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This extension allows Retrospectiva users to update tickets via
SCM log messages.
When you commit changes to your repository, you can automatically
update Retrospectiva tickets by using a special syntax in your commit
log message.
The 'user', 'status', 'priority' and 'milestone' attributes can be set.
Multiple formats are supported. Examples:
[#1234](status:fixed user:mabs) Fixed a little Bug
[#1234] Fixed a little Bug (status:fixed priority:high)
Fixed a little Bug [#1234](status:assigned milestone:upcoming)
Attribute value with spaces must be put it in double quotes:
[#1234](status:fixed milestone:"0.9.x (pre-alpha)") Fixed Bug
Multiple tickets can be updated at the same time.
[#1234](status:fixed user:dim priority:low) Fixed one problem
[#5678](status:fixed user:dim) Fixed another problem
Written by Mathew Abonyi (
Updated by Dimitrij Denissenko