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Demonstration of how to import a Google Spreadsheet into an R data.frame
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Demonstration of how to import a Google Spreadsheet into an R data.frame.

Most of this information comes from the excellent RGoogleDocs tutorial.

First, install the dependencies for RGoogleDocs, if you don't already have them.

> install.packages('RCurl')
> install.packages('XML')

Next, download RGoogleDocs

$ wget

Then, install RGoogleDocs

> install.packages(<path_to_RGoogleDocs_tarball>, repos = NULL, type="source")
> library(RGoogleDocs)

Finally, use the library.

Get a connection object:

> sheets.con = getGoogleDocsConnection(getGoogleAuth(<username>, <password>, service = "wise"))

Get handles for your spreadsheets and worksheets:

> spreadsheets = getDocs(sheets.con)
> worksheets = getWorksheets(spreadsheets[[<spreadsheet_name>]], sheets.con)

Import a worksheet as a data.frame:

> worksheet_as_df = sheetAsMatrix(worksheets[[<worksheet_name>]], header = TRUE, = TRUE, trim = TRUE)

Create a new worksheet:

> sh = addWorksheet(spreadsheets[[<spreadsheet_name>]], sheets.con, title="test")

I have not yet been able to get writes to spreadsheet cells working.

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