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Stochastic poetry generation, using a trigram backoff model.
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Rhymeless is a small stochatic poetry generator written in Python 2.6.
You input as many strings of text as you want, and it will
output a four line poem.

You can run as a script, carroting in raw text files.  There are a number of different output types I've made.  To see them all, just type 

python --help

and you'll get a list of them.  For a few of the output methods, it makes sense to go ahead and create a configuration file in this style: 

book_dir: /path/to/another/dir/books

db_dir: /path/to/where/I/want/my/sqlite/dbs/rhymeless

site_dir: /var/.../path/to/rhymeless/site

Where book_dir is obviously a directory of the raw text you have. db_dir is the target directory where you would dump your sqlite database (I built this for such a use).  You can take a look at the source if you're confused.  Because it's not necessary for you to do this, feel free to just look at the small code snippet in the url above.
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