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class-attribute is reordered when using .foo and (class="foo") #306

sirlantis opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I was confused by this output when I tried to use jquery-tmpl conditions in the class:

# .a(class="{{if x}}{{/if}}")'.a(class="{{if x}}{{/if}}")').to_html
#=> "<div class='a x}}{{/if}} {{if'></div>\n"

# %div(class="a {{if x}}{{/if}}")'%div(class="a {{if x}}{{/if}}")').to_html
#=> "<div class='a {{if x}}{{/if}}'></div>\n"

The current behavior prevents duplicate classes (.foo(class="foo")) but it would be better just to leave the class-attribute order untouched.


I'm tentatively okay with this, but it's important that the classes are emitted in a deterministic order for testing purposes. Internally, Haml does array1 | array2 to ensure uniqueness of classes; if you can show that this maintains a deterministic order back through Ruby 1.8.6 I'll remove the sorting.

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