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# Listing a module here prevents the hotplug scripts from loading it.
# Usually that'd be so that some other driver will bind it instead,
# no matter which driver happens to get probed first. Sometimes user
# mode tools can also control driver binding.
# Syntax: see modprobe.conf(5).
# watchdog drivers
blacklist i8xx_tco
# framebuffer drivers
blacklist aty128fb
blacklist atyfb
blacklist radeonfb
blacklist i810fb
blacklist cirrusfb
blacklist intelfb
blacklist kyrofb
blacklist i2c-matroxfb
blacklist hgafb
blacklist nvidiafb
blacklist rivafb
blacklist savagefb
blacklist sstfb
blacklist neofb
blacklist tridentfb
blacklist tdfxfb
blacklist virgefb
blacklist vga16fb
blacklist viafb
# ISDN - see bugs 154799, 159068
blacklist hisax
blacklist hisax_fcpcipnp
# sound drivers
blacklist snd-pcsp
# I/O dynamic configuration support for s390x (bz #563228)
blacklist chsc_sch
blacklist cdc_acm
blacklist cdc_phonet
blacklist phonet