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=== Version 1.8.1 ===
* Added not_ alias for is_not [Matteo Bertini]
* Added doc directory to the sdist [Alex Brandt]
=== Version 1.8 ==
* Supported versions
- Support for Python 2.5 and Jython 2.5 has been dropped. They may still work, but no promises.
* Bug Fixes
- [#39] is_empty was missing from the global namespace
* New Features
- Support for numpy numeric values in iscloseto (Alexander Beedie)
- A matcher targeting exceptions and call results (Per Fagrell)
=== Version 1.7 ==
2 Sep 2013 (Version 1.7.2)
* Supported versions
- As of this version, support for Python 3.1 has been dropped due to no available CI platform.
- Added support for Python 3.3
* Bug fixes:
- string_contains_in_order is now used in the test as it would be in an application, and is properly exported. (Romilly Cocking)
- Fix mismatch description of containing_inanyorder (David Keijser)
- added import of stringmatches to text/ (Eric Scheidemantle)
- added matches_regexp to __all__ list to library/ (Eric Scheidemantle)
5 Jan 2010 (Version 1.7.1)
* Bug fixes:
- included a fix by jaimegildesagredo for issue #28 (has_properties was not importable)
- included a fix by keys for contains_inanyorder
29 Dec 2012
(All changes by Chris Rose unless otherwise noted.)
* New matchers:
- matches_regexp matches a regular expression in a string.
- has_properties matches an object with more than one property.
- is_empty matches any object with length 0.
* Improvements:
- Can now do matching against old-style classes.
- Sequence matchers handle generators, as well as actual sequences and
- README enhancements by ming13
=== Version 1.6 ==
27 Sep 2011
(All changes by Chris Rose unless otherwise noted.)
* Packaging:
- Python 3.2 support.
* New matchers:
- has_property('property_name', value_matcher) matches if object has a property with a given name whose value satisfies a given matcher.
* Improvements:
- hasEntries supports two new calling conventions:
has_entries({'key' : value_matcher, 'key_2' : other_value_matcher})
has_entries(key=value_matcher, key_2=other_value_matcher)
- Describe Unicode strings by their __repr__. Thanks to: Sebastian Arming
- Rewrote documentation. (Jon Reid)
== Version 1.5 ==
29 Apr 2011
* Packaging:
- Python 3.1 support. Thanks to: Chris Rose
- Easier installation with bootstrapping. Thanks to: Chris Rose
* Mock integration:
- "match_equality" wraps a matcher to define equality in terms of satisfying the matcher. This allows Hamcrest matchers to be used in libraries that are not Hamcrest-aware, such as Michael Foord's mock library. Thanks to: Chris Rose
* New matcher:
- "string_contains_in_order" matches string containing given list of substrings, in order. Thanks to: Romilly Cocking
* Improved matchers:
- For consistency, changed "any_of" and "all_of" to implicitly wrap non-matcher values in EqualTo. Thanks to: Chris Rose
- Changed "sameInstance" mismatch description to omit address when describing
== Version 1.4 ==
13 Feb 2011
* New matchers:
- "has_entries" matches dictionary containing key-value pairs satisfying a given list of alternating keys and value matchers.
* "assert_that" can be invoked with a single boolean argument; the reason message is now optional. This is a convenience replacement for assertTrue. Thanks to: Jeong-Min Lee
* Improved descriptions:
- Reverted 1.3 change: Describe None as "<None>" after all, since it is an object.
- "is_" no longer says "is ..." in its description, but just lets the inner description pass through.
- Consistently use articles to begin descriptions, such as "a sequence containing" instead of "sequence containing".
== Version 1.3 ==
04 Feb 2011
* PyHamcrest is now compatible with Python 3! To install PyHamcrest on Python 3:
- Install the "distribute" package,
- Run "python3 install"
Unit tests are not converted by the install procedure. Run "2to3 -nw ." separately to convert them. You may discover import statements in the files (and one in core/ that need dot prefixes.
Thanks to: Jeong-Min Lee
* Improved descriptions and mismatch descriptions of several matchers, including:
- Fixed "contains" and "contains_inanyorder" to describe mismatch if item is not a sequence.
- Fixed "described_as" to use nested matcher to generate mismatch description.
- "same_instance" is more readable, and includes object memory addresses.
- If object has a length, "has_length" mismatch describes actual length.
- Describe None as "None" instead of "<None>".
- Don't wrap angle brackets around a description that already has them.
- Improved readability of several matchers.
== Version 1.2.1 ==
04 Jan 2011
* Fixed "assert_that" to describe the diagnosis of the mismatch, not just the
mismatched value. PyHamcrest will now give even more useful information.
* Expanded BaseDescription.append_description_of to handle all types of values, not just self-describing values.
* Deprecated:
- Description.append_value no longer needed; call append_description_of instead.
- BaseDescription.append_value_list no longer needed; call append_list instead.
- SelfDescribingValue no longer needed.
1.2.1 fixes to 1.2:
- Corrected manifest so install works. Thanks to: Jeong-Min Lee
== Version 1.1 ==
28 Dec 2010
* New matchers:
- "contains" matches sequence containing matching items in order.
- "contains_inanyorder" matches sequence containing matching items in any order.
* Added Sphinx documentation support.
== Version 1.0 ==
04 Dec 2010
* First official release
* Text matchers now support Unicode strings
15 Jan 2008
* Initial submission