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<title>About the book - Dive Into HTML5</title>
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<p>You are here: <a href=index.html>Home</a> <span class=u>&#8227;</span> <a href=table-of-contents.html>Dive Into HTML5</a> <span class=u>&#8227;</span>
<h1>About The Book</h1>
<div id=belong>
<p><cite>Dive Into HTML5</cite> comprises original prose and graphics licensed under the <a href= rel=license title='Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported'>CC-BY-3.0</a> license. It is typeset in <a href=>Essays</a> (<abbr title="GNU Lesser General Public License">LGPL</abbr> 2.1+, <a href=fonts-original/essays1743-1.203-1-ttf.tar.gz>source</a>) and <a href=>Linux Libertine</a> (<abbr title="GNU General Public License">GPL</abbr> 2+ with font exception, <a href=fonts-original/LinLibertineFont-4.7.5-2.tgz>source</a>), with public domain illustrations from the <a href=>Open Clip Art Library</a> and <a href=>other sources</a>.
<p>Additionally, it includes code from <a href=>jQuery</a> (MIT), <a href=>Modernizr</a> (MIT), <a href=>geo_location_javascript.js</a> (MIT), <a href=>gears_init.js</a> (BSD), <a href=>highlighter.js</a> (<abbr title="Apache License">ASL</abbr> 2.0), <a href=>excanvas.js</a> (<abbr title="Apache License">ASL</abbr> 2.0), <a href=>Bespin</a> (<abbr title="Mozilla Public License">MPL</abbr>), and <a href=>canvas.text.js</a> (MIT). <a href=legal.html>View full legal notices</a>.
<p class=c>Copyright MMIX&ndash;MMXI <!--<a href=colophon.html>-->Mark Pilgrim<!--</a>-->