HAML Rendering Oddness ­­­- Sometimes end tags do not render properly. #583

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I haven't quite gotten Haml to render my problem without going through a loop, however I found that sometimes, the </a> closing tag does not close properly, and on refreshes may even fix it, just to have it happen on yet another refresh.


    - dfns.sort {|a,b| a.first.downcase <=> b.first.downcase }.each do |(term, entry)|
        %a{href: "/definer/entry/#{escape(term.downcase)}"}&= entry['term.case']
        = entry['dfn']
        %cite&= "Written by %s on %s" % [entry['edited.by'], entry['edited.time']]

Outputted HTML:

<dt><a href="/definer/entry/-crrule15g">-crrule15g/a></dt>
  <cite>Written by Vinyl on 2012-07-24 22:05:58 -0300</cite>

dfns array elements are more or less structured like so: (formatted for visibility)

      "term.case" => "-crrule15g",
            "dfn" => "BYE~",
      "edited.by" => "Vinyl",
    "edited.time" => "2012-07-24 22:05:58 -0300"

norman commented Aug 19, 2012

I'll be happy to take a look into this, could you please create a minimal application the reproduces this bug and push it to Github?

I've been attempting to recreate the bug, but so far I haven't been having any luck at all.

I've seen that bug as well, pretty annoying. Rendering changes when you edit content, sometimes it's more broken, sometimes less. With long manipulations you can make it working, but it's hard.
Unfortunately can't factor it out.
It somehow depends on other elements, i.e. i can edit meta tags in header and then something in footer get rendered wrong.


norman commented May 21, 2013

Closing this as stale. If somebody can reproduce it consistently I'll be glad to reopen.

norman closed this May 21, 2013

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