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Markdown filter module for Apache HTTPD Server
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mod_markdown is Markdown filter module for Apache HTTPD Server.


In debian:

# apt-get install libmarkdown2-dev


% autoreconf -f -i
% ./configure --with-apxs=<APXS_PATH> --with-discount=<DISCOUNT_DIR>
% make
% make install

Note: <DISCOUNT_DIR> is the directory that contains the include directory that contains mkdio.h Probably you need to specify --with-discount=/usr or --with-discount=/usr/local


in httpd.conf:

LoadModule markdown_module modules/

You need to specify full path on debian or ubuntu.

LoadModule markdown_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/
<Location />
    AddHandler markdown .md

    # If you want to use stylesheet.
    MarkdownCss style.css


<Directory /var/www>
    AddHandler markdown .md
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