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RnwLang R/Sweave Syntax Highlighting for Notepad++


RnwLang is a project to serve two purposes. First to create a high quality Sweave syntax highlighter and code folding module, collectively referred to as a lexer. Second, to get a working template for Notepad++ compatible plugins that can be compiled with the GCC toolchain. I firmly believe in Free and Open Source software and it irks me that my favorite editor Notepad++ requires that to extendit you must use Microsoft's Visual C++ suite. I beleive that is antithetical to open source, and hope to help aleviate the restriction of using M$ products.


Sweave is essentially two languages, TeX and R/S, where chunks of R code are embedded into a LaTeX document to provide reproducible report and article generation. In the current state a User must choose to use either the R lexer or the Latex lexer, which in my opinion could use some improvement. With RnwLang I hope to produce a Lexer that combines both and highlights appropriatly.

For building Sweave files I highly recommend Yihui's package knitr.


I build with the TDM port of GCC which plays slightly nicer with the windows SDK, which is required or some components.

building should be as simple and going to the bin/ directory and executing make all UNICODE=1 for a unicode version. The --win32 flag might also be necessary. ANSI at this point is unsupported and untested.