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Tested Operating Systems

  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Android 2.2+/3.X/4.X


  • Parses tiled-qt 0.10.2 maps, version 1.0 tmx files
  • Simple, returns a struct filled with map data
  • Lightweight
  • Using TinyXML2
  • Parse XML, CSV or Base64 layers (no compression yet)
  • Easy to drop into a project


  • Unit/Coverage tests
  • Parse compressed layer tile data
  • Parse terrain
  • Check for NULLs and report errors on certain 'required' attributes


  • See Makefile for an example

Requires libs

This library is included as a subrepo. You can get it by running the following in this cloned repo:

  • git submodule update --init --recursive
  • TinyXml2 is being used, as it is very lightweight and game dev friendly

Required files

  • tmxparser.h/.cpp
  • base64.h/cpp
  • tinyxml2.h/.cpp

Required flags



tmxparser::TmxMap map;
tmxparser::TmxReturn error = tmxparser::parseFromFile("example.tmx", &map);