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Update x230 to base build on BIOS 2.70
After testing by majekw confirms that this works (See #55) update the
BIOS version for the x230 that we base our patches on.  This version
has no EC changes, so there is no difference in the actual patch.
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hamishcoleman committed Apr 14, 2018
1 parent 24d4072 commit b450ee9
Showing 1 changed file with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
4 changes: 2 additions & 2 deletions Descriptions.txt
Expand Up @@ -125,7 +125,7 @@ t530.G4HT39WW.s01D5100.FL2 rule:FL2,dep:g4uj30us.iso,depi:g4uj30us.iso.bat,para
w530.G4HT39WW.s01D5200.FL2 rule:FL2,dep:g5uj28us.iso,depi:g5uj28us.iso.bat,param:01D5200.FL2 w530 EC 1.13 Flash File
x200.7XHT22WW.s01B9000.FL2 rule:FL2multi2,dep:6duj37uc.iso,depi:6duj37uc.iso.bat,param:01B9000.FL2;01B9100.FL2 x200 EC 1.04 Flash File
x220.8DHT34WW.s01CB000.FL2 rule:FL2,dep:8duj27us.iso,param:01CB000.FL2 x220 EC 1.24 Flash File
x230.G2HT35WW.s01D3000.FL2 rule:FL2,dep:g2uj23us.iso,depi:g2uj23us.iso.bat,param:01D3000.FL2 x230 EC 1.14 Flash File
x230.G2HT35WW.s01D3000.FL2 rule:FL2,dep:g2uj26us.iso,depi:g2uj23us.iso.bat,param:01D3000.FL2 x230 EC 1.14 Flash File
x230t.GCHT25WW.s01DA000.FL2 rule:FL2,dep:gcuj24us.iso,depi:gcuj24us.iso.bat,param:01DA000.FL2 x230t EC 1.14 Flash File
x240.GIHT32WW.s01DE000.FL2 rule:FL2,dep:giuj26us.iso,param:01DE000.FL2 x240 EC 1.17 Flash file
x250.N10HT17W.s01E5000.FL2 rule:FL2,dep:n10ur10w.iso,param:01E5000.FL2 x250 EC 1.16 Flash File
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -170,5 +170,5 @@ patched.t430s.iso rule:niceISO,dep:g7uj21us.iso,suffix:0,insert:0 for patching
patched.t530.iso rule:niceISO,dep:g4uj30us.iso,suffix:0,insert:0 for patching Thinkpad T530
patched.t530i.iso rule:niceISO,dep:g4uj30us.iso,suffix:0,insert:0 for patching Thinkpad T530i
patched.w530.iso rule:niceISO,dep:g5uj28us.iso,suffix:0,insert:0 for patching Thinkpad W530
patched.x230.iso rule:niceISO,dep:g2uj23us.iso,suffix:0,insert:0 for patching Thinkpad X230
patched.x230.iso rule:niceISO,dep:g2uj26us.iso,suffix:0,insert:0 for patching Thinkpad X230
patched.x230t.iso rule:niceISO,dep:gcuj24us.iso,suffix:0,insert:0 for patching Thinkpad X230t

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