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import json
import random
import web
from mimerender import mimerender
render_xml = lambda message: '<message>%s</message>'%message
render_json = lambda **args: json.dumps(args)
render_html = lambda message: '<html><body>%s</body></html>'%message
render_txt = lambda message: message
urls = (
'/users/(\d+)/recommendations', 'recommendations'
app = web.application(urls, globals())
class recommendations:
movies = ['Hugo',
'Tower Heist',
'J. Edgar',
'The Help',
'Johnny English Reborn',
'Justice League: Doom',
'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1',
'Midnight in Paris',
previous_recommendations = {}
def recommend_movies(self, uid, count):
recommended_movies = []
if count >= len(self.movies):
recommended_movies = range(len(self.movies))
recommended_movies = random.sample(range(len(self.movies)), count)
return recommended_movies
def recommend_movies_with_memory(self, uid, count):
if not self.previous_recommendations.has_key(uid):
self.previous_recommendations[uid] = []
movies_not_yet_recommended = [movie_id for (movie_id, movie_title) in enumerate(self.movies)
if movie_id not in self.previous_recommendations[uid]]
recommended_movies = []
if count >= len(movies_not_yet_recommended):
recommended_movies = movies_not_yet_recommended
recommended_movies = random.sample(movies_not_yet_recommended, count)
self.previous_recommendations[uid] += recommended_movies
return recommended_movies
default = 'html',
html = render_html,
xml = render_xml,
json = render_json,
txt = render_txt
def GET(self, uid):
user_data = web.input(count="1")
recommended_movies = self.recommend_movies(uid, int(user_data.count))
message = [self.movies[i] for i in recommended_movies]
return {'message': message}
if __name__ == "__main__":
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