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Tiny Cache
Efficient cache for Tiny GIT responses.
Significantly increases code browsing performance.
* Tokyo-Tyrant-Store (highly recommended)
Requires the tokyo-cache-store GEM.
Please see for details
* Partitioned File-Store
Simple, efficient - could potentially use lots of disk-space.
* Memcached-Store (C bindings)
Excellent performance - limited storage.
* Memcache-Store (native Ruby bindings)
Very good performance - limited storage.
* File-Store
Not recommended, since many small files might cause serious performance problems.
Usage (General):
* Copy the configuration template
cp extensions/tiny_cache/config.yml.default extensions/tiny_cache/config.yml
* Update the settings (or simply use the defaults)
* Install the plugin
script/rxm install tiny_git_cache
* See the available tasks
rake -T | grep tiny:cache
Usage (Tokyo Tyrant):
* Install all prerequisites
Please see for details
* Install the tokyo-cache-store GEM
sudo gem install dim-tokyo_cache_store --source=
* Create the DB cache file
rake tiny:cache:tt:create
* Start the Tokyo Tyrant server
rake tiny:cache:tt:server:start
* Setup a cronjob to optimize the DB cache file (e.g. once daily - optional)
rake tiny:cache:tt:optimize