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Windows Vega 56/64 Soft Power Table Editor

Written in C# Mono with GTK#.

If you find this useful consider Donating

Warnings / No Liability:

  • No verification is done to make sure the values are sane.
  • You can pretty much edit anything in the power table even values you should not touch.
  • You are on your own if you break your GPU.

Current Status:

  • Saving works!
  • Works on VEGA 64 and VEGA 56
  • Parse Registry File
  • Display and edit Gfx/Mem Clock, Gfx/Mem Vdd, PowerTune Table, Fan Table
  • Clamping on data to its type


  • Have not coded in C# for over 10 years. Why I chose to for this is merely a forced refresher.

Want To Help:

  • Pull requests are always welcome!


  • Acquire an existing registry file for your VEGA 56/64
  • Load into this program
  • Edit as you see fit
  • Save
  • Open Wattman and reset your GPU, set Voltage to manual, apply.
  • Apply the registry file to each card (if you have multiple cards adjust the path)
  • Reboot
  • Open Wattman
  • Hit reset, apply, set voltage to manual, apply.

Compiling From Source

  • The easiest way to compile from source is to download Xamarin Studio and open the project.



Consider donating if you find this useful. You can donate praise, a beer or if you are feeling generous some sweet sweet crypto:

  • ETH - 0xcAB239517F2e394425B3Fc5250b6b21A38B921E3
  • BTC - 16CAns1mLFUx5Hr1DTrqpFJ17FU1dHZUzB