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Small changes to unity 2d that make using it with xmonad smoother
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Changes from standard unity-2d

  • Xmonad workspace indicator!
  • Display both application name and window title in panel
  • Move launcher under panel so it doesn't cover it
  • Load panel only on the primary screen
  • Don't filter apps in lagacy tray
  • Changed spread(application and workspace switcher) behaviour so it's useful in xmonad.
  • Simplified spred layout and animations so it works much faster

Setup Xmonad on Ubuntu

Start with this tutorial

Clone this repository

git clone git://

Install unity-2d from Ubuntu repository

sudo apt-get install unity-2d

Install build dependencies for unity-2d from Ubuntu repository

sudo apt-get build-dep unity-2d

Compile unity-2d-for-xmonad

cd unity-2d-for-xmonad
cmake . && make

Running separate components


Install unity-2d-for-xmonad

sudo make install

Enabling Xmonad workspace indicator (Inspired by xmonad-log-applet for gnome panel)

  1. Use my xmonad.hs config file from xmonad-files folder
  2. If you have problems with DBus error message, use the version in xmonad-files (Install with sudo cabal install)
  3. Open dconf-editor, go to "com -> canonical -> unity-2d -> panel " and check the xmonadlog field or add "xmonadlog" to applets field.
  4. Restart unity-2d-panel

What it looks like

Screen shot 1 Screen shot 2

If you experience problems with Xmonad not redrawing windows while switching workspaces, try disabling desktop icons

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background show-desktop-icons false
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