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Do you need a small ISP footprint for programming on-board AVR device? POGO ISP Micro is the right solution!
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POGO ISP Micro POGO ISP Micro is small and reliable programming adapter for AVR ISP. It needs small ISP footprint on the PCB. Also it has RESET button, you can simply reset target device if you like.

Why did you make it?

Standard ISP port is too big. It has 2.54mm pin pitch, so, it takes up a lot of space on the PCBs.

What makes it special?

KiCAD library and footprint is ready to use on Github! Simply put it to your PCB design and you are ready to go with POGO ISP Micro.

POGO ISP Micro Specs.

  • 1.27mm (0.05") pin pitch
  • RESET Button
  • Power led

PCB Footprint Specs.

  • 7.62mm (0.3") x 1.27 (0.05") total footprint area
  • 2x 0.3mm guide holes on both sides, 4x pads

POGO ISP Micro KiCad footprint specs

KiCad Library & Footprint Preview

POGO ISP Micro KiCad libraryPOGO ISP Micro KiCad footprint

How can I buy?

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