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Secure Files Module

Adds a variety of security controls to your SilverStripe file assets.

Maintainer Contact

  • Hamish Campbell <hn.campbell (at) gmail (dot) com>


  • SilverStripe 2.3,x, 2.4

Installation Instructions

  1. Extract the module to your website directory.
  2. Run /dev/build?flush=1
  3. Optionally apply the additional permission modes listed in _config.php

Usage Overview

Adds a "Security" tab to the Folder options in Asset Administration. From here you can turn security on/off and set who can view the asset.

Securing files will cause extra load on your webserver and your database, as sapphire will check the datatabase for access permissions, and pass the data through sapphire when it is output to the user.

At the most basic level, ADMINISTRATOR users and users with the SECUREFILEACCESS permission will always be granted access to files.

Any or all of the additional systems can be enabled:

  • Group Permission: assign groups that are premitted to access the file by folder. Inherits permissions from parent folders.
  • Member Permission: assign permission to folders to individual members. Inherits permissions from parent folders.
  • Token Permissoin: generate a unique URL the grants access to the file. Optionally set an expiry date

Only ADMINISTRATOR users or users with the the SECUREFILESETTINGS permission are able to edit folder security settings in the CMS.


  • This module uses htaccess rules and mod_rewrite. If you're using SilverStripe in rewriteless mode (using the base index.php) or via IIS, DO NOT USE THIS MODULE.

  • Disable all Apache Option directives for your asset folders from your Apache configuration (eg httpd.conf). Prevents directory indexing, includes, symlinking and CGI execution: <Directory /www/assets> Options None

  • For large files, streaming media or a general performance boost, use mod_xsendfile (for apache) or lighttpd (uses xsendfile natively). Enable xsendfile headers with Secure Files by adding this to your _config.php: SecureFileController::use_x_sendfile_method();

Developer Tips

  • Create new access methods by decorating File and implementing the canViewSecured method. If it returns true access to the file is granted.

  • Hooks are provided for onAccessGranted and onAccessDenied. Implement these methods in your decorators to trigger actions when the file is requested (eg, access logging).

  • The token access permission provides the capability to link tokens to specific users by supplying a valid member ID. This is not used within the default administration of Secure Files, but is provided as an option for developers to facilitate other content delivery options (eg, paid for downloads).


ADDITIONAL COMMENTARY TO THE LICENSE DISCLAIMER: This module is intended to provide an additional level of control and security over your uploaded assets, HOWEVER there is no guarantee that this module is 100% secure, that other code on your website or server allows alternative methods of accessing your files or that future changes to your webserver configuration or SilverStripe installation will now allow this protection to be bypassed. Use at your own risk.