Related Projects

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Here are some projects that provide additional features and matchers

  • Hamcrest Text Patterns
  • Hamcrest Java Extras (currently only a couple of Json matchers)
  • Hamcrest JSON (for comparing entire JSON documents)
  • Hamcrest Date (for comparing dates)
  • Hamcrest Path (for testing path existence and permissions)
  • Hamcrest HAR (for HTTP archive files)
  • Hamcrest avro
  • Hamcrest 1.3 Utility Matchers (Java matchers like CollectionMatchers, MapMatchers, FieldMatcher, SerializableMatcher etc)
  • Hamcrest Querydsl (for checking query results: hasResultSize, hasColumnRange, hasColumnMax, hasColumnMin, hasColumnContainingAll, hasColumnContainingAny)
  • JsonUnit (for comparing JSON structures jsonEquals, jsonPartEquals)
  • json-path-matchers (for evaluating JSON path expressions)
  • EZ Testing (contains base classes for defining chainable matchers that have a similar style to AssertJ)
  • valid4j (assertion and validation library, i.e supporting design-by-contract style and/or recoverable input validation)
  • http-matchers (Matchers to test your web service via the standard Java API for RESTful Services (JAX-RS))
  • Awaitility (a DSL that allows you to express expectations of an asynchronous system in a concise and easy to read manner)
  • Proboscis (a tiny java library for polling for a result, originally intended for tested asynchronous systems)
  • hamcrest-pojo-matcher-generator (Annotation processor to generate feature-matchers based on your POJOs)