render_with_haml stomps/usurps the render chain in Rails3 #332

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class Base
should be:
module Rendering

in Rails3.

Found this when using haml (for sass) with active scaffold.

ghost commented Jan 29, 2011

Upvote for enforcing monkey patches...


ditto, having issues with active scaffold & haml.


If your using the gem for ActiveScaffold drop it;

Update haml
Vendor vhochstein's fork:

I got mine workin'


update haml? Using vhochstein fork already, mine may be out of date though.... I thought this was a haml issue? Using haml gem v3.0.25


Still an issue with haml v3.1.3 using ActiveScaffold plugin.

Currently working around it by building my own gem:

git clone -s
cd haml
git checkout 3.1.3
sed -i -e '2s/class Base/module Rendering/' lib/haml/helpers/action_view_mods.rb
sed -i -e '1s/$/.custom.0/' VERSION
rake package
ls -lha pkg/

Then using pkg/haml-3.1.3.custom.0.gem in my custom app.

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