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add missing configuration for RTD sphinx theme

When using a packaged sphinx RTD theme we need to import the module (not
sure if this needs to be in a try for RTD proper), and include the path
so that sphinx can find the theme while building the documentation
during the installation.
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1 parent d64f09f commit b2ebd7ce8325dcb1f807d3308dfe354eddc11399 @alunduil alunduil committed Apr 12, 2015
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@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@
import sys, os
import six
+import sphinx_rtd_theme
# If extensions (or modules to document with autodoc) are in another directory,
# add these directories to sys.path here. If the directory is relative to the
@@ -106,6 +107,7 @@
# Add any paths that contain custom themes here, relative to this directory.
#html_theme_path = []
+html_theme_path = [ sphinx_rtd_theme.get_html_theme_path() ]
# The name for this set of Sphinx documents. If None, it defaults to
# "<project> v<release> documentation".

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