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An FBX reader and writer for .NET
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FBX manipulation for .NET

  • Read FBX binary files (Done)
  • Read FBX ASCII files (Done)
  • Write fully compliant FBX binary files (Done)
  • Write FBX ASCII files (Done)
  • Format detection (TODO)
  • Store and manipulate raw FBX object data (Done)
  • Higher level processing of FBX nodes (TODO)
  • Optional integration with DotNetZip for more efficient compression (TODO)
using Fbx;

class FbxExample
	static void Main(string[] args)
		// Read a file
		var documentNode = FbxIO.ReadBinary("MyModel.fbx");
		// Update a property
		documentNode["Creator"].Value = "My Application";
		// Preview the file in the console
		var writer = new FbxAsciiWriter(Console.OpenStandardOutput());
		// Write the updated binary
		FbxIO.WriteBinary(documentNode, "MyModel_patched.fbx");
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