa 2rn r1na rna8be r5ne rn2ei r6neif r6nex r6nh rn1k
+r1no r6n5oc rn1sp r1nä r1nü ro6bern 6robs ro1ch 3rock. ro5de ro1e 4rofe
+ro8hert 1rohr ro5id ro1in ro5isc 6rolym r2on 6roog ro6phan r3ort ro1s2p
+ro5s6w ro4tau ro1tr ro6ts 5rout r1p rpe8re rp2f r2ps r2pt r1q 2rr r1ra r1re
+rrer6 rr6hos r5rhö r1ri r1ro rro8f rr8or rror5a r1ru r3ry r1rä r1rö r1rü
+2r1s r2ste r2sti % aber: 3ste... s.u.!
+r6sab r4sanf rse6e rse5na r2sh r6ska r6ski rs2kl r8sko r2sl rs2p r6stauf
+r8sterw r8stran rswi3d4 r2sz 2r1t rt3art r8taut r5tei rt5eige r8tepe r4t3erh
+r8terla r4t3hei r5t6hu r4t3int rt5reif rt1sc rt6ser rt6s5o rt6s5u rt5und
+r8turt rube6 ru1en 1r4uf ruf4st ru1ie 2r1umg 2r1uml 2rums run8der run4d5r
+6rundz 6runf 8runs 2r1unt 2r1ur r6us ru6sta rus1tr % ru3str
+% lat. Trennregeln ?
+ru6tr 1ruts r1v rven1 rvi2c r1w r1x r1za rz5ac r6z5al r8z1ar r8zerd r6z5erf
+rz8erh rz4t3h r8zum rä4ste räu8sc r1öf 5röhr rö5le 3röll 5römis r1ör rö2sc
+3rümp 1sa. 1saa s3a4ben sa2bl 2s1abs 6s1abt 6sabw 3sack. 6s3a4der 1saf sa1fa
+4s1aff sa5fr 1sag 1sai sa1i2k1 4s1akt 1sal sa1la 4s3alpi 6salter salz3a 1sam
+s5anb san2c 1sand s5angeh 6sanl 2s1ans 6s3antr 8s1anw s1ap s6aph 8sapo
+sap5p6 s8ar. 2s1arb 3sarg s1arm sa5ro 2s1art 6s1arz 1sas 1sat sat8a 2s1atl
+sa8tom 3s8aue s5auff sau5i s6aur 2s1aus 5s6ause 2s1b2 2sca s4ce 8sch. 3scha.
+5schade 3schaf 3schal sch5ame 8schanc 8schb 1sche 6schef 8schex 2schf 2schg
+2schh 1schi 2schk 5schlag 5schlu 6schmäß 6schnaß 1scho 6schord 6schp 3schri
+8schric 8schrig 8schrou 6schs 2scht sch3ta sch3tr 1schu 8schunt 6schv 2schz
+5schö 5schü 2sco scre6 6scu 2s1d 1se se5an se1ap se6ben se5ec see5i6g se3erl
+8seff se6han se8hi se8hö 6s5eid. 2s1eig s8eil 5sein. sei5n6e 6s5einh 3s8eit
+3sel. se4lar selb4 6s3e4lem se8lerl 2s1emp sen3ac se5nec 6s5ents 4sentz
+s8er. se8reim ser5inn 8sermä 8s5erzi 6seröf se1um 8sexa 6sexp 2s1f2 sfal8ler
+2s3g2 sge5b2 s1h s8hew 5s6hip 5s4hop 1si 2siat si1b sicht6s 6s5i6dee
+siege6s5 si1en si5err si1f2 si1g2n si6g5r si8kau sik1i si4kin si2kl si8kü
+si1la sil6br si1na 2s1inf sin5gh 2s1inh sinne6s5 2s1ins si5ru si5str 4s1j
+s1k2 6sk. 2skau skel6c skelch5 s6kele 1s2ki. 3s4kin. s6kiz s8kj 6skn 2skow
+3skrib 3skrip 2sku 8skü s1l s8lal slei3t s4low 2s1m s1n 6sna 6snot 1so so1ch
+2s1odo so4dor 6s5o4fen solo3 s2on so5of 4sope so1ra 2s1ord 4sorga sou5c
+so3un 4s3ox sp2 8spaa 5spal 1span 2spap s2pec s4peis 1spek s6perg 4spers
+s6pes 2s1pf 8sphi 1s2phä 1spi spi4e 6s5pig 6spinse 2spis 2spla 2spol 5s6pom
+6s5pos 6spoti 1spra 3s8prec 6spreis 5spring 6sprob 1spru s2pul 1s2pur 6spy
+5spän 1spü s1q 2s1r % 2s1s2
+% 2s1sa 2s1se 2s1si 2s1so 2s1sä 2s1sö 2s1sü 2s1sch
+2ssa 2sse 2ssi 2sso 2ssä 2ssö 2ssü 2s1sch sse8nu ssini6s ssoi6r 2st. 1sta
+4stafe 2stag sta3la 6stale 4s2talg 8stalk 8stamt 6st5anf 4stans 6stanw
+6starb sta4te 6staus 2stb 6stc 6std s1te % 1ste
+4steil % 8stemb % ueberfluessig ?
+6steppi % 8stese % ueberfluessig ?
+8stesse 6stf 2stg 2sth st1ha st3hei s8t1hi st1ho st5hu s1ti % 1sti
+s2ti4el % sti4el
+4s2tigm % sti3na
+6s2tind % 6stind
+4s2tinf s2ti8r 2stk 2stl 2stm 1sto 6stoll. 4st3ope 6stopf. 6stord 6stp
+% 5stra. % ueberfluessig ?
+4strai s3tral % 3s4tral % lat. Trennregeln ?
+6s5traum 3straß 3strec 6s3tref 8streib 5streif 6streno 6stres 6strev
+% 5s6tria % lat. Trennregeln ?
+2st5rig % 5strik % ueberfluessig ?
+8s2t1ris % 8strisi
+% 3s4troa % ueberfluessig ?
+s8troma st5rose 2s1trua % R29
+4struf 3strum 6sträg 2st1s6 2stt 1stu stu5a 4stuc 2stue 8stun. 2stv 2stw
+s2tyl 6stz 1stä 8stäg 1stö 1stü 8stüch 4stür. 1su su2b1 3suc su1e su2fe
+su8mar 6sumfa 8sumk 2s1unt sup1p2 6s5u6ran 6surte 2s1v 2s1w 1sy 8syl. sy5la
+syn1 sy2na syne4 s1z s4zend 5s6zene. 8szu 1sä 6s5änd 6säugi 6säuß 5söm
+2s1ü2b 1süc sü8di 1sün 5süß taats3 4tab. taba6k ta8ban tab2l ta6bre 4tabs
+t3absc 8tabz 6t3acht ta6der 6tadr tad6s tad2t 1tafe4 1tag ta6ga6 ta8gei
+tage4s tag6s5t tah8 tahl3 tai6ne. ta5ir. tak8ta tal3au 1tale ta8leng tal5ert
+6t5a6mer 6tamp tampe6 2t1amt tan5d6a tan8dr tands5a tani5e 6tanl 2tanr t3ans
+8t5antr tanu6 t5anw 8tanwa tan8zw ta8rau 6tarbe 1tari 2tark 2t1arm ta1ro
+2tart t3arti 6tarz ta1sc ta6sien ta8stem ta8sto t5aufb 4taufn 8taus. 5tause
+8tausf 6tausg t5ausl 2t1b2 2t1c t6chu 2t1d te2am tea4s te8ben 5techn 4teff
+te4g3re te6hau 2tehe te4hel 2t1ehr te5id. teig5l 6teign tei8gr 1teil 4teinh
+t5einhe 4teis t5eisen 8teiw te8lam te4lar 4telek 8telem te6man te6n5ag
+ten8erw ten5k tens4p ten8tro 4t3entw 8tentz te6pli 5teppi ter5a6b te3ral
+ter5au 8terbar t5erbe. 6terben 8terbs 4t3erbt t5erde. ter5ebe ter5ein
+te8rers terf4 8terhö 6terklä ter8nor ter6re. t8erscha t5e6sel te8stau t3euro
+te1xa tex3e 8texp tex6ta 2t1f2 2t1g2 2th. th6a 5tha. 2thaa 6t1hab 6t5haf
+t5hah 8thak 3thal. 6thals 6t3hand 2t1hau 1the. 3t4hea t1heb t5heil t3heit
+t3helf 1theo 5therap 5therf 6t5herz 1thes 1thet 5thi. 2t1hil t3him 8thir
+3this t5hj 2th1l 2th1m th1n t5hob t5hof 4tholz 6thopti 1thr6 4ths t1hum 1thy
+4t1hä 2t1hö t1hü ti1a2m ti1b tie6fer ti1en ti8gerz tig3l ti8kin ti5lat 1tilg
+t1ind tin4k3l ti3spa ti5str 5tite ti5tr ti8vel ti8vr 2t1j 2t1k2 2t1l tl8a
+2t1m8 2t1n 3tobe 8tobj to3cha 5tocht 8tock tode4 to8del to8du to1e 6t5o6fen
+to1in toi6r 5toll. to8mene t2ons 2t1ony to4per 5topf. 6topt to1ra to1s
+to2ste to6ska tos2l 2toti to1tr t8ou 2t1p2 6t1q tr6 tra5cha tra8far traf5t
+1trag tra6gl tra6gr t3rahm 1trai t6rans tra3sc tra6st 3traue t4re. 2trec
+t3rech t8reck 6t1red t8ree 4t1reg 3treib 4treif 8t3reis 8trepo tre6t5r t3rev
+4t3rez 1trib t6rick tri6er 2trig t8rink tri6o5d trizi5 tro1a 3troc trocke6
+troi8d tro8man. tro3ny 5tropf 6t5rosa t5roß 5trub 5trup trut5 1träg 6t1röh
+5trüb trü3bu t1rüc t1rüs 2ts ts1ab t1sac tsa8d ts1ak t6s5alt ts1an ts1ar
+ts3auf t3schr t5schä tse6e tsee5i tsein6s ts3ent ts1er t8serf t4serk t8sh
+5t6sik t4s3int ts5ort. t5s6por t6sprei t1st t2ste t6s5tanz ts1th t6stit
+t4s3tor 1t2sua t2s1uf t8sum. t2s1u8n t2s1ur 2t1t tt5eif tte6sa tt1ha tt8ret
+tt1sc tt8ser tt5s6z 1tuc tuch5a 1tu1e 6tuh t5uhr tu1i tu6it 1tumh 6t5umr
+1tums 8tumt 6tund 6tunf 2t1unt tu5ra tu6rau tu6re. tu4r3er 2t1v 2t1w 1ty1
+ty6a ty8la 8tym 6ty6o 2tz tz5al tz1an tz1ar t8zec tzeh6 tzehn5 t6z5ei. t6zor
+t4z3um t6zäu 5täg 6täh t5ält t8än täre8 8tä8st 6täuß t5öffen 8tö8k 1tön 4tüb
+t6ü5ber. 5tüch 1tür. u3al. u5alb u5alf u3alh u5alk u3alp u3an. ua5na u3and
+u5ans u5ar. ua6th u1au ua1y u2bab ubi5er. u6b5rit ubs2k u5bö u8büb 2uc u1che
+u6ch5ec u1chi uch1l uch3m uch5n uch1r uch5to ucht5re u1chu uch1w uck1a
+uck5in u1d ud4a u1ei u6ela uene8 u6ep u1er uer1a ue8rerl uer5o u8esc u2est
+u8ev u1fa u2f1ei u4f3ent u8ferh uf1fr uf1l uf1ra uf1re uf1rä uf1rü uf1s2p
+uf1st uft1s u8gabt u8gad u6gap ugeb8 u8gn ugo3s4 u1ha u1he u1hi uh1le u1ho
+uh1re u1hu uh1w u1hä u1hö 6ui ui5en u1ig u3ins uin8tes u5isch. u1j 6uk u1ke
+u1ki u1kl u8klu u1k6n u5ky u1la uld8se u1le ul8lac ul6lau ul6le6l ul6lo
+ulni8 u1lo ulo6i ult6a ult8e u1lu ul2vr u1lä u1lö 3umfan 5umlau umo8f um8pho
+u1mu umu8s u5mö u1n1a un2al un6at unau2 6und. 5undein un4d3um 3undzw undü8
+un8düb une2b un1ec une2h un3eis 3unfal 1unfä 5ungea 3unglü ung2s1 un8gä
+1u2nif un4it un8kro unk5s u1no unpa2 uns2p unvol4 unvoll5 u5os. u1pa u1pi
+u1p2l u1pr up4s3t up2t1a u1q u1ra ur5abs ura8d ur5ah u6rak ur3alt u6rana
+u6r5ans u8rap ur5a6ri u8ratt u1re ur3eig ur8gri u1ri ur5ins 3urlau urmen6
+ur8nan u1ro 3ursac ur8sau ur8sei ur4sk 3urtei u1ru uru5i6 uru6r u1ry ur2za
+ur6zä ur5ä6m u5rö u1rü urück3 u1sa usa4gi u2s1ar u2s1au u8schec usch5wi
+u2s1ei use8kel u8sl u4st3a4b us3tau % u3s4ter
+u2s1uf u8surn ut1ac u1tal uta8m u1tan ut1ar u1tas ut1au u1te u8teic u4tent
+u8terf u6terin u4t3hei ut5ho ut1hu u1ti utine5 uti6q u1to uto5c u1tr ut1sa
+ut1s6p ut6stro u1tu utz5w u1u u1v uve5n uve3r4ä u1w u1xe u5ya uy5e6 u1yi
+u2z1eh u8zerh u5ö uße6n ußen5e 8vanb 6vang 6varb var8d va6t5a va8tei va2t1r
+2v1b 6v5c 6vd 1ve 6ve5g6 ver1 ver5b verb8l ve2re2 verg8 ve2ru8 ve1s ve2s3p
+ve3xe 2v1f 2v1g 6v5h vi6el vie6w5 vi1g4 vi8leh vil6le. 8vint vi1ru vi1tr
+2v1k 2v1l 2v1m 4v5n 8vo8f voi6le vol8lend vol8li v2or1 vo2re vo8rin vo2ro
+2v1p 8vra v6re 2v2s % 2v1s
+2v1t 2v1v 4v3w 2v1z waffe8 wa6g5n 1wah wah8n wa5la wal8din wal6ta wan4dr
+5ware wa8ru war4za 1was w5c w1d 5wech we6fl 1weg we8geng weg5h weg3l we2g1r
+weh6r5er 5weise weit3r wel2t welt3r we6rat 8werc 5werdu wer4fl 5werk. wer4ka
+wer8ku wer4ta wer8term we2sp we8s4tend % we6s4teu
+we8str we8stö wet8ta wich6s5t 1wid wi2dr wiede4 wieder5 wik6 wim6ma win4d3r
+5wirt wisch5l 1wj 6wk 2w1l 8w1n wo1c woche6 wol6f wor6t5r 6ws2 w1sk 6w5t
+5wunde. wun6gr wu1sc wu2t1 6w5w wy5a wärme5 wä1sc 1xag x1ak x3a4men 8xamt
+x1an 8x1b x1c 1xe. x3e4g 1xen xe1ro x1erz 1xes 8xf x1g 8x1h 1xi 8xid xi8so
+4xiste x1k 6x1l x1m 8xn 1xo 8x5o6d 8x3p2 x1r x1s6 8x1t x6tak x8terf x2t1h
+1xu xu1e x5ul 6x3w x1z 5ya. y5an. y5ank y1b y1c y6cha y4chia y1d yen6n y5ern
+y1g y5h y5in y1j y1k2 y1lak yl1al yla8m y5lax y1le y1lo y5lu y8mn ym1p2 y3mu
+y1na yno2d yn1t y1on. y1o4p y5ou ypo1 y1pr y8ps y1r yri3e yr1r2 % y1s
+ys5iat ys8ty y1t y3w y1z yä8m z5a6b zab5l 8za6d 1zah za5is 4z3ak 6z1am
+5zange. 8zanl 2z1ara 6z5as z5auf 3zaun 2z1b 6z1c 6z1d 1ze ze4dik 4z3eff
+8zein zei4ta zei8ters ze6la ze8lec zel8th 4zemp 6z5engel zen8zin 8zergä
+zer8i ze1ro zers8 zerta8 zer8tab zer8tag 8zerz ze8ste zeu6gr 2z1ex 2z1f8 z1g
+4z1h 1zi zi1en zi5es. 4z3imp zi1na 6z5inf 6z5inni zin6s5er 8zinsuf zist5r
+zi5th zi1tr 6z1j 2z1k 2z1l 2z1m 6z1n 1zo zo6gl 4z3oh zo1on zor6na8 4z1p z5q
+6z1r 2z1s8 2z1t z4t3end z4t3hei z8thi 1zu zu3al zu1b4 zu1f2 6z5uhr zun2a
+8zunem zunf8 8zungl zu1o zup8fi zu1s8 zu1z 2z1v zw8 z1wal 5zweck zwei3s
+z1wel z1wer z6werg 8z5wes 1zwi zwi1s 6z1wo 1zy 2z1z zz8a zzi1s 1zä 1zö 6zöl.
+zö1le 1zü 2z1ü2b ä1a6 äb1l ä1che ä3chi äch8sc äch8sp ä5chu äck5a äd1a äd5era
+ä6d5ia ä1e ä5fa äf1l äft6s äg1h äg3le ä6g5nan äg5str ä1he ä1hi äh1le äh5ne
+1ähnl äh1re äh5ri äh1ru ä1hu äh1w 6äi ä1isc ä6ische ä5ism ä5j ä1k äl1c ä1le
+ä8lei äl6schl ämi1e äm8n äm8s ä5na 5änderu äne5i8 äng3l änk5l ä1no än6s5c
+ä1pa äp6s5c 3äq är1c ä1re äre8m 5ärgern är6gl ä1ri 3ärmel ä1ro ärt6s5 ä1ru
+3ärztl ä5rö ä6s5chen äsen8s äs1th äta8b ä1te äteri4 äter5it ä6thy ä1ti 3ätk
+ä1to ät8schl äts1p ä5tu äub1l äu1e 1äug äu8ga äu5i ä1um. ä1us. 1äuß ä1z ö1b
+ö1che ö5chi öch8s2tei % öch8stei
+öch8str öcht6 5ö6dem 5öffn ö1he öh1l8 öh1re ö1hu ö1is ö1ke 1ö2ko 1öl. öl6k5l
+öl8pl ö1mu ö5na önig6s3 ö1no ö5o6t öpf3l öp6s5c ö1re ör8gli ö1ri ör8tr ö1ru
+5österr ö1te ö5th ö1ti ö1tu ö1v ö1w öwe8 ö2z üb6e2 3ü4ber1 üb1l üb1r 5ü2bu
+ü1che ü1chi ü8ch3l üch6s5c ü8ck ück1a ück5ers üd1a2 ü6deu üdi8t ü2d1o4 üd5s6
+üge4l5a üg1l üh5a ü1he ü8heh ü6h5erk üh1le üh1re üh1ru ü1hu üh1w ü3k ü1le
+ül4l5a ül8lo ül4ps ül6s5c ü1lu ün8da ün8fei ünk5l ün8za ün6zw ü5pi ü1re
+ü8rei ür8fl ür8fr ür8geng ü1ri ü1ro ür8sta % ür8ster
+ü1ru üse8n ü8sta ü8stes % ü6s5tete
+ü3ta ü1te ü1ti üt8tr ü1tu üt8zei ü1v ß1a8 5ßa. ß8as ß1b8 ß1c ß1d 1ße ß5ec
+8ße8g 8ße8h 2ß1ei 8ßem ß1f8 ß1g ß1h 1ßi ß1k ß1l ß1m % ßmana8 % ueberfluessig ?
+ß1n ß1o ß1p8 ß5q ß1r ß1s2 ßst8 ß1ta ß1te ßt3hei ß1ti ß5to ß1tr 1ßu8 6ß5um
+ß1v ß1w ß1z % st
+2s1ta. i2s1tal 2s1tani 2s1tan. fe2s1ta ta2s1ta % R30
+te2s1ta nd2ste ve2ste 3s2tec 4s3techn 3s2teg 3s2teh 3s2tein 3s2teig 3s2teif
+3s2tell 3s2telz a4s3tel 3s2temm 3s2temp 3s2tep s3s2ter t3s2tern 3s2teue
+6s4teuro bs2ti te2s3ti ve2sti 3s2tic % 3s2tiefel
+3s2tieb 3s2tieg % 3s2tiel s.o.
+3s2tif 3s2til 3s2tim 3s2tink 3s2titu a2s1to gu2s1to % R28
+ku2s1to % R28
+i2s1tol i2s1tor ve2s1to 2s1tung 2s7tus o2s1tul % R27
+% eszet