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UT2k4 Mod Installer

This is a program that easily installs modifications for Unreal Tournament 2004 in the form of a ZIP file that has the folders/files in it or a UMOD.

  • Universal so it runs natively on PowerPC and x86 Macs
  • Mac OS X 10.2.8 or higher
  • Unreal Tournament 2004 (retail) version 3204 or higher

Direct binary download

Change log:

  • 7.2
    • Leopard compatibility
    • Updated the Software URL in the credits
  • 7.1
    • Plugged memory leaks including a major one
    • Added a preference to label installed files (command+,)
    • Added an install log that is viewed during installation and can be after the fact (command+option+L)
  • 7.0.1
    • Automatically opens up when you double click on a UMOD file in the Finder and auto-fills in the File Path and sets the mod type to UMOD
    • .ut4mods can now be installed correctly
  • 7.0
    • First version programmed in Cocoa/Objective-C and is an Universal Binary! Other than that, the program is smaller, faster, and just plain better!
    • No longer has a problem with spaces in the filepath to the UMOD


Easily installs modifications for Unreal Tournament 2004







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