CSpec-Rails is a railtie for running coffeescript specs with CSpec
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CSpec Rails

We are starting to get somewhere! This gem assumes that the user has install nodejs, npm and cspec. It will then provide
you with a rake task called "cspec" that runs the cspec tool like so:

cspec -jquery -include app/assets/javascripts spec/**/*_spec.coffee

Note: The **/* is expanded by Rake, not by cspec.

We still have a long way to go but this is already pretty promosing.


This is an implementation of CSpec (http://github.com/hammerdr/cspec) that runs in the context of Rails applications.

The goal is to produce something that allows me to do:

$ rake cspec


6 expectations passed, 0 failed

for the files


class Post
  addComment: (comment) ->
    @comments.push comment


describe Post ->
  it 'should add comment' ->
    post = new Post()
    comment = new Comment()
    post.addComment comment
    post.comments.length.should equal 1