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Delete rails/init.rb ? #585

mattwildig opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Can we delete rails/init.rb? I don’t know that much Rails, but my understanding is that this file was used by Rails 2.x to load/initialise plugins. Since we’re 3+ only now, can we delete it?

There’s also the top level init.rb, which from what I can tell is used in non-gem plugins, so we should probably leave it in case anyone is using Haml by copying the source into their plugins dir.


Yeah, let's kill rails/init.rb. I actually don't know if the other init.rb is even necessary. Perhaps we should simplify and not support loading Haml as a plugin anyway - is there any good reason to continue to support that? I think not.

As it is now, that init.rb won't even work on the 3.2 branch anyway because I removed the gems:install task.

@mattwildig mattwildig closed this issue from a commit
@mattwildig mattwildig Delete init.rb and rails/init.rb
Using the gem is the supported way to use Haml in a Rails project,
plugins are deprecated.

Closes #585
@mattwildig mattwildig closed this in 12e6fd4
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