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Trevni is a column-oriented file-format.

The Trevni specification is published at:


Java Implementation

Currently only a Java implementation exists.  Other implementations
are encouraged.

The Java implementation has a low-level API in the trevni-core module,
with classes in the package org.apache.trevni.

A higher-level API based on Avro is included in the trevni-avro
module, with classes in the package org.apache.trevni.avro.  This
includes a Hadoop OutputFormat and InputFormat.  One may write data
for an Avro schema to a Trevni file using the output format in a
MapReduce job.  Then one may efficiently read a subset of that Schema
in subsequent MapReduce jobs.

For example, if one has a large schema with many complex fields, but
has a job that only requires access to a few of those fields, one can
delete everything but the desired fields from the schema and use that
subset schema to read the data.  Avro also supports subsetting, but it
must scan through the skipped fields, while, as a column format,
Trevni will only read data from disk for the fields that are desired.

Some command-line tools for dumping Trevni files as JSON are provided
in the trevni-tools module.

  - Java 6 or higher, Java 7 preferred
  - Maven
  - Git

To get the code:

  git clone git://github.com/cutting/trevni.git

To build the javadoc:

  cd trevni
  mvn test -DskipTests javadoc:aggregate
  firefox target/site/apidocs/index.html

To build and run the command-line tools:

  cd trevni
  mvn -DskipTests package
  java -jar java/tool/target/trevni-tools-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

The tests provide some examples of uses.