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Erlang Interface for Python
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PyErl is Erlang Interface for Python. which help you integrate programs written in Python and Erlang.


This module requires these other modules and libraries:

Erlang/OTP R12 or later

In debian:

apt-get install erlang-dev


python build
python install


  • make erlang terms
import pyerl
atom = pyerl.mk_atom("hello")
string = pyerl.mk_string("world")
int = pyerl.mk_int(-1)
list = pyerl.mk_list([atom, string, int])
print list
  • call rpc
# just call pingpong:ping() in node2@localhost
import pyerl
host = "localhost"
name = "node1"
node = name + "@" + host
cookie = "TESTCOOKIE"
pyerl.connect_xinit(host, name, node, "", cookie, 1)
pyerl.xconnect("", "node2")
atom = pyerl.mk_atom("ping")
args = pyerl.mk_list([atom]);
eterm = pyerl.rpc(sock, "pingpong", "ping", args);
print eterm


Tsukasa Hamano

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