An async redis library based on your app's event loop using libevpp and AsIO.
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An async redis library with sentinel support based on (libevpp|ASIO).

  • LibEVpp is a simple c++1y interface for making it easier to adapt to higher level libraries such as "Asio".
  • Supports BootAsio in a branch called adapt-asio or you can simply use it like as it is.
  • Also introduces a sentinel interface example (which needs cleaning and more testing)
  • Has it's own redis command parsing library.


  • LibEvPP: It's a library written by the same author. It's A library based on libEv.

Road map

  • Write more examples.
  • Write a sentinel interface(adapt the example).
  • Write BDD tests.


bash ./

You can use event_loop and parser as link library for your project and pass /usr/local/include as include directory.

State of library

Need a pal to review and revise my codes.

Contributions are welcome!